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                                           2015 DINNER SHOOTS
As the seasons change there is always fun outdoor activities at Selwood. For some great shooting, wonderful food and the chance to  socialize with fellow sportsman you are sure to enjoy our dinner shoots. Please call our office to make your reservation. All dates and details are listed on our website.

Shooters tip of the month....reading targets correctly takes focus
When preparing to set up on each new stand try pointing your index finger at the show bird. Pay close attention to what "the target" is doing at the sweet spot. Focus all of your attention on the leading edge, not just the whole target. Do this on each and every stand so it becomes second nature when you shoot. This exercise done repeatedly will help train your eyes to look for the leading edge not just the target. 

Remember to contact our office for your private or group lessons
Politically Correct.... A word from Dell
Senate Bill S405 is one of a very few bipartisan bills working its way through Congress. It is basically pro-hunting, pro-sportsman legislation and is viewed as the most important pro-active piece of legislation for hunters and sportsmen in a generation. The bill also would protect the use of traditional ammunition made with lead components, increase access to public lands, and increase flexibility for shooting ranges to build and maintain facilities.

SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS!! Bill Satterfield, longtime Selwood friend and Birmingham resident has been re-elected to the NRA Board. We at Selwood are proud to call him friend and pleased to have him as a voice on the NRA board. Congratulations! Bill!
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We have just completed our 30th hunting season!
We are grateful for the role that each of our members and guest have played in making this past season a success. 
Many special memories were made and we are thankful for the relationships with each of you. We look forward to many more. 


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