World's Largest Pumpkin
America's Team Builders
(Mainz, GERMANY) -- World's Largest Pumpkin,  2026 lbs.  via NBC World News
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FALL 2014 
You cannot always have happiness, but you can give happiness.
~ Alyson Noel
~ Juvenal
Change is the new constant.
~ Social Media Today

What we really are is a community of mind knitted together by codes and symbols, aspirations, histories, hopes. The invisible world of the human experience is far more real to us than the visible world which is little more than a kind of screen or stage upon which we move.  ~ Terence McKenna

Did you know ?

Nigeria  declared a national holiday in 1996 when their soccer squad won the Olympic gold medal.

Gondolas  first appeared in Venice in 1094.

DUI is the most common reason for arrest in the U.S. 
Caffeine  is the most frequently ingested mood-altering drug.

Charlton Heston played Moses, John the Baptist and God on the big screen.


The U.S. Postal Service

has highest number of government workers.



Marco Polo introduced Italians to spaghetti in the 14th century.


Galieo was forced to declare the earth was motionless, but then muttered, "Nevertheless, it does move."

voted to adopt a 10-day week, 10-hour day, 100-minute hour and 100-second minute in 1795.

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