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Tlachichuca, MEXICO
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WINTER  2014 

~ Stephen Adly Guirgis


There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness. 

~ Dalai Lama

I'm in a hurry to get things done 
I rush and rush 'till life's no fun 
All I really gotta do is live and die 
But I'm in a hurry and don't know why....
~ Roger Murrah and Randy VanWarmer

Did you know ?


Square watermelons
cost $82 in Japan, as opposed to $10-20 for round ones.  They fit better in the fridge and are stackable ... hmmm.

Colgate translates in Spanish  as:  "Go hang yourself," thus posing a problem for marketing the toothpaste in Spanish speaking nations.


Montana  had fewer traffic accidents when there were no speed limits.

Redheads  make up 2 percent of the population, and 12 percent in Ireland.  Columbus, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander the Great, and Isabella of Spain all had red hair.


Blue eyes  are a genetic mutation.   Before the mutation occurred, all humans had brown eyes. 



are not berries, but a banana is. True berries, such as blueberries and cranberries have seeds inside, whereas strawberry seeds are on the outside.  


The sound of E.T. 

walking was made by someone squishing their hands in Jello.



Venture Up clients include 21 of 25 "Best companies to work for" in Latin America:

  • 1. Google 
  • 2. Microsoft 
  • 3. Kimberly Clark 
  • 4. Telefónica 
  • 5. Accor 
  • 6. McDonald's 
  • 7. Dell 
  • 8. Diageo 
  • 9. Belcorp 
  • 10. Oracle 
  • 11. BBVA
  • 12. Directv
  • 13. Mapfre
  • 14. Royal & SunAlliance
  • 15. FedEx
  • 16. SC Johnson
  • 17. Grupo Falabella
  • 18. Monsanto
  • 19. Nextel
  • 20. Novartis
  • 21. Atento
  • 22. Coca Cola 
  • 23. Scotiabank
  • 24. Grünenthal
  • 25. IBM
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El Pico de Orizaba Orizaba
Tlachichuca, MEXICO
Miles Lengyel, 16, and Mason Lengyel, 18, reach the summit of El Pico de Orizaba in January, sporting their high school flag from  Shattuck-St. Mary's in Minnesota.

Orizaba is a dormant volcano rising 18,700 feet; the third highest peak in North America.  Venture Up offered climbing trips to Orizaba in the 1980s. Sons of the company founders, the brothers plan to travel to all areas covered by Venture Up since 1983. So far, they've each traveled to 22 countries.
(Washington, DC) -- Hundreds of companies partner with World Vision and send a clear message of corporate social responsibility to their customers, shareholders and employees.  Can you or your company make a difference for children and families in need worldwide?       



Here's how:  


Matching Gifts & Workplace Giving --  Learn how payroll deductions, stock donations, and employer matches can create the socially responsible corporate environment you seek while helping others in need around the world.  


Product Donations -- Learn about the types of product donations we accept, how donating benefits your corporation, and how your donations impact the lives of children in the United States and abroad.


Corporate Caregiver Kits- Learn how to create a dynamic opportunity for your corporation to band together and improve morale by building Caregiver Kits to help support volunteer AIDS caregivers in Africa, Asia and Latin America.


SchoolTools Backpacks-- Learn how your group can make a huge difference in the lives of children in your own community by assembling School-Tools Backpacks for students in need. 

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