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 from: Kris Peterson                        Congregational Resource Coordinator  
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  It is that time once again when I am seeking out writers for the Homestead Presbytery Advent Devotion.
  I will be assigning the topic/scripture - you can apply your creativity any way you like - prose, narrative, song, etc - anything that can be put on paper.
  I will be making assignments the last week of September - or as soon as I have enough writers.  
  We will again include an Advent Sunday option to use personally or in your congregations during worship.  If you'd be interested in writing for one of these days, please let me know.
  If you are new to the presbytery and are wondering what this is all about, here is a link to
  I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon!

mailing address: 1135 Eastridge Drive - Lincoln, NE 68510

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