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2016  - A Year in Review  

December Newsletter
What an incredible year of increase, multiplication, and transformation! Together, we have rescued many from the horrors of human trafficking. God's light and love has been established, changing even the darkest of communities. We have fed the poor, clothed the needy, healed the sick, and ministered the Gospel. Because of your partnership, nations were changed.

Here is some of what we've been able to accomplish together . . .

The bigness of human trafficking can at times feel overwhelming, but one-by-one, God is rescuing those trapped in bondage.  

CHILD REPATRIATIONS: This year you have helped repatriate 12 trafficked children back to Cambodia and placed them in safe and restorative care.

CHILD PLACEMENTS: You have assisted in placing 33 exploited children into alternative care (those that did not have safe families).  

NEW CASE DEVELOPMENTS: This year, we have had a total of 57 new cases (14 women and 43 kids) brought to our attention through community involvement, partner referrals, and government interactions.  Our team then works with police, government, partner organizations, and social workers to see these women and children safe and restored.

CURRENT ACTIVE CASES: At present, we have 32 total cases of suspected human trafficking or sexual exploitation (4 women, 24 kids, and 4 families), which are pending.  We are expecting to see breakthrough in these cases in 2017. Your partnership makes continued case developments possible.

WOMEN RESCUED: This year we have partnered to see 6 women rescued from human trafficking backgrounds or exploitive situations.

Building relationships is key, and projects such as our Lighthouses, Kids Justice House of Prayer, education sponsorship program, social work prevention efforts, kids programs, bible studies, and evangelistic outreaches bring hope to so many.

MEDICAL CARE: This year, you have assisted in giving significant medical support to 8 cases of at-risk or exploited women and children.

HOT MEAL DISTRIBUTIONS: You have provided over 100 kids with hot meals. 40 of those kids were provided with hot lunches 250 times during the year, which is over 10,000 hot meals. 60 of those kids were provided with hot lunches 260 times during the year, which is over 15,600 hot meals. 
In total, that's over 25,600 meals that were delivered to children that would otherwise not eat!

RICE DISTRIBUTION: You have given bags of rice to families in need, feeding over 600 different families this year, with over 5,500 bags of rice. These are at-risk families who would otherwise have difficulties making ends meet.

KIDS CLUB ACTIVITIES:        You have helped us minister to children in over 90 kids-club outreaches, where at-risk children can hear the Gospel, receive awareness training, and are supervised by our team.  But most of all, it's an opportunity for them to have fun.

SALVATIONS: You have helped us preach the Gospel in over 17 strategic communities to over 1,000 different individuals.  Seeds have been planted, watered, and the harvest is coming in.  This year, over 300 new believers have made a decision to invite Jesus into their hearts. 6 of those persons were water baptized.

NETWORKING AND DEVELOPMENT: You have helped our team attend 10 formalized government, development, and training meetings.

Through preventative efforts, we can help stop trafficking before it even begins.  We've been able to intentionally protect vulnerable communities and individuals by. . .

SOCIAL WORK: You have helped over 250 vulnerable children, some of the most at-risk to be trafficked, who are monitored weekly by our team and social work programs.         
AWARENESS WORK: You have helped our team teach and train the community through "Good Touch Bad Touch" and other protective and awareness training materials.  These trainings have helped equip about 100 at-risk children with tools to protect themselves and their community from future instances of exploitation. 


EDUCATION EMPOWERMENT:  Education is key to breaking cycles of poverty that lead to exploitation and many times human trafficking. Through our education sponsorship program, together, we have educated 58 vulnerable children, fed 60 at-risk children each school day, and housed 5 needy families.



KIDS JUSTICE HOUSE OF PRAYER: This year you have helped establish a Kids Justice House of prayer in a strategic slum location, in Cambodia. Together, we are able to mentor over 35 kids in prayer, worship, and Kingdom principles.  Over 20 new kids have come into the Kingdom through these initiatives, where they are now learning how to hear God's voice and cultivating intimacy and relationship with Him.  These children are entering into heaven, seeing visions of Jesus, interacting with angels, and bringing heaven to earth everywhere they go.


EVERLASTING LOVE (EL) BUSINESS AND TRAINING PROGRAM: Through EL we are able to train, release, and empower many young women that were formerly trafficked and sexually exploited.  This year, 4 new women have been trained and discipled, coming out of a background of prostitution and making changes for themselves, their children, and their whole families. EL currently employs 9 Khmer women that previously had no skills or prospects for employment.  

DEVELOPED A NEW SPECIAL NEEDS CURRICULUM: Every life has value and was created with purpose.  This year, through your help, we were able to develop and pioneer the first of it's kind special needs curriculum for children in Cambodia that have been abused and exploited and have a learning disability.  Children that have never had the opportunity to learn are now overcoming their circumstances and growing in their physical and cognitive abilities.  This year, you have helped us create the curriculum and provide training for teaching staff. We have begun educating the children at our children's house, where 4 kids with intellectual handicaps are now equipped to learn.   In 2017, we are hoping to expand the curriculum's reach to see even further transformation in each child's life.  

MICRO-BUSINESSES: This year, you have helped setup 5 new micro-businesses for at-risk persons, providing a means for them to make a living, helping keep their children off the streets, and creating a way for them to learn a skill and work with dignity.    
EMPOWERING AND EQUIPPING: Through your partnership, we have been able to teach and equip over 180 individuals from over 25 different event groups, private teams, and partnerships.

REACHING THE NATIONS: Over 12 nations have been transformed this year through your finances, prayers, and support to advance His Kingdom in the earth.  The USA, Canada, Nepal, Israel, Mozambique, Mexico, Burma, Iraq, Belize, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia are just a few you've impacted.  

Your partnership has made these testimonies possible.

In the coming year, we are excited to implement new development strategies for projects, team, and partnership opportunities.  We are expecting more lives saved, healed, and transformed.

As we link arms and hearts, nations are being transformed . . . one life at a time.  Join with us to continue to see His love and justice released to the nations.

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We are praying this year is your best yet!  
You are deeply loved and valued.
Patricia King, Andrea Aasen and the XP Missions team   

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* Names have been changed to protect identities and not re-exploit. 

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