Addressed Drought by installing rainwater catchment projects totaling over 2 million gallons of stored water per year, and increasing stream flow in Dutch Bill and Green Valley Creek for salmon survival with the Coho Partnership.
Improved Water Quality by joining the LandSmart program and working with farmers in the Laguna de Santa Rosa.

Addressing Climate Change by providing water resiliency and preparing to offer carbon farm plans to our farmers and ranchers. 

Enhancing Salmon Habita t by increasing water instream, improving rural roads, installing large wood and winter refugia habitat, fencing livestock out of streams, and repairing and replanting erosive gullies.

Promoting Soil Health by providing a no-till rangeland seeder to landowners to seed their property in a manner that conserves fuel, increases soil moisture and improves soil fertility.

Engaging our Youth through 10 guided school field trips for 3rd-6th grade children to explore our local agriculture and ecology, as well as 2 lectures and 3 field trips for Sonoma State University classes