2015 Legislative Session Wrap-Up

  First of all, we'd like to thank everyone who took the time to contact their legislators or join us at the Capitol during these past four months. There were quite a few instances where we needed the solidarity of our Labor family, and we are proud to say that it was instrumental in stopping several detrimental pieces of legislation. Just as a reminder, most (if not all) of these bad bills will rear their ugly heads next year. We'll be ready to tackle them once again and will be in touch with you later this year on how that will happen.   

  We would be remiss if we did not give a very special thanks to our two lobbyists: Secretary-Treasurer A.J. Starling and Jerry Winters. These two gentlemen represent Labor with the utmost class and integrity at the Capitol, and we're lucky to have them looking out for working families. 

  To give you an idea of how we operated this year, our office monitored approximately 130 out of a total of 1,632 bills that were filed during session. We narrowed that list down even more to 29 "target" bills that would have the biggest impact on Labor and our affiliates. Similar to last year, we've listed the top "good" and "bad" bills from the 2015 legislative session, as well as a handful of honorable (or dishonorable) mentions. If you click on the bill number (House or Senate), you'll be taken to a page where you can see who voted for or against a piece of legislation, read a summary of the bill, see amendments, watch related video, and much more. Please contact A.J. or Jerry if you have questions about any of this legislation. 

  Once again, thanks to all of you for your hard work and support this session. You can keep with our current agenda by "liking" us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.  We'll see you on the Hill in 2016! 

-The Staff of the Tennessee AFL-CIO Labor Council

Top "Good" Bills

HB 903 by Clemmons/ SB 864 by Kyle: Failed/Sent to General Subcommittee

HB 24 by Williams/SB 127 by Tracy: Passed 95-0 in the House, Passed 26-2-1 in the Senate

HB 579 by Hardaway/SB 659 by Kyle: Failed/Never Heard in the Senate
Note: There was a second minimum wage bill filed this year that was sponsored by Representative Johnnie Turner and Senator Lee Harris. That bill failed in the House Consumer & Human Resources Subcommittee and was taken off notice in the Senate Commerce & Labor Committee. 

HB 974 by Hill/SB 1159 by Massey: Deferred Until 2016/Taken Off Notice

HB 557 by Fitzhugh/SB 663 by Kyle: Taken Off Notice/Never Heard in the Senate

Honorable Mentions

SJR 93 by Overbey :  This resolution would implement Governor Haslam's "Insure Tennessee" proposal.
Status: Failed in the Senate Commerce & Labor Committee

HB 838 by Windle/SB 833 by Yager: This bill "adds correctional officers to the group of public servants the assault of which results in an increased fine."  
Status: Passed 94-0 in the House, Passed 33-0 in the Senate

HB 1027 by Stewart/SB 1370 by Kyle: This bill enacts the "Public Construction Contractor Safety Act" and attempts to weed out bidders with poor health and safety records.
Status: Deferred Until 2016/Taken Off Notice
Top "Bad" Bills

HB 603 by Durham/ SB 123 by Kelsey: Deferred Until 2016/Sent to General Subcommittee

HB 997 by Durham/ SB 721 by Green: Deferred Until 2016/Deferred Until 2016

HB 1145 by Casada/ SB 890 by Kelsey: Taken Off Notice/Sent to General Subcommittee

HB 1286 by Durham/ SB 798 by Kelsey: Passed 74-20 in the House/Failed to Pass in the Senate (15-2-8); sent back to Calendar Committee

HB 757 by Holt/ SB 475 by Bell: Passed 76-19 in the House, Passed 28-5 in the Senate

Dishonorable Mentions

HB 158 by Casada/SB 183 by Hensely: This bill makes the "Little Hatch Act" applicable to teachers and other public school employees.
Status: Passed 68-27 in the House, Passed 27-6 in the Senate

HB 648 by McCormick/SB 607 by Norris: This bill makes changes to state, local government, and local education insurance plans for new employees hired after July 1, 2015. 
Status: Passed 67-30 in the House, Passed 25-4 in the Senate

HB 647 by McCormick/SB 606 by Norris: This bill deletes longevity payments for executive branch employees. 
Status: Passed 70-26 in the House, Passed 26-3 in the Senate
Alyssa Hansen, Communications Director
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