High School Acceptances
Congratulations to all 17 of our hard working 8th grade students, who are all headed to their best-match high schools this fall!
Kyla Armistead
Lindblom Math & Science Academy 
Aryel Carter
Gary Comer
 College Prep
Evan Geoghegan
Kenwood Academy High School
Jalynn Griffin
Scholastic Institute 
Adria Henley
South Shore International College Prep High School
Teri Hill
Kenwood Academy High School
Taezia Irving 
King College Prep 
High School
Markus Lamovec
Lincoln Park 
High School
Londen Lewis
Gary Comer 
College Prep
Alexis McCarroll
Gary Comer
 College Prep
Briannah McRoberts
Chicago Virtual Charter High School
Kamilia McRoberts 
Chicago Virtual Charter High School
Victoria Miles
Morgan Park 
High School
Mason Simpkins
 Kenwood Academy High School
Michael Tablada
 Gary Comer 
College Prep
Jordan Walls
 Gary Comer 
College Prep
Jacquise Wilson
 Gary Comer 
College Prep
Meet our College Bound Class of 2019


Dear MetroSquash Supporter,

This year, all 10 of our high school seniors gained acceptance to their best-matched colleges and universities and are headed to campus this fall. Please join us in congratulating them as they join the 17 MetroSquash students currently participating in the MetroSquash College Support Program. 

Thank you to our families, staff, volunteers, mentors, donors and supporters for playing a critical role in our students' success.  

Regan Allen,  Kenwood Academy
University of Illinois - 
Urbana Champaign

"I have been a part of the MetroSquash family for four years. I have enjoyed my time with MetroSquash. I have had the opportunity to visit a multitude of cities because of squash tournaments and college visits. MetroSquash has assisted me in writing essays, preparing for the ACT and applying for college and scholarships. It is because of MetroSquash that I will be attending the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign for Mechanical Engineering on a full ride in the fall!"

Yazmynne Carter,  Choate Rosemary Hall
Bates College (ME)

"MetroSquash has helped me accomplish so much. Academic prep courses over the summer, provided by MetroSquash, helped me when it came to standardized testing. However, MetroSquash helped beyond simple things like that. With MetroSquash supporting me I felt like no goal was impossible."

Gabriel Johnson,  Kenwood Academy
University of Illinois at Chicago

"I have been a part of the MetroSquash program for 3 years. MetroSquash  has really been a positive impact on my life both mentally and physically. They have supported me when I was at my lowest and helped me get back on my feet.  They have pushed me physically to the point of no return. Also, they have helped me in the classroom. They guided me to improve my grades, apply for colleges, and get college-ready. Thanks to MetroSquash I am going to be attending UIC in the Fall. Without MetroSquash I don't know what I would be doing right now."

Eric Lo,  Air Force Academy High School
University of Illinois at Chicago

"I have been a part of MetroSquash for two years, two awesome years. My experience with MetroSquash has been adventurous and fun because of the trips I've been on and the tournaments. I know I would have never visited New York if I was not part of MetroSquash. I wouldn't know what squash was without MetroSquash. I know I would be wasting my time without MetroSquash. I probably wouldn't know how to go through the college application process without MetroSquash. MetroSquash has given me an experience that I would never forget and helped me reach my goals for the future."

Clarissa Martin,  Kenwood Academy
Lincoln College

"MetroSquash has been a big influence in my life. The program has given me the opportunity to experience things beyond my imagination. MetroSquash has definitely been a fantastic support system. Without this program I don't know where I would be. I've learned so much. I've become a well-rounded individual because of the program. I am thankful for the support."

Weifeng Mei,  Air Force Academy High School
University of Illinois at Chicago

" I have been part of the MetroSquash family for about two years now.  I have been part of many programs, but this is the only one I can consider a home. Staff at MetroSquash are always there to support and help me. Also, being in MetroSquash puts you at an advantage over other students who are not. Through MetroSquash's academic and enrichment programs, I was able to participate in Chicago Scholars and receive my college acceptance early. Thinking back, joining MetroSquash is one of the best decisions I ever made because the support that they offer me, so far, can't be measured."

Annie Phaovisaid, Kenwood Academy
Beloit College (WI)

" I have been in MetroSquash since my sophomore year. MetroSquash has played a huge role in my high school career. Before joining, I was a very shy individual that never thought of being on a sports team. Upon joining MetroSquash, I have gained so many opportunities through them that have really helped me shape my character. The environment and people in the program give off a welcoming vibe and is a place full of employees that care about the students both on and off the court. The teammates here approach everyone with open arms and an open mind. The support everyone at MetroSquash has given me has really helped me through these past three years. Thanks to MetroSquash I have found a college that not only meets my criteria, but also a place that will help me come more out of my shell. This place has given me a sense of a second home and a second family. I cannot begin to thank MetroSquash enough for the amount of love, support, patience, empathy and guidance they have given me. Once I graduate from college, I plan on coming back to MetroSquash and giving back to them after they have given me so much."   

Kinsa Sillah, King College Prep
Harold Washington College

" I have been a part of the MetroSquash team since I was in 9th grade. I have experienced so much in my short time here. I have grown so much as an athlete and as an individual. Squash pushes me mentally and physically. Each time I step on to the court I try my hardest to improve. I went  from a complete beginner to becoming a top player on the team. My trips to tournaments, summer camps, college tours, and enrichment activities have helped me have a different outlook on life. I am always willing to try new things because of MetroSquash. MetroSquash has opened my eyes not only to the world of squash, but also a world full of possibilities."

KeAnthony Thompson, 
Kenwood Academy
Lake Forest College
"I have been a part of MetroSquash for the past three years; and the experience I've had during my time here so far has been amazing. MetroSquash allowed me to be the best student I could possibly be. From the numerous college tours to the thrilling squash matches all around the country, MetroSquash has always been there supporting me. They have been my home away from home. The staff and all of my team have become an extension to my family. I hope over the next few years, we can get that family growing even more."

Deearia Watkins,  Gary Comer College Prep
Eastern Illinois University
" I have been a part of MetroSquash for three years and have enjoyed every year! I know it is because of my experience here that I have built friendships and communications skills. I have had the opportunity to compete in squash tournaments and visit multiple universities. It is because of MetroSquash that I will be attending Eastern Illinois University in the fall! I am so excited to start this new journey."

Congratulations to all of our students!


Please join us to celebrate all of our students in another successful school-year during The Year-End Celebration.

Friday, June 12th
The MetroSquash Academic & Squash Center

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