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Time Is Running Out to Make Your 2015 Tax Deductible Donation!
Again, THANK YOU to everyone who has already donated via your monthly/yearly donations, general donations, and towards our annual winter appeal.

Here's the skinny, our goal is to raise $50,000 during the winter appeal - which will run until the end of April.  However, we receive the bulk of our donations in November & December and time is running out, fast!

  • Winter Appeal to date = $15,620
  • General Donations (same span of time) = $3,136
  • Monthly Recurring Donations (same span of time) = $1,145
  • Total to date = $19,901

We are almost half way to our goal, but if we don't receive a boost in donations over the next few days we may not reach our goal come April. 

So if you haven't made your tax deductible donation for 2015, now is the perfect time!  Please also consider becoming a monthly donor for an amount you choose each month.      
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We also accept checks made out to SFMT / mailed to:
855 Treat Ave, SF, CA 94110

Thinking ahead for 2016. Contact Karen if you would like to make a donation of $300, $500, $1000 or more, but see your donation DOUBLE in size!  We can set up a 2016 donation challenge/match asking a fellow Troupe supporter to match your donation!


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If everyone were to do this we would likely reach our $50,000 goal and start our 2016 Season off strong!


Feeling over-skilled and underutilized?  Want to put those skills to noble use by volunteering for an understaffed theater company?  Well this is your lucky day!  The Mime Troupe is looking for skilled volunteer staffers that have organizational experience specifically in the areas of admin, finance, and IT.  Skills needed: Excel, Quickbooks, and Adobe Creative Works. If you are a retired professional who would like to put your years of experience to a new good use, please contact Ellen.

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