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2016 June Newsletter

June 2016

Taking a moment to give God glory for all that He has done so far this year. 

We have done 81 formal sozo sessions since January 1.  This has been a great opportunity to help people hear God's voice and get connected with God better.  We are affecting our city.
As part of that we have also been able to continue moving forward in training and now have 5 qualified facilitators operating within the ministry, leaving me the ability to travel and keep the ministry open.  While I was in Kenya recently the team did 3 sessions!  This is a great leap forward for us. We have been launched into a new season.
Along with that we have launched an Intercession Team lead by Linda Palmer.  If you are interested in praying for the ministry with our prophetic intercessors please contact us.  

Since becoming a 501C3 Ministry we have also added the ability to receive donations from anyone who buys from Amazon through the Amazon Smile Program click on the link to sign up with us as your preferred charity.  

We have almost completed our third sozo mentoring class and will be welcoming new team members next month.  In July our fourth sozo mentoring class will begin.
Sozo Mentoring will also be offered to those who may not want to be on our team but still want to learn sozo.   Contact me with any questions. 

  We are planning to begin an advanced mentoring class in the fall. Contact me if you are interested.    

We now have all our NEWSLETTERS archived on our website if you have missed any 

Upcoming Events
Children's Sozo Training
We will be hosting a Children's Sozo training taught by New England Regional Director Lauralynn Westwood and Pastor Bob Hayes.This training will be open to all those who work with children, Basic Sozo Training is not a prerequisite.  It will be a one day training.  So invite your children's leaders, Sunday school teachers, and those who work with children.  
Date:June 25, 2016  
Location: The New Life Covenant Church Ministry Complex at 2301 N Hoover Rd, Wichita, KS 67205.  
Fee is $60
Please forward this newsletter to anyone you know who might be interested in Children's Sozo Training.


Art Sozo Report 
We had 26 people participate in our Art Sozo Sessions last month.  Check our facebook event for all the testimonies we recieved.  We may be offering this again soon!
I am finding out that God talks to each of us so individually.  And when he talks it is always amazing.   
4-life Transforming Prayer Ministry

Go Slow, Be God Struck, Grant Grace and Live Truth.