Serving The Lord Jesus Christ in Matamoros, Mexico  

     May the Lord bless you, and your family in these wonderful holidays.
Merry Christmas and happy New Year

The Barberi Family 
Pastor Ordination
    After an ordination council composed by all of our pastors, on November 21st brother Ruben Lara was ordained to the ministry. He will pastor one of our churches, "Iglesia Dulce Refugio." Keep him, his wife, and his children in your prayers.

                 Council Ordination                                             Church Ordination Service

Christmas Outreach
    On December 20th all of our churches will have their Christmas outreach event. Each church will prepare a wonderful meal, dramas, gifts, Christmas stockings, and a gospel message to reach out to their communities with the real meaning of Christmas. Please help us pray for a wonderful harvest for God's glory. It takes $120.00 per church to prepare a nice Christmas meal for 100 to 140 people. Will you prayerfully consider sponsoring a church?
Bible Institute's Leadership Certificate
      In January 5th 2016 we will begin our Leadership certificate. As always we will be offering full scholarships, so please pray for more Christians to have a desire to get trained, and be ready for ministry.

Please keep praying for the students that are presently attending our institute (fifty).
New Church Update - Gloria de Dios Church
      We have been very busy getting the blue prints, and the permit for our newest church building. The architect that is designing the blue prints told us that right now is difficult to get permits to build churches, especially in the area where our future building will be. Please Keep us in your prayers, we need the permit! Meantime the church is meeting a place that we are renting since the government illegally demolished their old building's front walls.

Old Building after front walls illegally demolished by government

Rented facilities

 Future church building site (left to right)

Pastor Armando, Scott and Kyle from First Baptist Sanger (they are both engineers, so they came to help us out with the blue prints), and Abraham.
Pastor's Wife Diagnosed with Brain Tumor
   Brother Alfredo pastors one of our churches. He and his wife Patty are doing a wonderful job for the Lord. Unfortunately, Patty was just recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. She is going through major tests and observation. Our ministry has been able to help them financially with doctor's expenses, but the tests and treatments are very expensive. Please keep her and pastor Alfredo in your prayers for healing and provision. Pray for us as we minister to them.
Youth and Young Adults Outreach
   The drug cartels continue to target teenagers and young adults all over Mexico. They introduce them to drug use, drug dealing, and some eventually get hired as "Sicarios" (hit-man). Thus, in the past four years one of our main objectives is to reach out to this specific group. They are not coming to church, so we have to go them. As you know we do this through our Rap and Rock music events. This past year we had several events, and we will close the year with the opportunity to travel to Mexico city to proclaim the gospel at a heavy Metal Fest. Please keep us in your prayers, these places are very dark, but we need to shine the light of Jesus.

This is our band called My Place Was Taken.

    Through it the Lord allows us to go to bars, clubs and secular festivals to proclaim His gospel. We could stand at the entrance of secular music concerts with signs and gospel tracts, but instead we get to go onstage to tell them about Jesus.
Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry
               The Lord commands us to share His Gospel, but He also commands us to take care of the needy (Matthew 25:31-46). At the beginning of 2016 two of our churches will begin serving full free meals twice a week (Alentadora Church and Las Palmitas Church). It will take $200.00 a month for each church to prepare lunch for sixty to eighty people twice a week. We don't have the funds yet to do this, but we are trusting the Lord for His provision. In addition, we are beginning to gather canned goods to have a community food pantry. Our desire is to be the Lord's Hands and feet, so please keep us in your prayers.
House Churches
      The Lord continues to lead us to start house churches in the Matamoros area. Through His empowerment, your prayers and support we now have twelve house churches. Our goal is to plant fifty house churches in 2016. Please keep us in your prayers, especially pray for new leaders

Barberi Children Update
     Our daughter Melissa will be taking her GED test for the fifth time in the middle of December, please keep her in your prayers. As you know she struggles with ADHD and learning disorder.

     Our son Michael continues to struggle with Tourette's syndrome, but your prayers and the medicine are working. His tics are diminishing! God is good.

     On November 8th we rushed our oldest son Abraham to the ER. He was complaining of abdominal pain. Soon after our arrival the doctor diagnosed him with an infected appendix. He was admitted and scheduled for surgery the very next day at 7:00am. Thanks to the Good Lord, and your prayers he is doing well.

    Yasmin is doing great!

Abraham Jr. at the ER waiting for surgery.
Pastors' Christmas Fellowship
      Every year we gather all of our pastors to celebrate Christmas, and just have a good time. This is a time where we don't talk about ministry, it's just about family, eating, and having fun in the Lord. Some dear friends from First Baptist Sanger came down to be part of this wonderful fellowship. They even brought eight turkeys, ham, and 18 pies!

(All of our pastors, their wives, and children)
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 
                                                   THANK YOU PARTNERS!

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