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The Conferences Guide Issue
NWABR Conferences
Conference planning is in full swing for 2016. NWABR is committed to providing conferences and other educational opportunities for its members and for the broader biomedical research community. These conferences are designed by planning committees comprised of member volunteers.  Based on their unique knowledge of relevant, emergent issues they set the themes, major topics and help to identify speakers and panelists.  Read on to learn more and register for the full complement of conferences slated for 2016.  See you soon!
Institutional Biosafety Committee Conference

Bench to Bedside is the theme of NWABR's first standalone IBC Conference taking place January 15th at the University of Washington in Seattle.  The role and complexity of the work of Institutional Biosafety Committees has markedly increased over the last few years. This conference aims to...
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Practical Implications for IACUCs in a rapidly changing world: Lessons Learned.  Institutional
Animal Care and Use Committee Conference

Each spring, NWABR hosts a Regional IACUC Conference to serve the needs of its local constituents. The 2016 NWABR Regional IACUC Conference in Bellevue, WA, includes experiences, real-world cases, panels and more ways to learn and engage between March 30 & 31, as well as additional opportunities in conjunction with PRIM&R on April 1 & 2. See the detailed agenda here.  Don't miss this epic conference pairing!   Learn more and register 
Institutional Review Board Conference 
On July 21, 2016 NWABR will co-present its annual IRB conference with Quorum Review IRB.  Ethics and Regulation in the Digital Age will address how digital and emerging technologies impact all aspects of the work of researchers and IRBs, and in particular can conflict with ethics and regulations. This summer, join thought leaders from across the country for a day of education and networking that will challenge how we think about digital technology in the context of clinical research.
Security and Crisis Communications Conference

Our third annual Security and Crisis Communications Conference will take place September 13, 2016.  Please reach Ken Gordon at executivedirector@nwabr.org if you are interested in serving on the planning team for this conference.  To understand overall goals of this meeting, please visit our website
Need for Bioexpo Mentors!                                          

We have had a great student response this year with over 400 signed up and 267 requesting a mentor.
We are working hard to recruit additional mentors, since we currently can only meet the mentor requests of 1/3 of the students. We have made improvements for the mentoring process for 2016. For example, student mentoring can take place through a variety of ways: email, phone, Skype or in person meetings. If you are interested in mentoring a high school student this year from December through April, please complete this survey to sign up. For more information about the 2016 Bioexpo, click here.
Invitation for Financial Gift to NWABR

A public community that trusts the process of biomedical research and its ethical conduct is one in which relevant, urgent and lifesaving research can occur.   While NWABR does not conduct research, we lay the groundwork so our members can perform their work in a supportive community that values research.

This campaign to create a Speak Up For Research Education Fund is about protecting the support and trust in biomedical research and ensuring that this work can continue robustly into the future.
Jen Wroblewski | NWABR | (206) 957-3337 |  engagement@nwabr.org | nwabr.org