2014 Fall Newsletter

The Lord continues to bless us through your prayers and support, and we want to give you an update of what He did through them this past summer.

Thank you!

City-wide Youth Outreach

     on July 12th we had one of our city-wide youth outreaches at a very well know park. The Lord allowed us to present the gospel to about 1000-1200 teenagers and young adults. We had several confessions of faith through our one-on-one evangelism teams. In addition, we planted many seeds. As a matter of fact, we believe that this ministry is mostly about sowing seeds. We have learned that it is impossible to harvest unless we first sow. Please pray for those who heard the gospel, that the Holy Spirit makes the seeds grow.

     On October 4th we will have another city-wide youth outreach at a soccer field. Please pray for permits, sound and light system, publicity, our evangelism teams, the rap singers, and hearts ready for the Gospel. 

Bible Institute's New Students 
2014-2015 Cycle 

     We have started our new theological training cycle. The Lord sent us thirty-five new students for the 2014-2015 program! Thirty-two of them have applied for an scholarship, so please keep us in your prayers for God's provision. The scholarships will help them with all their expenses (inscription, classes, study materials, transportation, graduation, etc.) 

We praise the Lord for our new teachers, Pastor Alfredo Macias (M.Div.), Pastor Jesus Galindo (M.A. Counseling), and Pastor Daniel Ramos (M.A.C.E.)

Vacation Bible School

     We strongly believe what the bible says in Proverbs 22:6, "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it". Thus, every summer we strive to reach out to as many children as possible with God's Word. This past summer the Lord allowed us to train over eight hundreds kids with the Gospel through VBS in nine of our churches. In addition, we were able to give out several bibles to these children so they can continue their biblical training. Please keep in your prayers all these children, they are surrounded by the cartel, violence, drugs, alcohol and poverty.  


School Supplies Distribution

     Every beginning of the school year we try providing school supplies to our churches in order to present the Gospel in a visible form. Thanks to you prayers and support we were able to deliver one hundred and ninety-two backpacks full with school supplies. 



Bible Institute's Future Classrooms

     The Lord is allowing our Bible institute to continue to grow, and we are so thankful! However, we are running out of space, and in great need of new classrooms. Right now we only have one, so with God's help we have started the construction of our future classrooms. This monumental task will take many small steps. We have started by building one of the many walls. Would you please keep us in your prayers as we trust Him for His provision? 

For detail information please watch this video:

Bible Institute Cassrooms
Bible Institute Cassrooms

This project alone will require three tons of rebar, 1200 cinderblocks, and 16 yards of pre-mixed concrete. 

     This is the property right next to our old building where the new classrooms will be. The bottom part has to be a parking lot (government laws), so the we have to build classrooms on the second floor.

Thank you Partners in the Ministry!
It is only through God's grace in combination with your prayers and support that we can do all this.

To God be the Glory!

In Christ,

Abraham and Patty Barberi
One Mission Ministries
PO BOX 5596
Brownsville, Texas 78523
(956) 554-0320