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R.A.M.P. Leadership Program
Summer 2015
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Are you ready  to be a Leader

You are invited to join the R.A.M.P (Readiness, Ability, Marketability and Progression) for College and Careers summer program.  This summer we will take a deep dive into the skills needed to become a strong leader. 

Benefits for Students
  • Earn a monetary award

  • Meet teens from all over Chicago
  • Develop skills and knowledge that will help you plan for success after you graduate from high school

  • Go on unique field trips
  • Meet professionals from different industries
  • Network with college students
  • Visit college campuses
This program is ideal for  all  serious  high school students. 
The next steps are listed below. 
What to expect during R.A.M.P. 
Work hard, have fun; Learn about various educational and occupational possibilities available post high school graduation;
Learn about applying for scholarships;  Improve interviewing techniques; Participate in hands on learning activities ; Develop and practice the academic skills that help critical thinking and effective communication. 


Schedule: 6/29/15 - 8/5/15. 
Program is scheduled to meet three days per week, and occasionally on Saturdays. 
  • Tues/Weds/Thurs (12:00 pm - 5:00 pm)
  • Saturday (TBD)   
Location: Harold Washington College  *** location, dates and times are subject to change prior to program start.

Next Steps:  
  1. Students must go to the After School Matters website and sign up.  
  2. Pick the Leap Learning Systems program offered at Harold Washington College.  R.A.M.P.
  3. Once you complete your online application you will get an email to schedule an in person interview.  Interviews will be held downtown at the Leap office.
  4. An interview is required to participate   

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We hope you join us this summer.
Michael Levesque
Leap Learning Systems