2014 : Living beyond Limitation
January 2014

Welcome to what promises to be an adventure in living from our liberated essence and understanding our real power during 2014! I hope you all had a very happy and joyful holiday and are ready to master the vibrations of freedom from limitation this year.

Things were energetically a bit choppy over the last few weeks of 2013 and the holiday period wasn't without its challenges. There were more than a couple of opportunities for me to practice being centred and maintaining an expanded perspective of events that were rolling out! As the saying goes, freedom (and liberation) come with greater responsibility. Our constant vigilance and application of our tools is vital. One of the spiritual paradoxes is that the greater the degree of liberation, the narrower the path one walks. Like climbing the mountain - the steepest and most treacherous paths that require attention to each step one takes, are those closest to the summit! We are beginning to feel the bubbling up and excitement of achievement, but cannot afford to be complacent in our focus or level of attention.

There's a great introduction to the astrological influences for this month from Sarah Varcas at Astro-Awakenings - she has titled it "Spiritually Naked for the New Year", and it is a very insightful posting. Covering issues such as power (use/abuse), transparency and choice points, Sarah also elaborates on the exact theme we embraced over the December Solstice : Liberation. Being 'spiritually naked' is to be released from the trappings of who we think we should be as a spiritual being. It is being in the liberated space of truth, light, honesty and freedom. Ultimately it is the courage to understand and explore our real power in new ways. The Liberation theme continues this year as we refine and focus our truth through a new level of power. It could be a wild ride, but the rewards will be extraordinary!

I also found the following wonderful description of expected energetic influences for this year as described by Keith Allen Kay :
"2014  : The Year of Freedom for the Seeking Heart.

The numbers five and seven hold special power in 2014. Five is a number of adventure, freedom and discovery. This year beckons you to travel beyond limitation and discover beauty and wonder while moving in the freedom of who you truly are. Seven seeks answers. How far can I go? How much joy can I contain? How richly can I bless? How intimately can I connect?

Awaken your seeking heart. Ask bold and wild questions that cause your soul to quake. Here, you will discover a richer truth and a truer you. ~Keith Allen Kay"  

A Free Gift for You!

I had also promised a further gift for you special diamond subscribers for christmas which for various reasons I was not able to create. I came face to face with technical/software compatibility issues and have had to invest in an upgraded piece of software. I love the analogy here as it is a case of 'the old software is not right for the new conditions or what is needed now"! So, I relaxed instead of getting frustrated as I usually would, and the new creation will emerge in its own perfect time!
In the meantime, I have uploaded a number of Diamond Light Code transmissions on a new page on my website, along with a newly released transmission called "Sacred Space" . The energy in the Light Codes is timeless and the newly released transmission will help to maintain the alignment of your inner Sacred Space, no matter what may be going on around you. I found it very supportive in maintaining balance and perspective over the year-end festivities!

So, I hope you enjoy it (as well as some of the originals that were up on the old website!)
You can access the transmissions here 


Our first event of 2014 is aligned with a GAP Day, a full moon and numerological frequencies of the master number 77 - it promises to be quite an adventure in aligning with and grounding in our Spiritual Power! So highlight the 15th January in your diaries and come and experience the real playground of your soul.
(Details are available here)


Love and Blessings to you all for a liberated, magical and adventurous 2014!

Julie, Timothy and Millie

Timothy - my African Grey (with biscuit!)
Millie - my Maltese angel

PS - I chose the colours for this newsletter with a focus around the energies for the moment. I have even been wearing a bright orange scarf for the past few weeks too! As a small taster, these colours bring :
Turquoise - emotional liberation, creative expression from the heart, sensitivity, a breath of fresh air.
Orange - productivity, adventure, joy, emotional creativity, independance, manifestation and grounding.

Each colour brings an amazing depth of information, wisdom and practical application to us......for more, check out The Magic of Colour online workshops that are proving to be a very popular and fun vehicle for learning!
Image courtesy of Nyako Nakar
Upcoming Events

1.The Power of Presence (1) : 15 January!

Our first diamond gathering for 2014 - and the first of what is going to be a new series of initiatory experiences during this year! Bring your liberated Sovereign Self out to play in the Universal Grids. See where your soul wishes to take you as you align with the incredible magic and power of 2014! What seeds will you sow?
2. The Magic of Colour - New series for 2014 starting 14 January.

We have been having such a marvellous time with the new online Colour workshops that I am opening up a new series starting on 14 January. Come and see why the participants are consistently saying, "I am LOVING these classes"! Payment plan is available.

Image courtesy of Nyako Nakar
Some feedback from 21-12 Solstice Event

"Wow Julie finally got to work with this and had an amazing experience words cant do it
or say it. Phenomenal  I feel so alive electrified even.
Thank you and all the best for 2014.
Love and Diamond Light." Pam, UK

"I did the meditation again on 23rd December, and went quite deep during it - I don't remember most of it. However, the next morning I woke up with big ideas downloading into my mind about a piece of artwork I am currently working on. I started calling it 'the wall of freedom' in my head, without even at first making the connection to your liberation theme! I am now calling it 'Liberation'. The thinking behind the work is that of unity, liberation and peace for all mankind, and it is a piece I have been working on since 11.11, taking a daily dose of my Diamond Light Essence too!
Love and light,

"I wanted to share what transpired for me before it completely fades, as it always seems to.  I am most definitely in quite a different space now, which is a very good good thing.  :)

Prior to our event a few things happened, one was a very adamant claiming of sovereignty.  Of my innate right as a human being to choose my path, my level of sustenance, my life.  I took ownership of that back.  Quite firmly.  It was needed at the time to break free of a thought system that was so subtle I hadn't even seen myself as still in it's clutches.

The other was related to this in a whole body knowing that "shame on me" if I don't put in my order to the ethers, to all that is, for what I want, for what I choose.  Not hoping, not some day, not if.  This is what I want.  This is what I choose.  It is my sovereign right to do so and I take full responsibility for it.  Otherwise I default my precious choice to others who hold more will, to do what they will with it.  I no longer choose to allow that.

So I came to your event stumbling, skidding, reeling in from the sheer whiplash of breaking free.

Prior to it, for a few weeks, I'd been seeing some aspect of myself floating just above a huge layer of dingy grey, to dark black cloudy layer.  I was in some kind of a golden / clear  globe bubble, riding along.  Surrounded by golden light, with lightening flashing in golden / clear / white all around me.  All just above this dingy dark layer. 

Then in your meditation I was really out of it.  Then suddenly I was snapped back in long enough to reach conscious coherence, and then I saw / felt that part of me floating in the golden light get whooshed / sucked thru some kind of thin straw / pole of golden threaded light, into me here now.

SUCH an expanded feeling, WAY beyond my usual parameters.  Tingling and woozy.  And then within an hour of the meditation, completely absorbed.  Like nothing had happened.  And here I am.  I can feel the golden aspect of me working to (I can't find the word) become, embody, transmute all the grey dingy.  It is no effort at all, it is simply an allowing that it cannot exist in the same space as this golden light.  It changes it's consistency or frequency simply by noticing it is there.  By being there with it.  And the Earth, the beautiful planet is clearing quickly of the last residue.

There is something more, something imminent.  I'm not sure what, but this was all simply preparation.  Setting the table, beautifying the space for something that will take us truly where we have never gone before.

Thank you for hosting / enabling this preparation so gracefully.  Somehow we found our place, we did our job.  Somehow we made it....

Much Love, and happy happy Blessed Holidays. Something beautiful this way comes" Angela C., USA

"Thank you Julie once again you have been truly remarkable this year for me. This ceremony was powerful and awesome :-)" Rudolph, USA

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