2016 Partners for Progress
Residential Options of Florida (ROOF) and the Florida chapter of the Association of People Supporting EmploymentFirst (APSE) are excited for the 2016 Partners for Progress Conference!
Let Us Know: 
Do You Have Dietary Restrictions?

We are committed to accommodating all attendees to the best of our ability. As we approach our conference, we are requesting that all attendees with a dietary restriction please contact conference staff to ensure attendees are appropriately accommodated. 



Dietary restrictions include:

  • Religious restrictions
  • Food allergies
  • Vegetarianism/veganism
We ask that you contact us to request dietary and any other accommodations for the conference.

Please email info@flroof.org or call (239) 774-ROOF(7663)
Residential Options of Florida | 239-774-ROOF (7663) 
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