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October 16, 2014

Greetings Pinball Fans,  


Tonight, live at the 30th Annual Pinball Expo in Illinois, Jersey Jack Pinball unveiled their much anticipated second game, The Hobbit. With a packed room of hundreds of Pinball Fans, the drape was pulled off the game to cheers.


JJP Programmer and Expert Pinballer, Keith Johnson took the audience on a video tour of the game explaining the major aspects of game play.


We are excited to announce the Smaug Gold Special Edition Hobbit Pinball! Orders for this version will only be taken from now until December 31st 2014. After this date, no new orders for the Smaug Gold (SE) can be placed. The amount of games will not be limited to a certain number.   


Anyone who already has an LE Hobbit on order can switch to the Smaug Gold at NO ADDITIONAL FEE as long as they have a minimum deposit of $4,000 down. To make the switch, simply email with the subject "Smaug Gold Switch".   


Games will still ship in the order in which orders were originally placed. Your order in the queue will NOT change if you decide to switch models.   


View the flyer for The Hobbit LE Pinball 


View the flyer for the Smaug Gold Special Edition Pinball 


Brand New Orders for the Smaug Gold Special Edition can be placed here - Click to Order Smaug Gold Special Edition Hobbit  


Live from Pinball Expo in Wheeling Illinois, Jersey Jack Pinball (JJP) has tonight launched their updated Website during their Fireside Chat!  


The site which is now transactional will grow in coming days and weeks with more content and resources for JJP customers. We have linked social media integrated into the new site, service, support and products, this brings everything together.




Custom Hobbit Playfield Protector - We will install on your machine for you during production at no additional fee

75th Anniversary WOZ Topper - Bracket on both Standard WOZ and LE WOZ fit this topper. 75th Topper comes with white LED Strip

Super-thick Replaceable Cabinet Artwork - Hobbit themed super-thick replaceable cabinet artwork & Smaug™ themed super-thick replaceable artwork. We will install this on your cabinet at no additional fee


Click here to purchase these parts!


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