A New Door of Experience Awaits You

You have an opportunity to recreate the dream...what do you dare imagine your life to be like?

Let yourself go crazy with exploring the highest possibilities.

Now go create it, you magickal soul!

2016 Reflections

Happy new year everyone! 

I've put together a little video with a short message from myself and the bunnies to set the tone for 2016. So while this month's newsletter may be a long one, the video is short and sweet.

You can view that here:

Happy 2016 ~ A Message From Tania Marie & The Bunnies
Happy 2016 ~ A Message From Tania Marie & The Bunnies

It's amazing how full and light, but simultaneously at times weighed down 2015 felt, and yet it sped by and things were manifesting left and right, right about summer time.

Now, we're already nearly a week into 2016 and while some closure to things still is finalizing its full circle cycle - as January feels to be a busy month for everyone to get everything in place for the year ahead - I can already sense the freeing energy the year holds and even more things falling off my shoulders.

If you haven't already, this is an opportune time to reflect, review, and release things, setting the tone for the fresh newness you desire, and establishing commitments to yourself to actively engaging and creating more of what you want.

This will also be some of the continuing collective theme, as shared in my video for the year.

2016, in a generalized way (as we each have individual energies within the collective we are working with), will be helpful with tying up loose ends, hunkering down into the foundation of what you're creating with deeper roots, and retrieving the core parts of your truth, but in a way that supports you being able to truly walk away with the wisdom attained and in a much more embodied flow of being who you really are.

Let go and let be.

"The antidote to exhaustion is not necessarily rest. The antidote to exhaustion is whole heartedness." ~Brother David Steindl-Rast

The reason we get tired and have low energy has in large part to do with not living as fully as we have available to us to be experiencing.

And some of that involves not being willing to put to rest our old ways of doing things when we know what would benefit us the most.

It takes courage I know.

But more so, a commitment to yourself, while releasing the idea of selfishness and guilt around that. 

You're simply expressing your essence and that is the greatest gift you can offer because that comes from the heart and will always be of service to others when it is allowed to be in its authentic and pure expression.

My hope for others this year is that you will truly take those courageous steps into being more of who you are.

I wholeheartedly believe that you are ready to shine. That life is awaiting your inhale. 

Make 2016 the year you say "yes" to you in all ways, and do what ever it takes to get you on the momentum forward in bigger and more active ways than ever.

For some it will be small steps and for others leaps and bounds. 

It's all equally of value, so don't compare yourself to where others are on the journey. Just have gratitude for how far you have come, as I know each of you don't recognize the magnitude of changes you've made since you're likely focused only on some idealized outcome.

Hold your intents, but allow room for flexibility and curiosity when multiple potentials present themselves. 

There may just be an opportunity worth investing yourself into with rewards far greater than you've allowed yourself to imagine.

Dig deep into the Cosmos within yourself and allow the stardust of your beingness to shine forth and from your heart.

If I in any way can assist this journey for you, I'd be honored to do so. 

Seeing you in your power and passion is everything to me.

That's why I will always do my best to embody the same in my own experience, as then we meet in that pool of pure reflection to see our potentials within each other.

My 2015 Recap:

When I look back at last year it's amazing how much took place and how different my life is now. 

Have you taken the time to review all that you accomplished, experienced, and shifted in 2015? If not, here's an opportunity to do so along with me.

Things I experienced:

  • A lot of travels, both personal and service related - Big Bear, Iceland, Peru, Indiana, Grand Canyon, Sedona, British Columbia, Vegas, Sequoia National Park...
  • Hosted retreats & sacred journeys
  • Co-created more sacred tattoo designs than ever
  • Supported a lot of new Reiki Master Teachers & practitioners into their path
  • Brought the magickal world of crystals into more people's experience
  • Partnered with amazing souls to help them make those big life shifts through spiritually guided coaching sessions
  • Saw my dream manifest to move out of our home and into our house on wheels, as we created miracles from nothing in sight
  • Sold my car in one day to the first person that saw it for $11,111
  • Sold Dave's car to the first person that saw it on 12/31/15 - last day of the year
  • Deepened friendships, made new soulmate friends, said goodbye to my most cherished crystal friends, simplified, sold and gave away most of my possessions, and let go of things and people that no longer served or aligned with my new journey
  • Continued to peel away layers of myself, got raw and brutally honest, committed more deeply to me, shed tears of joy and tears of healthy release, felt soul exhausted and frustrated, had to learn the greatest patience yet, experienced more freedom than ever, explored possibilities, harnessed more of my gifts, streamlined my focuses, and created the strongest boundaries I've experienced yet to serve the highest good of all
  • Experienced the transition of friends and people that were close to me
  • Received an invitation to the beyond , which I weighed heavily
  • Then received reinvigoration gifts to support me in choosing an extension to that 
  • Welcomed Cosmo into my heart and our home and devoted myself and time to our animal companions
  • Became ever more present and bold
  • Finally took a 3 month sabbatical and devoted myself to what I needed only and promised to continue with that
  • Took leaps of faith because I knew my well being relied upon this
  • Committed seriously to the creations wanting to channel through me
  • Wrote 85% of the first draft of my book and connected with my heart's passions
  • Made tough decisions and haven't looked back
  • Invested financially in things that my heart has always wanted, knowing that I am worth it and my time is now

Your 2016 Potentials

And guess what?

Your time is now too.

To live more boldly in the knowing and emanating of who you are.

Any moment can be yours for the embracing.

Is there any reason to wait?

And if you have an immediate, reactive, or apologetic answer to that last question, please explore how true that reason is other than your acceptance of it. 

How seriously do you REALLY want what you say you do?

There's something to be said for alignment and timing, however you need to take the steps in order for elements to align and meet you.

You can't meet that person unless you step out of your comfort zone or go to that class or event you've been wanting to attend.

You can't start the business you've dreamed of if you aren't investing yourself in cultivating it.

You can't make more money or take that trip if you don't shift your beliefs around things and start embodying abundance through your feelings and actions.

You can't create more peace in your life if you're unwilling to do what it takes to experience and cultivate peace within your own heart.

This is an internal year, which doesn't mean you'll be in your house or hidden off in a hole somewhere until the year ends (although you can if you choose to). 

It just means that the important stuff that will be percolating and processing will be happening within your inner landscape.

Just as I was very busy and actually traveled a lot in 2015 - my #9, internal and hermit year, but still was SO within my own personal world and experience. I just dipped in and out and everything I did came from a much deeper place within myself, I sat back more to support others to have their space and shine more, and I cherished, needed, and still do, that "me" time.

It helps us to recharge. It helps us to quiet ourselves and hear the voice within.

It also helps us to BE the peace and discover how we can carry that peace with us no matter what situation or chaotic experience we are in.

That was key for me and continues to be most valuable in my process, is knowing and experiencing that nothing can unhinge my centeredness in peace unless I allow it to.

And so can you create that same peaceful dominion within you.

I know that I intend not to sit back this year and let the moment pass me by.

I am committed to supporting my deepest passions and I'm finding that the more I commit to them, the more support keeps showing up and creating the ability in all ways to do this...many of those ways none I would have thought, but as always I never limit the ways that are possible.

In fact I engage my imagination to explore and invite any and all potentials with flexibility and curiosity.

And if you are able to commit yourself to exploring and imagining the outlandish, you will have greater potential of drawing it to you and creating it because you'll match its vibration, rather than being off-radar from it.


Below you'll find this month's announcements including:
  • Announcement of where we're headed next and when
  • The first big give away for 2016
  • How you can experience an intimate immersive retreat or workshop while I'm traveling
  • My new 2016 sacred tattoo design rate
  • Inspirational videos you can subscribe to
Rather than make resolutions for the year, why not make life commitments to simply just being you, stripped of layers, a little more each day.

May all possibilities be open to you.

In love and creative magick,

Tania Marie

Where We're Headed & When

Just as intended, we will be leaving Newport Beach, Orange County this Sunday, January 10th - aligning synchronously with the New Moon.

We are headed that day to Malibu Beach in Los Angeles where we'll be staying for the week in our new landing spot that overlooks the Pacific Ocean, and then embarking north on Sunday, January 17th.

So, any of you in the LA area, I'll be around there between the 10th and the 16th.

We then will be making our way up to Auburn, beginning the 17th. We are unclear as to if and where we might stop along the way to get there, but when we land we will be between Sacramento and Reno/Tahoe through at least February 12th, it's looking like, as we have a family ski trip week planned in the Tahoe area.

So we'll explore the Bay Area and be in and around Reno and Tahoe for a while, which will be great to visit my family and have them meet Cosmo for the first time.

If you're in any of these areas and would like to schedule a workshop, or feel drawn to the area to enjoy a private immersive retreat with me while there, please message me ahead of time to schedule.

To my friends in these areas, if you want to meet up, please also let me know ahead of time so that we can see what is possible.

To my friends and clients in Orange County, I apologize for not having the time or ability to catch up with everyone or to schedule workshops for you all. 

We will be coming back through the LA area on our way south around mid February or so, so perhaps we can connect then.

It's just been an extremely full time and I've also needed time for all that I'm creating too.

Thank you for your understanding and know that no matter where I am, the heart bridges all distance. I carry you with me and will love to hear from you and continue keeping in touch regardless of where I am.

Big 2016 Give Away

This give away is inspired by all of my amazing clients, as my way of rewarding and honoring the commitments and courageous shifts you have all made, while also supporting you with manifesting your dreams, helping with those leaps in life, and getting you more aligned with your essence.

This give away is available to all of my clients who HAVE or who WILL be working with me on a Five Week Intensive of Intuitive Energy Guidance Sessions.

That's right, if you already have worked with me on this, you're automatically in on the give away.

And for those of you who do commit to scheduling a Five Week Intensive with me between now and June 1st, 2016, you will automatically be entered to receive this gift from my heart to yours.

So what's the gift?

The recipient will receive a free 3 Day Private Immersive Retreat with me in your choice of destination I am in - worth $1999 plus who knows what other gifties I might add. I'm known to be a bit of a Faery Godmother with surprise gifts.

Everything is included in this retreat except your travel to me or if you decide other than camping out with us.

That's all of your daily meals and anything you decide from the list at the link below, or that we co-create together - but basically my full attention, support, and care for 3 full days and camping out immersed in nature while experiencing it all.

Here is the link for details:

The only thing I ask from those of you who are automatically entered by choosing to commit to your personal empowerment, is that you either send me a quick 3 - 5 minute video (which I would prefer but understand not everyone has tech abilities) of why this would mean the world to you and how you think it would support your path, or you can share your thoughts in an email.

I will then review and intuitively choose from all of the messages received, announcing the recipient on June 1st, 2016.

If you're interested in this, it basically is a commitment to yourself and the links are all above as to how. If you haven't already worked with me to help shift your life, you can start doing so now.

The 3 Day Private Immersive Retreat will deepen your embodiment, as well as be a way to receive extra nurturing and cultivation of your wholeness.
Join Me On A Private Immersive Retreat Or Request A Workshop

As mentioned in my previous newsletter, you will be able to book a private immersive retreat or workshop where ever I am stationed in the RV at any given time, as long as I have the availability.

This could be when I'm passing through your area, or could be that your drawn to the area I am visiting and would like to explore and immerse in that energy with me.

You simply need to let me know ahead of time and we'll work to make it happen.

You can contact me here to inquire and put in requests: Contact Tania Marie

Remember that I am able to provide distant Reiki certification training if desired via email, phone, Skype, and videos, but being that I'm traveling, this should make it easier to attend or schedule something in person.
New 2016 Sacred Tattoo Design Rate

Because of the increased amount of work involved with these designs that begins the moment someone commissions me and continues as a thorough exploration through the extensive life journeys I read from each person where I then help people to bring to life the most optimally integrated symbolism for empowerment, I've been guided that my rate had to increase in reflection to my personal investment on all levels.

I've been sharing that this would happen come the first of the new year and it is now in effect.

I understand this may affect some people's ability to work with me, however I believe the people meant to will, and being that I can't possibly take on all of the inquiries I continue to receive on this, it helps me to be able to balance and focus my time on other areas of my work needing my attention now too.

I am currently booked until March, but if you decide you'd like to embark on this journey with me to co-create your most beautiful reflection of you, as an embodiment of "spiritual skin" you can find all of the necessary information to understand the process, along with new rate and how to place your deposit to get on my waiting list, here:

Subscribe To My YouTube Channel

As mentioned, I will continue to organically share in a more personally connective way through videos to include inspirational messages, support and guidance, as well as fun shares that channel through along my journeys.

It's a way to connect even more with each of you I may never meet, or haven't yet met in person, while providing you more glimpses into my life and who I am beyond just my written words.

You'll come to see that my process of sharing is a natural, flowing, simplistic, and organic one. 

I have done away with structure, preparation, and perfectionism....I simply want to be present and allow what ever wants through to come as is meant to be. 

So my videos are not retaken and edited (unless the camera shuts off and I have to merge two videos into one that are consecutive), nor are they pre-planned, other than knowing a theme. They are first time recordings shared in the moment.

I plan to keep it that way, as it's what I feel is most important....being real, being in my heart, being natural, and being human.

If you'd like to subscribe to my YouTube Video Channel, you can do so here:

Tania Marie
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