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April 2014
2014 Spring News
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Wow, it's been a while since I have written!  Life gets busy and before you know it spring is here.  Although I am VERY late I still wanted to get you my list of spring trends.  Late is better than never!   
Spring 2104 
Fun Chevron Print
  • Spring leather, leather & leather!
  • Sheer fabrics 
  • Graphic Prints
  • Chevron Prints 
  • Stripes  
  • Floral
  • Pastels
  • Black and White   
  • Water colored prints
  • Nautical   
  • Plaid 
  • Lace
  • Fringe    
  • Mesh  
  • Pleats 
  • Silk and Satin   
  • Detailed Embellishments (beading/jewels)   
  • Animal prints galore
  • Snakeskin
  • Bright colored purses  
  • Clutches     
  • Bucket bags  
  • Colorful cross body bags  
  • Backpacks 
  • Bold big sunglasses 

  • Gold chokers 

  • Layered bracelets and necklaces   
  • Statement necklaces still rule!
  • Mixed metal jewelry

  • Smaller neck scarves  

  • Wide belts
  • Big earrings 
  • Orchid colored accessories 
  • Athletic inspired 
  • Tribal inspired 
  • Layering
  • Mixing patterns and prints   
  • Suits  
  • Jumpsuits 
  • Sweatshirts (prints or embellished) 
  • Crop tops 
  • Bow tie blouse  
  • White blouse  
  • Collared shirts 
  • Tunics
  • Denim vests, jackets & shirts (yes, even denim on denim) 
  • Iridescent   
  • Dresses with nipped waists  
  • Maxi dresses/skirts     
  • Tuxedo striped pants   
  • Wide legged trousers   
  • Skinny and straight pants 
  • Tapered trousers (crop or above ankle)
  • Slouchy pant 
  • Colored jeans and pants
  • Printed Jeans  
  • Pencil skirts      
  • Full tea-length skirts  
  • A-Line flared skirts    
  • High slits in skirts 
  • Long streamline coats  
  • Statement coats and jackets  
  • Moto and bomber jackets 
  • Wedge
  • Chunky soled sandals 
  • Ankle strap pumps 
  • Summer booties 
  • Mules
  • Loafers  
  • Pointy toed heels  
  • Metallic shoes 
  • Sneakers    


    Spring Colors    

    Image provided by Pantone
    Image provided by Pantone
  • Orchid
  • Orange
  • Cobalt Blue   
  • Pink 
  • Coral
  • Yellow 
  • Soft mint green 

  • Gray
  • Periwinkle blue 

  • Violet

  • Black & White    

  • Pastels 


Fashion Alert, Fashion Alert

Please remember that not all 2014 Spring fashion trends work for everyone.  Make sure that the trends you purchase this season are flattering to your shape and that you are choosing your best colors.  If you have questions about what fall trends will make you look fabulous this season please contact me. 


Carrie's Favorites for Spring??
Well, let's start by saying that I won't be embracing the trend of the crop top!  Really, this makes me laugh!  How many of us who are buying the majority of the clothing in the US are going to be wearing a crop top!?!  So let's all just agree to pass on this trend.    
But on to my picks....Of course I am loving the black and white.  Although the contrast of black and white is not best for most of us, it sure is fun!  I am wearing it with more white around my face or adding a colorful necklace.  However, I did break all the rules and purchase a fabulous dress that is high contrast around my I just made sure my makeup could handle the contrast of the black and white. 

Of course I am in love with the color of the year which is radiant orchid.  This is such a great color and works so well for so many people.  It's fun to do in your make-up, accessories, shoes or even a full dress.  As a matter of fact, LaShell Cosmetics, just came out with Orchid lipstick which is BEAUTIFUL!

Because I am a print girl, I am so happy to see such fun prints.  The chevron and floral prints are my favorite!  However, I am having fun with stripes too.  Remember, if a horizontal stripe is thin (a half inch or less in width) on a longer garment (meaning not a crop top...LOL) then the stripe will take on the effect of a vertical.  In fact, this is a slimming trick. 

So, I have had many of you asking, what are the must haves for spring.  Here would be my top ten items to keep your outfits fun for spring.

1.  1 or 2 fun colorful pair of shoes.

2.  A denim jacket - white or jean.

2.  A fun colored purse that will go with a lot of the things in your closet. 

3.  1 or 2 statement necklaces that are multi-colored so they can be worn with lots of outfits.   

4.  A fun spring dress you love and feel good in.  Something that can be dressed up or dressed down. 

5.  Don't kill me for this...white thin legged jeans. 

6.  Tops and or pants with prints or the colors of the season. 

7.  A comfy pair of wedge sandals. 

8.  A fun black and white skirt or pair of pants. 

9.  A spring light weight leather or faux leather neutral jacket. 

10.  Once again this season color is important so make sure you are adding fun colorful items to your outfits.

I was inspired...

To make some videos at the beginning of the year.  Yikes, that was a production as I am not a tech girl.  If you happened to miss these master pieces on Facebook I will share them again here.  Clearly, I need a little help in this department and am taking a class this month!  But, in the meantime.....

The first video is tips on cleaning and organizing your closet and the second is about the kind of make-up brushes I recommend. 
Such Savvy Style Closet Organization
Such Savvy Style Closet Organization

LaShell Cosmetics Brushes
LaShell Cosmetics Brushes

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