Fire Island Pines Property Owners Association
 FIPPOA Membership Drive


We could not do our work without you, and so it is with deepest gratitude that I offer thanks for your past support for the Fire Island Pines Property Owners Association (FIPPOA).  Updates on key projects are below, which I hope you will review with a sense of accomplishment, knowing that your past FIPPOA membership has helped us reach these milestones.  Fire Island Pines is at a critical juncture and once again FIPPOA is leading the effort to assure the continued health and well being of our community - and it requires your 2015 MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL.

  • FIPPOA along with the Fire Island Association (FIA) is leading the dune preservation and beach replenishment effort. This past December's nor'easter was a harsh reminder of the unpredictable wrath of Mother Nature and its ever present need to be ready to respond.  The Fire Island to Moriches Inlet (FIMI) dune restoration project is moving forward and is on target and the Army Corps of Engineers has its equipment already at work near Smith Point.
  • FIPPOA recently gained approval required for financing and the refitting of the harbor passenger dock.  Without these urgent repairs, there would be nowhere for the ferry to dock.
  • FIPPOA has been working tirelessly and is pleased that we are about to embark on a historic licensing agreement that will transfer control to FIPPOA allowing us to beautify the Boulevard to the standard we deserve.
  • FIPPOA monitors the harbor and marina to assure they remain beautiful and well maintained.  FIPPOA also provides the Mobility Cart and its volunteers as well as the wagon rack. Through the FIPPOA Political Action Committee (FIPPOA PAC) your needs are placed in front of Brookhaven Township officials, Suffolk County's leaders, New York State elected officials and our U.S. Senator and Congressman.
  • FIPPOA stays on top of boardwalk repairs and lighting, rodent control and Damminix program, beach fencing and  sea grass replenishment.  Through Whyte Hall FIPPOA provides a home for the Pines Care Center and through the FIPPOA Chartable Foundation a venue for entertainment, community meetings, fundraisers, charitable events, church services and High Holiday services for all members of our community.  We interact with the Fire Department on fire prevention and safety as well.
  • FIPPOA led by its volunteer board of directors, a small staff, numerous committees with more volunteers - fills the gap created by not having elected officials and their staffs to fill the many services local village government normally provides. In essence, FIPPOA membership is a form of insurance for your property and its value.
I am writing to ask you for your continued support to renew your 2015 membership today!

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone next summer!


Russell Saray, Chair, Membership Committee