2016 Coin Year in Review      
December 31, 2016

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This is the 100th issue of my newsletter!  Thank you for reading it, and providing comments over the years!  All prior issues can be found on the Newsletters page on my website.

Here is my 2016 - COIN YEAR IN REVIEW:  
  • BEST FIND #1 - - A team of researchers found hubs and master dies for the 1964 Peace dollar (before the "D" mintmark was added) and for the 1964 Morgan dollar (which had been unknown up to now).  No 1964 Morgan dollars are known, but the hubs and master dies exist!
  • BEST FIND #2 - - A group of coins used for play by children was examined, and a 1703 Vigo Bay gold 5 guinea coin was found, and it was sold for over $348,000.
  • BEST FIND #3 - - A man in Australia found a gold nugget weighing nearly 9 pounds, valued at about $200,000.
  • BEST FIND #4 - - A family's lock box contained the finest known 1849 Mormon $20 gold, which graded MS-62 at PCGS.
  • BEST FIND #5 - - A man took a silver dollar he inherited to PCGS at the ANA convention, and it turned out to be an 1893-S Morgan dollar which graded AU-58.
  • BEST FIND #6 - - The second known 1796 JR-7 dime was discovered, and it graded VG-8 at NGC.
  • BEST FIND #7 - - A contemporary counterfeit 1894-O dollar was discovered.
  • GOLD AND SILVER UP THIS YEAR - - Gold closed at $1,152 (up 8% from 12/31/2015's close of $1,062) and silver closed at $15.96 (up 15% from 12/31/2015's close of $13.86).
  • MORE PROTECTION, BUT WILL IT WORK? - - FTC strengthens the Hobby Protection Act, with the new Collectible Coin Protection Act.  The Act covers sellers of imitation numismatic items, and those who assist or support the manufacturing, import or sale thereof.
  • NEW BOOK ON LIBERTY SEATED COINS - - The Official Red Book of Liberty Seated Silver Coins was issued.  Many of us in the Seated community provided information, including prices, for the book.
  • CONGRATULATIONS TO - - Charles Link, who completed the 453 coin die marriage set of Capped Bust Half Dollars.  There are only two complete collections, and Mr. Link's collection is all PCGS graded except for one coin. The average grade is MS-63!  An amazing accomplishment, which took 30 years.
  • CONGRATULATIONS TO - - John Kraljevich, awarded the ANA's Numismatist of the Year!  A very well-deserved honor for John.
  • IF YOU DO THE CRIME, BE PREPARED TO DO THE TIME - - Hannes Tulving Jr. sentenced to 30 months in prison and 3 years of supervised release, for defrauding customers of The Tulving Company Inc.
  • NEW GOLD COINS, SAME AS THE OLD SILVER COINS - - The Mint issued gold versions of the Mercury dime, Standing Liberty quarter, and Walking Liberty half, on the 100th anniversary of their inception.
  • QUARTER EAGLE BIG AT POGUE SALE #4 - - The 1815 half eagle, one of ten known, was MS-65 and brought $822,500.
  • HIGH BIDS BUT NO SALE - - The 1804 dollar (Class 1, PCGS PR-68) and the 1822 half eagle (one of 3 known, PCGS AU-50) in Pogue sale #4 drew high bids, but were not sold because they did not meet the reserves.
  • OH SO CLOSE AWARD #1 - - An 1894-S dime in PCGS PR-66 sold for $1,997,500.
  • OH SO CLOSE AWARD #2 - - A 1792 silver disme, one of 3 known, in NGC AU-50 sold for $998,750.
  • AND THE COMPANION PIECE - - A 1792 disme in copper, in PCGS SP-64, sold for $705,000.
  • TWO MORE 1792'S - - A 1792 silver center cent in PCGS SP-35 sold for $352,500, and a 1792 Birch cent in NGC MS-61 sold for $517,000.
  • BIG DOLLARS FOR A MODERN - - A 1964-D Kennedy half in MS-68 with nice toning sold for $22,325.
  • WHEN WILL IT EVER END - - The Langbords and the Government continued their lengthy ordeal in the case of the ten confiscated 1933 double eagles.  The full district court decided, in a 6 - 3 decision, in favor of the government, and awarded them the coins.  The Langbords are appealing to the Supreme Court of the U. S.  Basically, the court concluded that the CAFRA law that governs seizures of assets, doesn't apply if the government seizes assets but doesn't call it a "forfeiture".  This ruling would basically eliminate the CAFRA law's protection for people who have assets seized by the government.
  • ANOTHER GOVERNMENT CONFISCATION - - The owners of the 1974-D aluminum cent turned it over to the Government rather than spend the next ten years and millions of dollars contesting the action in court.
  • BEST SALE (ALL COINS) - - The D. Brent Pogue Collection.  Parts 3 and 4 were completed in 2016, and included some amazing coins.  More to come in 2017.
  • BEST SALE (TONED COINS) - - Legend Auctions sells the Toned Morgan Dollar Northern Lights Collection.  The collection contains absolutely stunning toned dollars.
  • SURPRISE WINNER - - The Mint sold its complete mintage of 12,500 proof 2016-S and 2016-W American Liberty silver medals in 6 minutes.
  • VERY OLD COLLECTION AUCTIONED - - Heritage auctioned the Rev. Dr. James Gore King McClure collection, which was collected during the 1860's to the 1930's.  Very fine print was needed to print the "Rev. Dr. James Gore King McClure Collection" on the slabs.
  • GONE TOO SOON - - Bob Beiter, longtime Williamsport, PA dealer; Gary Carlson, Dana Point, CA dealer; Tom Cederlind, dealer of ancients; Gene Gardner, consummate collector who assembled one of the all-time greatest collections; Herbert Hicks, collector and expert on Ike dollars and Washington quarters; Ed Hipps, Sr., longtime dealer from Texas; Dan Holmes, collector who assembled the most complete collection of large cents; Phil Kaufman, collector who assembled a virtually complete collection of Liberty Seated proof coins; Stu Keen, collector and dealer in Bust halves; Chet Krause, founder of Numismatic News and former ANA governor; Ira Meltzer, Long Island dealer; Russ Stringham, expert on Kennedy halves and operated Resco consignment service; Walter Perschke, longtime owner of Brasher doubloon.
  • RESEARCH IS MUCH EASIER NOW - - The Newman Numismatic Portal opened in March 2016, and the amount of information it contains, plus the ease of searching it, has made it a very valuable resource for research.  Thank you to Eric Newman for making it possible, and Len Augsburger and many other people for making it happen.
  • RAREST COINS WE SOLD - - Two 1806 B-8 quarters (R6), three 1871-CC quarters, an 1870-CC quarter, an 1878-S half, and two 1873-CC Seated dollars, all of which were PCGS graded.  Plus an 1839 Reeded Edge half with small letters reverse (R7).
  • WILDEST TONED COINS WE SOLD - - We sold a fabulously toned 1887 quarter and a superbly toned 1814 half dollar.
    1887 quarter PCGS PR-64

    1814 half PCGS AU-58
  • BEST CREW TO WORK WITH - - My table assistants, Bill Bugert, Len Augsburger, and Dick Graham, as well as my Office Manager Karen.
  • BEST NEWS FROM RICH UHRICH U. S. RARE COINS INC. - - We had a very successful year in 2016.  We are expecting another good year in 2017.
  • WHEN I STARTED THIS BUSINESS - - I thought it would be a nice part-time career. It turned into full-time fairly quickly.  It has been ELEVEN years now, and each year has been more enjoyable and successful than the previous year.  A very large part of our success is due to our friendly and loyal customers who make this business fun every day.  Thank you very, very much!
I wish all of my customers and their families a happy, healthy and successful 2017!
Rich Uhrich

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