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January 2014                                            VOL 3.1
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Happy New Year!

Many of us ring in the New Year with lots of determined resolutions. Often we make a resolution to "refresh, redecorate, or simply declutter our home" to kick-off the season with a fresh start. My suggestion, as always, is select one room at a time to conquer to ensure you can complete your home project before the next New Year rolls in. 


In 2014 color reigns and one of my most favorite colors -- purple -- is Pantone's Color of the Year (they call it Orchid, but it is definitely from the purple/plum family). Grey -- whether light or charcoal -- is the new neutral and when paired with anything plum looks nothing more than drop-dead gorgeous! What's more, add one of the bold, deep yellows that is popular this season and you will have transformed any room in your home. So if we take it step-by-step -- consider your room's color palette -- is it time to update? If so, paint will transform your space. Then accent your existing furnishings -- couch, coffee table, chairs -- with modern accessories including patterned pillows, a new rug, silver or gold lamps (depending upon your style and taste), and you have a whole new look for the New Year.

We offer more style tips below to help you celebrate your home in style. And of course, if you need help, please drop us a note or feel free to call. We would love to help you stick to your New Year's resolution and make it fun and rewarding. Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Every year new design trends offer a chance to update your home's current style and start the year with a fresh look. We've featured some of our favorite style influences and predictions for 2014 below to offer you a glimpse in to what to expect to see in home furnishings and decor.

Choose your favorite new trend and layer new styles, colors and patterns with the furnishings you already own -- with new home accents and accessories -- a simple and cost effective way to freshen up your existing interior decor.


Soft, muted pastels balanced with bold, bright hues will dominate this year's home decor. Intermixed with these brighter tones, we'll see warm neutrals and earthy hues to create balance. Grey continues to be the new neutral. Use light or charcoal grey as your foundation and pair it with pops of color such as yellow, raspberry, plum, or teal to create a chic, modern style and look.


Redefined, modern rustic styling took off in 2013 and will define 2014 decor. Spaces that mix clean lines and modern styling with rustic natural wood finishes and elegant accents and accessories appeal to today's lifestyles. Together these elements create warm, refined spaces for living and entertaining. Natural and organic influences will carry over into textile patterns as well. Geometric patterns, chevrons and stripes have dominated but this year will be replaced with softer, less defined patterns including more floral and organic prints, animal, ikat and honeycomb patterns.


Gold is considered to be one of the hottest trends for 2014 and just a touch of gold will add a bit of luxe to any space. Gold accents and accessories, gold nail head detailing on furnishings and gold finishes and trim on pillows and draperies will become more popular in the coming year.




We can't have an article on 2014 home trends without mentioning the two most important spaces -- kitchens and baths. White has become the overwhelming choice of most homeowners for their kitchen cabinetry. Think modern and refined -- not sterile, operating room. 2014's other trends cross over into kitchens as well -- we're seeing rustic flair with earthy finishes and woods for counter tops as well as gold fixtures. In 2014, bathrooms are either getting dressed up or down -- being transformed into spaces that are serene and spa-like or make you feel like you are walking into a jewlery box. Finishes and features including frameless shower doors and glass tiles, are a must.

In the 1950's, my mother decorated our living room in plum. We had a plum velvet couch and matching chairs. It was pretty wild and ever since it's been one of my favorite accent colors.

Now in 2014, home decor trends have finally caught up to my mother's innate sense of style with a purple plum being selected as the color of the year in home decor.

Pantone has named Radiant Orchid 18-3224 as the 2014 Color of the Year and this bright purple will certainly influence everything from fashion to home decor, as did Emerald in 2013.

A pop of this purple hue can be infused into your existing decor through paint, textiles, decor accents and accessories. Layered with warm, earth tones from deeper browns, beige and copper to shades of grey will create a warm, sophisticated space. Radiant Orchid tones will also look great paired with more vibrant colors such as teal, white and even pale yellow for a more energized, modern space that will take you into spring.

Our photo collage of home decor furnishings and accents influenced by the 2014 Color of the Year pick and will inspire your own creativity and originality.


The start of a new year and long days spent indoors make it a great time to get organized. Transfer the energy the new year brings into your home interior and whether you are staying or selling, get organized, declutter and repurpose or renovate an existing space to give your home a fresh start. 
  • Clear out the clutter. Your home will feel more open and relaxed when it's decluttered or if you are selling it will be more attractive to buyers who will look everywhere including your closets, kitchen cabinets, basement and garage. 
  • Consign or donate items you no longer need or use that are still in good condition and could be valuable to someone else. Rent a dumpster if you expect to have a lot of items that just need to be tossed and you won't be able to donate.
  • Give an existing wall a face lift and new storage with built-in shelving. Add concealed bins  as an extra storage for games, videos or other items you like to keep accessible but out of sight.
  • Create functional, easy to find storage for off season items in your basement, garage or shed so you can easily find what you need as the seasons change.
  • Repurpose extra nooks your home offers. Transform an extra closet into a homework or craft station, or a reading nook with a built-in bench seat. Add shelving and storage in the extra space beneath stairs. If selling, buyers will love the charm and character of these additional spaces, as well as the extra storage.
Web appeal is the new curb appeal and if a home for sale doesn't look move-in ready in it's online listing, it's likely not going to attract today's buyer.

New research from the National Association of Realtors shows more and more, buyers continue to use the Internet in their home search. 9 in 10 buyers are going online at some point in their home search with 43 percent of buyers finding the home they purchased online.

Mobile technology is also playing a greater role in the home buying process with nearly half of all buyers using a mobile or tablet application to search for a home.

As technology continues to evolve, preparing a home to sell online and capture buyer on the go will continue to be critical to moving a homes listing from For Sale to SOLD!

Upcoming Events
As we kick-off the New Year, events are a great option to get out of the house and explore all the great things to do in our region. Here are our top event picks for January.  
NYC WINTER JAZZFEST - January 7 - 11, 2014 
2014 marks the 10th Anniversary of the NYC Winter Jazzfest.  This five night festival  
held across nine venues features over 90 different groups including over 400 musicians.  

Step Out at Stepping Stones Museum during this adults-only event in support of the museum's award-winning exhibits, educational programs and outreach initiatives for children. Enjoy a fun evening of fine wines, stellar spirits, magnificent microbrews, fantastic flavors, music and playoff football action. 
Click Here To VIsit The Web Site

ARTINI HOUR - January 16, 2014 
Mix cocktails and your creativity for your next happy hour at the Mystic Arts Center! Take on a creative project, as you learn to play with a variety of media in the studios and galleries. Instruction, supplies, a tasty beverage & plenty of time to socialize provided.
Click Here To Visit The Event Web Site

FESTIVAL OF NEW MUSICALS - January 17 - 19, 2014
Don't miss your chance to see the next big hit at Goodspeed's Ninth Annual Festival of New Musicals. Hundreds of musical theatre lovers will gather on the Goodspeed campus for staged readings of brand new works as the brightest new writers and performers collaborate to create the future of America's greatest art form.  
Click Here To Visit The Event Web Site

MOHEGAN SUN WINEFEST - January 24 - 26, 2014
Throughout the weekend, featured events include the Grand Tasting offering over 1000 wines and beer. Passionate foodies can also sample signature dishes from the region's most highly rated restaurants and watch celebrity chef demonstrations.
Click Here To Visit The Event Web Site

BOSTON HOME SHOW - January 25 - 26, 2014
Visit the Boston Home Show for the latest in products and services for your home.
Click Here To Visit The Event Web Site 

NEW YORK CITY WINTER ANTIQUES SHOW - January 24 - February 2, 2014 

Join the 60th annual New York City Winter Antiques Show at the Park Aveue Armory, one of the most prestigious antiques shows in the country. The "best of the best" in fine and decorative arts will be showcased.   


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