Summer 2015 Newsletter
  2015 "Tips from Former Smokers" Campaign Update!
The  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  recently l aunched another powerful Tips from Former Smokers c ampaign that focuses on living with vision loss and colorectal cancer. 
Ads highlight the benefits of quitting for smokers' loved ones, and the importance of quitting cigarettes completely, not just cutting down. The ads will run through August on television, radio, online, in magazines and newspapers encouraging smokers to call the  MA Smokers' Helpline 1-800-784-8669.

Graphic Ads Present Opportunity to Intervene
Your patients may ask you about the CDC 's newest  "Tips" campaign which features real people talking about the impact that smoking-related illnesses such as diabetes and colorectal cancer have made on their everyday lives. 

The ads are hard-hitting and graphic. They depict people bearing the burden of smoking by living with debilitating conditions that reduce their daily activities as a result of smoking-related illnesses.
Listen to Julia and Mark
Julia and Mark's Story
These ads present a new opportunity for you to talk with your patients about the ways smoking impacts their health now, and what health problems they may face in the future if they continue to smoke. Making the connection for them between their personal health status and smoking can be a powerful motivator.
QuitWorks: The Provider Referral Program

MA Smokers' Helpline coaches offer counseling support and screen for a free 4 week supply of nicotine patches. In order to stay informed about your patients' progress with quitting, use a QuitWorks referral form. You will receive 2 reports - in 1 month describing what services they accepted and after 6 months to learn their smoking status.


Research shows that,  "provider-referred smokers who used quitline services had greater odds of quitting than those who did not. Those who used a combination of counseling and NRT had the greatest odds of quitting."
What you can do in 3 minutes...
all patients about tobacco use and readiness  to quit smoking.
in a clear, strong, and personalized manner,  urge every tobacco user to quit.
patients to counseling services including the 

smoking cessation medicines, as appropriate.

QuitWorks is a program of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health
  in collaboration with major health plans.