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Spring, 2014



Greetings all, spring has sprung, and we hope as always we find you in good health and spirits. Here is our seasonal snapshot and current Automobile Industry update



Out of Sight
Feds Break the Rules
Consumers Take Charge
Hybrids, Plug0ins, and Clean Diesel
Our Community Work
Out of Sight

What we are not seeing is enough trade-ins. As the export of thousands of premium pre-owned vehicles continue to disappear from USA soil to the many reaches of the world, such as war torn countries, Asia and Russia.

It has become very easy for exporters to take advantage of our shipping laws.

What this has done of course is caused a void in used car inventories, particularly here in California.

Bottom line, WE NEED YOUR TRADE IN and top values are being paid.

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Feds Break the Rules

As the bulk of the economy still is underachieving, all economic indicators (coupled with the advent of a new Fed Chairperson) all predictions for the past few months pointed heavily towards interest rates rising; the good news is, ZERO% APR and Lease rates* are scheduled to remain!!!


*terms and conditions apply on select models 

Consumers Take Charge

The two above facts turn the tables on Big Business and put us, the consumers in charge; HIGH trade ins with ZERO rates, equal EXTREMELY favorable values, providing us the consumer a BIG edge. 

Hybrids, Plug-ins, and Clean Diesel

Manufacturers have managed to build these clean burning, high MPG cars and Electric plug-ins now for much less money than before.  We have seen these MSRP's drop, MPG (e) go up, and the overall value simply become OUTSTANDING.

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Community and Charity Work

We are extremely proud to support and sponsor for our 5th year straight, this April 5th, the TOBERMAN CENTER GALA. This year's honoree is KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR and "THE SKY IS THE LIMIT" theme. Proceeds' go to the incredible work this school does with at risk, and underprivileged children, providing them opportunity and events, far from the "gangs" and LA's worst street cultures. 

Our Community 

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Very proud to be the "Original Private and Personal Concierge" service, we continue to provide the utmost in service and value to our clients. Please be well, and we thank you for your continued loyalty. 

God Bless,

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