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Local history unites us and reminds us why our community is so special. Give the gift of local history discovery by donating to Poudre Landmarks Foundation today. Your donation will help us offer another year filled with history-focused activities! 
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Guests pose with TARDIS at Time Travelers Ball
Time Travelers Ball
2nd graders tour the Avery House as part of local-history curriculum
School Tours
June Tea on the Avery Lawn
Tea on the Avery Lawn
Water Works Big Splash
Water Works Big Splash
Avery House Century of Fashion Exhibit
Avery House Exhibits
Water Works Tours
Water Works Tours
Avery House Tours
Avery House Tours
Old-Fashioned 4th of July at the Avery House
Avery July 4th
Lectures bring local history info to all
The 32nd Annual Historic Homes Tour
Historic Homes Tour
Holiday teas in the Avery House parlors
Holiday Teas
Holiday Open House
Holiday Open House
Thank you to all who donated on Colorado Gives Day and throughout this year.
Your donations will help PLF continue its mission to preserve, restore, protect, and interpret the architectural and cultural heritage of the Fort Collins area and to provide educational programs and events focused on early life in Fort Collins. 
Thank you!
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Jennifer Beccard, Executive Director | Linda Harty, Communications Specialist
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