2014 Open Haus with
Udo Steingraeber
at Grand Piano Haus

Dear Friend In Music,


You are cordially invited to join us for an exciting day of world premiere music, stunning history, delectable wine, and a meet & greet. Once again, we are honored to host Mr. Udo Steingraeber of Steingraeber & Soehne Klavierfabrik (Steingraeber & Sons Piano Factory) of Bayreuth, Germany. Following Udo's presentation, there will be a recital, in honor of Udo, performed by pianist Vitlaus von Horn.


Steingraeber Bayreuth: Factory | guided tour
Steingraeber Bayreuth: guided tour
Udo Steingraeber
Udo SteingraeberLearn from Udo what makes a Steingraeber piano a Steingraeber.   Udo Steingraeber is the 6th generation head of his family's piano company.   Steingraeber's family traditions are stronger than ever before.  Besides earning prestigious awards worldwide, Steingraber & S�hne remains a leader on the cutting edge of new developments in the construction of world-class pianos. Even with the company's impressive past, such as building pianos for Liszt and Wagner, Udo Steingraeber is leading his company into an extraordinary future by understanding how to exceed excellence. Don't miss Udo's wealth of knowledge as he shares legendary Steingraeber history, as well his "production principles" of the Steingraeber factory.

"Machines are simply tools and cannot replace human beings." 
~ Udo Steingraeber

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Vitlaus von Horn, pianist

Vitlaus von Horn was the first (and so far the only) pianist who preformed the complete piano solo works of Sergei Prokofiev in concert.  Having reached the pinnacle of his career and unable to top this achievement, he took a quarter century-long sabbatical from piano, interrupted only by recording of the complete piano and orchestra works of Charles Valentine Alkan (for Naxos Records), and now, the projected recording of J.W. H�ssler's monumental cycle of 360 Preludes in all Keys" (for Grand Piano Records in 2015).


His musical pedigree goes back to Beethoven himself (through Medtner, Leszetycki, and Czerny).  Norman Lebrecht, in "Slipped Disc," called him "A totally serious man with a streak of unsuppressable frivolity, a mischievous polymath."

Ladies & Gentleman,

Please join us on Thursday, November 6, 2014 at Grand Piano Haus, in Skokie, IL.

This will be one for the history books, as we meet the owner of a legendary piano company and witness 2 world premiere performances by Vitlaus von Horn.
Please mark your calendars!

WHERE: Grand Piano Haus 3640 Dempster St., Skokie, IL
WHEN: Thursday, November 6, 2014 from 12Noon-9pm
PIANO RECITAL:  6pm doors opening at 5:45pm

Tel: (847)679-9160