Shaina Cruea
2014 US National Pole Dance Champion is coming to
Respectapole Next Week!

Shaina Cruea is the 2014 Unites States National Pole Dance Champion Winner. She is known for combining her unique contemporary dance style with the beauty of fluid strength and grace. She has studied various forms of dance for over 25 years and she is coming to Respectapole Dance Fitness to teach two of her signature workshops next week!

Shaina's Awards

-2018 International Pole Champion
-2016 Finalist in Pole Art Spain
-2014 Winner of United Pole Artists Contemporary Category Video
-2014 US National Pole Champion-Professional Division 1st Place
-2014 1st Place Atlantic Pole Champion
-2014 3rd Place Florida Pole Fitness Championshiop
-2013 Super Shag Pole Fitness Championship-2nd Place Level 3
-2013 US National Pole Championship-2nd Place-Level 3
-2013 Atlantic Pole Championship-2nd Place-Level 2
More than Just Tricks Workshop
Intermediate/Advanced (90 minutes) $65
Tuesday, August 6th 6:15-7:45PM
Cost: $65

Whether you are creating a piece for a performance, competition, or just looking to make the perfect IG video, this workshop is just for you! Students will not only learn interesting fun , and exciting tricks but also fluid transitions in and out of them. Smooth, intellectual transitions are just as important as the actual tricks themselves. Register now for this exciting workshop next week!
SPINNY contemPOLEary
Beginner/Intermediate (90 minutes)
Thursday, August 9th 7:15PM -8:45PM
Cost: $65

Starting with total body conditioning both on the floor and on the pole, students will learn how to use their body weight to control the speed of the spin. This workshop will teach students how to maintain beautiful shapes and speed with contemporary components intertwined. Students will leave this workshop having gained more knowledge of individual pole tricks and how to enter and exit them seamlessly.
Click Above to Watch Shaina's winning performance.

Register Now for her Signature Worskhops next week! Hope to see you there!
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