ARE YOU READY for the 2015 State Convention
for the Hawaii Republican Party???
This year's official convention slogan should be:
"Let's Go Through the Motions Together."

On Saturday, May 2nd, GET READY to go through the motions of pretending that your voice has any weight at all with those same two dozen "Republicans" who will continue to hold our party hostage.  These are the same party hijackers who actively organize to ensure that Hawaii's GOP remains officially neutral and silent on issue after issue, who keep losing money with every passing month, and who keep the party weak through the worst imaginable 'leadership.'  Well, instead of doing the honorable thing by stepping down, they are making all the expected moves to retain tight control of the sunken GOP ship on Kapiolani Boulevard for another two years.

Here's the key to the RINO liberal strategy and always has been:  'stacking the deck'.  You see, with party member enthusiasm at an all time low in the islands, and since hardly anyone showed up for precinct caucuses to get elected as delegates and alternates statewide, RINOs have been stacking the convention registration rolls by filling the hundreds of vacancies to manufacture the illusion of participation and, perhaps, even the illusion of a 'mandate' for Pat Saiki's replacement as party chair.  Rumor has it that party liberals are even paying the convention registration fees and buying lunch for their buddies to 'just show up and vote for who we tell you'.  [They must have learned that trick from government employee unions on election day.]

Anyway, best of all, this year's HRP state convention will be a coronation of the next handpicked leader of the party:  Current Honolulu County Chair Fritz Rohlfing.  Here's the man who did nothing for the past two years -- nothing that's required in the job description, nothing that's required in the party rules, and nothing even required by common sense -- and he still has the shamelessness to pretend that he's qualified in any way whatsoever to be the leader of a political party that needs to take bold confrontational stands, have strong conservative positions, and move mountains in order to become the majority party in Hawaii.

Chair Rohlfing did do some things.  Here are two of his most infamous, highly controversial and illegal 'accomplishments':

First, was Chair Rohlfing's campaign for adoption of a new party rule, which mandates monetary support by the elected officers of the State Committee.  In other words, elected District Chairs must pay a "participation tax" to do a job they volunteered for . . . to the best of their "ability."

Second, was Rohlfing's push for the new mandatory loyalty and compliance resolution, which allows Chair Rohlfing and his RINO buddies to silence any critics of the Party leadership.  In other words, all Party officers, including County, District, and Precinct Chairs, delegates, and standing committee members, owe a duty of "loyalty" and "mutual support" and therefore shall comply with that duty as described in the resolution. The Executive Committee may sanction any member found, by a two-thirds majority vote, to have violated the duty of "loyalty" and "mutual support."  Such sanction may include any measure the Executive Committee determines appropriate, by two-thirds majority vote, from private reprimand to not more than removal of the individual from his or her office as a Party officer; County, District, or Precinct Chair; delegate; or standing committee member. This means that should you DARE to call out and hold Party leadership accountable for repeated failures, crude manipulation, flaccid leadership, weak to non-existent Republican principles, or anything else, the Executive Committee,
not the State Committee as is required for by party rules, will be able to remove you from the Party position.  
This inability to accept constructive criticism is why Republicans in Hawaii keep losing.  As a result, this is why Democrat legislation, taxes, bad policies and wasteful spending goes unchecked here in the Aloha State.

In addition, let's all remember one very important thing:  Leftist political consultant and party National Committeewoman Miriam Hellreich will remain in charge of the Hawaii GOP for as long as she finds enough puppets to surround herself with.  Ever since Linda Lingle threw up her hands recently and declared that Pat Saiki needs to go, National Committeewoman Hellreich has been  'on the hunt' for another willing test subject who desperately wants to feel the warmth of the limelight.  Now that pro-abortion activist and liberal crusader Chair Saiki has worn out her welcome, Chair Rohlfing desperately wants some time in the sun.

So . . . Why attend convention?  We ALREADY know who will be elected.  Stacked underneath Chair Rohlfing, the placeholder vice chairs the party gets "elected" to these positions have done nothing also in recent years to prove their worth; and most have no experience.  Not one current state vice chair bothered to travel to a neighbor island during the 2014 election cycle.  Nor did Liu.  Hellreich went once two years ago to Kauai and Saiki went to this year's Maui county district meetings.

Why attend convention?  There will be NO discussion of platform, or about what it is the party stands for.

Why attend convention?  Hardly anyone is going.  There are a little more than 2,000 delegates and alternate delegates allowed to attend each year under party rules. Yet, there are only 400 delegates this year.

Mark HIRA's words, this year's state convention will turn out like every other state and county convention held in recent years:  Liberals will keep driving the Hawaii GOP into oblivion while sincere patriotic party members with exceedingly limited knowledge or understanding of HRP's history of infiltration by closet Democrats will be duped into thinking that it is a good thing.

Sorry, but NOTHING worthwhile will happen at the Salvation Army's Kroc Center in Kapolei on Saturday, May 2nd.  The outcome has been predetermined and it's very disappointing .  RINOs will continue to pretend to be Republicans and Democrats will be eternally grateful for those who do all that they can to keep the Hawaii GOP from ever becoming a political force in Hawaii.  

That's how it will turn out,
whether you show up at the convention or not.

So, save your money and give it to deserving conservative Republican candidates and organizations.  Consider finding something else to do on Saturday, May 2nd than wasting time and money helping RINO's create the illusion that they want to beat Democrats.

Consider this e-mail an enthusiastic endorsement for Fritz Rolfing to become State Chairman of Hawaii's Democrat Party instead.  Either way, Republicans lose.