2015 Accomplishments
2016 Priorities

Borinqueneer Supporters,

Buenos Dias and Greetings from Puerto Rico, it's been a long hard year.  As you might guest by now...I stay busy by holding a demanding job in Washington, DC, community organizing in Baltimore, writing for a Newspaper in Baltimore, and the Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal.   I need to take a break, I have sacrificed my family in many ways...now it time to relax and receive the new year with family and friends that I have missed.  Before starting my Christmas Break I wanted to briefly outline some of the accomplishments I have been working on as the official Liaison of the BCGM and BCGM CNC this year.

First, It has been an honor, Second the Borinqueneer Ceremony in Florida was well worth all the hard work through the year.

Special thanks to the Florida Leadership Team (Wanda Rentas, Carolyn Melendez-Vega, Ron Medina, Albie Albertorio, and the Borinqueneers Advisory Group.

2015 Accomplishments by Month

  • Liaison submitted Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal (BCGM) Recommendation Report to the U. S. Mint. 
  • CCAC Meeting and Teleconference successful and big participation (Puerto Rico, Florida, Washington, New York, Chicago, and others...)
  • Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal (BCGM) Recommendation Report is adopted
  • Ribbon cutting ceremony 65th Infantry Veteran's Park, Kissimmee Phase 2-A  01/30/2015
  • Meeting at 65th Infantry Regiment Association (Puerto Rico) to discuss vision of BCGM Ceremony National Committee (BCGM CNC)
  • Florida Leadership Team is established (Wanda Rentas, Carolyn Melendez-Vega, and Rob Medina are POC
  • Honoring Borinqueneers - Dedication of Michigan Ave.
  • Puerto Rico Leadership Team is established (Antonio J. Vicéns and Fernando Fernandez)
  • BCGM Recognition Tour Plan Suggestions Submitted by Albie Albertorio
  • Vision discussion for the BCGM Ceremony National Committee (Sam Rodriguez, Jeff Pounding, Antonio Vicéns, Rafael Fantauzzi)
  • Rep. Alan Grayson - Congressional Reading
  • Sample Meeting Minute Prepared
  • Pennsylvania Leadership is established Juvencio Gonzalez and George Perez are POCs
  • Puerto Rico Leadership is established Antonio Vicéns is the Chairs
  • Meeting of BCGM CNC Leadership meeting (Washington, DC)
  • Borinqueneer for A Day School Educational Program Assembly
  • First round of designs received by the US Mint by the artists
  • Ponce Highschool recognition
  • BCGM CNC working on organizational chart, Congressional Members, etc...
  • Puerto Rico Leadership Team meeting
  • Meeting with CAP CGM Liaison
  • City of Oviedo - Memorial Day Veterans Tribute
  • Received and presented to BCGM Design sketches to several Borinqueneers in Central Florida and recommedations to Liaisons in Washington, DC and Puerto Rico.
  • Made receipts of such presentations and took pictures of them viewing and making their decisions
  • Gave estimates of Certificates of Award and other products from Staples
  • Liaison Team send final design recommendations to the U. S. Mint
  • Memorial Day Events - Liaison visit Arlington National Ceremony (Arlington, Virginia) and Puerto Rican Veterans at Freedoms Foundation (Valley Forge, Pennsylvania)
  • Puerto Rico Leadership Team meeting
  • CCAC public meeting and Design Selection is voted by CCAC 30/30 for Obverse and 28/30 for Reverse
  • CCAC meeting at Kissimmee, Florida with Borinqueneers attending the teleconference
  • Bank of America is chosen for BCGM CNC business account CEO Titles are approved (CEO Sam Rodriguez in US and CEO Antonio J, Vicéns in PR) and NPRC Inc Rafael Fantauzzi makes and Sam Rodriguez
  • CFA Approves Recommended Design Recommendation.
  • "4th of July NASCAR" celebration to recognize the Borinqueneers and Medal of Honor Recipients at Daytona, Florida Coke Zero
  • BCGM CNC Honorary List is adopted
  • Puerto Rico Leadership Team meeting
  • BCGM CNC Leadership Meeting at the Resident Commissioner Pedro R. Pierluisi and Smithsonian Institute
  • Coke Zero 400 NASCAR event on the 5th of July 2015
  • Media Coverage arranged, transportation and polo shirts ordered.
  • Florida Leadership and BCGM CNC Board Director Rafael Fantauzzi coordinated the NASCAR Event
  • NASCAR vehicle wearing the 65th Insignia Colorado Mattress Business
  • BCGM CNC launched a website as bcgmceremony.org paid by BCGM CNC Account - Recommendation and vetted by George Law Garcia (Pierluisi's Office)
  • Filed Articles of Incorporation and Trademark names in Washington, DC
  • Created Facebook Fan page and Twitter Page no Budget
  • Puerto Rico Leadership Team meeting
  • Helped promote DOMINO USA tournament in Puerto Rico, dedicating the event to the Borinqueneers
  • Meeting with Smithsonian via teleconference
  • Orlando Magic meeting for Veterans Day Borinqueneers Tribute
  • Borinqueneers Advisory Group (BAG) is created
  • Meeting with Executive Director for Orange County Regional History Center
  • Treasury approved design of the medal
  • Anthony Melé Joins the BCGM CNC
  • In Memoriam Page created
  • Nisei CGM Liaison Teleconference Meeting between
  • Official BCGM name tag is approved by BCGM CNC Directors
  • United States Army Trademark Office grants license to BCGM CNC to use BCGM for official name tags
  • IRS Form 1023 packet 501c3 packet is submitted paid by Sam Rodriguez $850.00 plus $35.00 Fedex
  • Puerto Rico Leadership Team meeting
  • IRS Sent first notification about 501c3 application process and timeline.
  • Puerto Rico Leadership Team meeting
  • Sent request to Senator Marco Rubio to assist in the 501c3 application process and timeline
  • Sent letter to the IRS consideration to expedite the determination application process
  • Name Tags discussion, proposals and samples
  • Puerto Rico Leadership Team meeting
  • Orlando Magic Event
  • St. Luke's Lutheran School Veterans Tribute
  • Kissimmee Veterans Parade
  • Plaque from Orlando Magic sent to Puerto Rico's Borinqueneers
  • New York Leadership Team is established (Anthony Melé, JC Bravo, Jimmy Rivera)
  • Puerto Rico Leadership Team meeting
Pablo Burgos contemplating the Fighter Ace CGM Replica

  • Florida Borinqueneers Veterans Holiday Luncheon
  • Guest appearance from BCGM CNC CEO Sam Rodriguez
  • Coordinated press, media and prospective donors
  • Meet and greet with DOMINOS USA Owner & Celebrity guest
  • Puerto Rico Leadership Team meeting
  • Sam Rodriguez and Antonio Vicéns meeting and dinner in Guaynabo at Bottles
Antonio J. Vicéns and Sam Rodriguez BCGM CNC

2016 Priorities
  • Fundraising
  • Set date for National Ceremony in Washington, DC at Capitol Hill
  • Create Project Plan for the National Ceremony in Washington DC at Capitol Hill
  • Create Project Plan for Washington, DC Activities
  • Create Smithsonian Institute National Education Tour Project Plan
  • Receive Ceremony Execution Plans from State Leadership Teams
  • Launch Phase 2 of Promotional events in New York, Philadelphia, Connecticut, Orlando
  • Compile list of Borinqueneers for the National Ceremony in Washington DC at Capitol Hill
  • Compile list of family members of diseased Borinqueneers the National Ceremony in Washington DC at Capitol Hill
  • Compile list of BCGM CNC members, supporters and guests for the National Ceremony in Washington DC at Capitol Hill
  • Formalize the list of guests for the National Ceremony in Washington DC at Capitol Hill
  • Submit the list to the Speaker of the House.
  • Launch Phase 3 National Promotion Campaign for the National Ceremony in Washington DC at Capitol Hill
Special thanks to the Office of Resident Commissioner Pedro R.  Pierluisi, the Office of Congressmen Bill Posey, the Office of Senator Marco Rubio.

Albie Albertorio, Lydia E. Santiago, Claire Hollister, Wanda Rendas, Carolyn Vega-Melendez, Rob Medina, George Law-Garcia I thank you so much for your patience and day-to-day activities we collaborate on. 

Special thanks to BCGM CNC Financial Supporters:

The Albertorio Family

The list of financial supporters is growing and complete list will be published soon.  We still need plenty of financial support.  Please Help us Pay Tribute, Promote the Legacy, and Educate the Nation about the 65th Infantry Regiment.

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