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In 2016, Second Chance celebrated 15 years of fulfilling its mission to Retrain, Reclaim & Renew!

From the outset I was interested interested in how these three oppportunities could reinforce each other to alleviate the mounting burden on our region's people, materials and environment. Back then, the concept of a thriving social enterprise was still novel. I was met with more than one pair of raised eyebrows. Skepticism faded as our triple-bottom-line successes materialized. I marvel at how the energy and support continuously grew and, coupled with hard work and dedication, has carried us through numerous challenges. I'm confident our direction is on course as we strive to fulfill and expand our mission in 2017.

I' ve often expressed that workforce development is the central mission of Second Chance. Through it, we have meaningfully improved the lives of our trainees, employees and their families, thereby enhancing communities all around us along with the natural environment. Our program participants continually receive professional training and life skills development to help them succeed vocationally and personally, with the ultimate goal of transitioning into even more rewarding careers. As part of that emphasis, we've recently created a "job developer" position and are encouraging embryo businesses that arise from our employees' entrepreneurial aspirations. Stay tuned for more on that.
Last year, we deconstructed more homes than our first several years combined. While the number of completed projects keeps rising, so does the amount of waste diverted from landfills, thus furthering our commitment to a healthy environment and reuse of materials. As we look to the future, we will continue to pursue projects like the deconstruction of the Philadelphia Civic Center that preserve our region's rich architectural history. Speaking of the "region," this year we will aggressively pursue what is involved in duplicating our model in other environments, such as Philadelphia and Detroit.

Our prime location at the Gateway to Baltimore on Russell Street enhances our aim to be a meaningful resource to our city and those who come to enjoy its many attractions. As a thoughtful community partner, our storm water management project, in collaboration with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the Parks and People Foundation, will improve the quality of storm water that drains from our seven-acre campus. Furthermore, we hope to welcome a solar project atop our 300,000 square foot roof that will power our operations while providing excess energy to benefit our low income neighbors.

My team and I appreciate all of the support we have received from individual donors, shoppers and homeowners, our community and nonprofit partners, civic organizations, state and local government agencies, and our many dedicated volunteers. You truly move is forward! With such a vast array of generous partners, can you imagine what might transpire in the next 15 years? Again, stay tuned....

Mark S. Foster

Founder & President

During 2016, Second Chance provided employment and training to 241 adults with multiple barriers to employment! These challenges included chronic unemployment, criminal records, poverty and/or educational deficits. We provided 12-week paid internships to 23 young adults, aged 18-24, in partnership with the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore. Four interns became full-time employees, with one even going on to complete our Deconstruction Training Program. For the 9th consecutive year, we participated in Baltimore City’s innovative YouthWorks summer jobs program. Almost 20 young men and women completed five weeks of vocational (plus financial literacy) training under our tutelage. 
People with barriers to employment earn a living wage in one of four functional areas: deconstruction, retail, transportation and warehousing. They receive classroom and on-the-job training in both vocational and life skills. This training and employment enables them to support themselves and their families, reduces the likelihood of recidivism, and provides an on-ramp to continued employment.  

Second Chance was thrilled to graduate our 11th Deconstruction Training Program class last October. Program participants were recruited through the Baltimore Mayor’s Office of Employment Development, which provides approximately 50% of the funding for the program. Most trainees received offers of full-time employment from Second Chance after completing the program, and we are committed to helping them further themselves in other rewarding careers beyond us.

The EPA estimates that more than 136 million tons of debris are generated each year by construction and demolition. Through our aggressive deconstruction and recycling efforts, we seek to divert as much of those materials as possible from the waste stream, especially since much of it is well-suited for a second chance. Once again, in 2016 we reaped a sizeable reward for our record-setting green initiatives, some of which is highlighted here. 

Second Chance carefully deconstructs structures so that the maximum amount of materials are available to be reused, recycled and repurposed instead of joining the waste accumulated in our burgeoning landfills. These salvaged materials join other donated items in our 200,000 square foot retail center, where they find a "second chance" through sale to the community at discounted rates.


We humbly recognize that our mission to retrain, reclaim and renew does not advance by our efforts alone. Neither the year behind or the one ahead would be nearly as remarkable without the contributions of many extraordinary partners in the community. We pause to acknowledge that our work is greatly expanded by the generous support and commitment of volunteers, fellow nonprofits, corporations, foundations and the local government. Thank you!


"It takes money to change the world," so says our Executive Director, Mark Foster. That's why we are profoundly grateful to the 250+ individuals who supported our workforce development programs with financial donations during 2016, along with the generous support of the outstanding organizations in the brief video above.

Few people would imagine just how many partnerships Second Chance benefits from. These fine organizations provide specialized, mutual support in ways the public rarely sees. That's why we've compiled a list of partners who deserve to be recognized for standing with us to give people, materials and the environment a second chance. 
Under Armor Volunteer Group

An amazing 1.071 volunteers invested 4,979 hours at second chance last year! These new records were bolstered by:

Top Volunteer Groups

  • Under Armour - 205 people; 482 hours
  • Volunteering Untapped - 122 people; 516 hours
  • AmeriCorps - 117 people; 920 hours
  • Johns Hopkins - 166 people; 495 hours  

Top Individual Volunteers

  • Bill Goodhand - 571 hours
  • Elizabeth McCoy - 156 hours

Here is a list of all of the fine organizations who provided us volunteers in 2016. Click here to get information on volunteering yourself.


We are committed to be a resource to fellow nonprofits whenever possible. For instance, last year we counted it a privilege to offer physical space to these nonprofits to raise awareness of their efforts and fund raise for their organizations:

  • Historic Preservation Society of Maryland
  • Baltimore Station
  • BARCS (Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter)
  • Hampden Family Center
  • Benevolent Baskets

Click here to inquire about the two unique facility spaces we offer.

Click here to securely provide a tax-deductible gift via credit card, bank account or PayPal. Click here to contribute cash, stocks, vehicles, etc. and here to donate resellable items in support of our mission.
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