June 2015


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Emerging Leaders

Young leaders pose in front of the  Louisiana State Capitol during the recent session of the Emerging Leaders Institute hosted by AIA Louisiana and ACEC of Louisiana.




2015 End of Session Wrap-up 

It's over!



Louisiana's 2015 regular legislative session ended last Thursday at 6pm, and it's a good thing it's finally over. What do you get when you mix a term-limited governor, nearly 30 term-limited legislators, and a $1.6 billion budget deficit? I'm still not sure, but I think it's called the SAVE Act (more on that  here ). This legislative session proved to be one of the roughest, most tax-happy exercises in Louisiana politics in a very long time. Over the past few years much has been made about the impact of budget cuts to health care and higher education systems. With statewide and legislative elections taking place this fall and Gov. Bobby Jindal eyeing a run for the White House, lawmakers were dead set on patching the budget deficit by generating new revenue while likewise attempting to avoid the  perception  of increasing taxes-especially avoiding the  perception  of raising taxes on individuals.  Read More



International Plumbing Code Amendments


Click here to view current international plumbing code amendments with proposed changes.