2016 Centurion Athlete Update

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As promised, we are continuing to monitor the weather for tomorrow and after reviewing the present weather forecast, we feel it's not possible to conduct the C100 therefore we will have everyone do the C50. We want to insure the safest day for everyone involved plus have the best window to fit in the ride. We have to think of all involved including the volunteers and police.

The goal is to have a 9:30am start for everyone tomorrow. We are having a meeting with the OPP and the municipalities at 7:00am to have a final look at the weather and will confirm the plan by 7:30am. Please check our website, Facebook or your email in the morning and spread the word. If there is a thunderstorm we will delay. We will not delay for rain only.
We encourage you to ride as safe as possible and do what is comfortable for you. If you are not comfortable doing the C50, you can switch to the C25 on Sunday. In addition, if you are already registered for the C100, we will also allow you to race C25 free of charge on Sunday (gets in 75 miles over 2 days). See the team in the registration room to take care of the changes.

We thank you for your patience and will see you tomorrow.



Shelley Lucas

Race Director


Shelley Bramblett | Centurion Cycling