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April 1, 2016

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Dear Affordable Housing Partners: 
As many of you know, the deadlines for submitting annual compliance materials for restricted affordable housing properties with City involvement are contained in the City's legal documents for each property. As a courtesy, Housing Department staff typically send email reminders that the submission of compliance documentation is due 90 days after the end of properties' fiscal year. For most projects with a Fiscal Year end date of December 31, standard compliance submissions are due on the following March 31st.
However, this year, our Asset Management Team has been re-staffing, re-examining processes, and is currently designing an improved rent roll that is more automated and more informative. While the new Excel rent roll form isn't yet available, we expect it to be distributed in May 2016. Upon its release, we will issue further instructions and more specifics regarding its use. Properties with December FY-end will have 30 days to submit rent rolls on the new form.
Standard Compliance materials: So that all properties can us the City's forthcoming new rent roll in 2016, only for properties with a December FY end, only the City's 2016 deadlines, as follows:

a.  Annual audits incorporating the City's Net Cash Flow calculation were due, as always, on March 31.  As the City first issued its requirement for this format in February 2014, please note that if 2015 audits do not include the City's calculation in a format acceptable to the City, staff will issue letters of non-compliance.

bResidual receipt payments to the City are due, as always, by May 1.

c.  Rent rolls in the forthcoming new form will be due by June 1, or 30 days after the form's release (whichever is later). Submissions will need to use the forthcoming new form to be compliance.

d.   Other standard compliance items should be sent as soon as they are ready, but no later than June 1, 2016.
Fair Housing: In addition to the annual compliance submissions, the Housing Department conducts a review every two to three years to ensure compliance with fair housing laws and practices.  This is not on an annual basis.  For properties that have not submitted Fair Housing Information since 2013, these Fair Housing Compliance materials must be submitted by June 1, 2016.
Key Financing-related Documents: On March 4, 2015, this request was sent out to all multifamily properties with existing or former City loans to submit certain project documents electronically.  These items are reasonably requested and are required to be submitted in full.  Please note that if all missing items are not received per these instructions by June 1, 2016, staff will issue letters of non-compliance.


For properties with 2015 Fiscal Years ending at a time other than December 2015, standard compliance deadlines (item 1 above) remain the same as usual, and the above deadlines for Fair Housing and Key Financing Related Documents do apply.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  For questions and submissions, please do not reply to this email; rather, feel free to contact the Asset Management Team leads directly with questions including Leif Regvall (, Manager of Asset Management at 408.535.9232, and Tascha Mattos (, Asset Management Development Officer at 408.793.5536.

  • Sincerely,

    Kristen Clements
    Production Division Manager

    City of San Jose - Housing Department