2016 Ohtli Award Ceremony
Awardee: Dr. Denise M. Trauth, President of Texas State University

The Consul General of Mexico in Austin, Carlos González Gutiérrez, bestowed the Ohtli Award to Dr. Denise M. Trauth, President of the Texas State University, during a ceremony in Austin, Texas.
The Ohtli is the highest recognition granted by the Government of Mexico to people abroad: "every year, the Ohtli Award ceremony is an opportunity to recognize an outstanding individual in central Texas whose life and work has contributed to the improvement and well-being of Mexicans abroad", said the Consul General. Regarding this year awardee, the Consul General continued saying that "President Trauth deserves a lot of credit for what Texas State University is today: a place where students of all origins can graduate on time after four years of intense, high quality and affordable education".
Dr. Trauth was introduced by James Taylor, Chairman of the Board of the Texas State University Foundation, who addressed her trajectory and achievements of the past years: "In 2002, she was named President of Texas States University - the first female to hold the office. In her almost fifteen years leading the University, Dr. Trauth has worked tirelessly to promote higher education as a pathway to achievement and success for our state's substantial and growing Hispanic population".
The work of Dr. Trauth is the best example of a strong advocacy for bringing greater diversity and inclusion to the Texas State University. Alone in 2016, its Latino population reached 34.7%, the highest it has ever been. The continuous increase in the Latino presence is directly link with the fact that the University, since 2011, was recognized as a Federal Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI).
Finally, Dr. Trauth addressed to the guests and received the award: "It is an honor indeed to receive the Ohtli Award, the award whose name translates as pathway. And to accept it on behalf of Texas State University - a school that has forthrightly laid out a pathway for Latino students to gain a college education".
For more information related to the 2016 Ohtli Award Ceremony, please click the following link: https://consulmex2.sre.gob.mx/austin/