Dear Friends,

Wow! What a wonderful and busy season it was this year at the ranch. Thank you to all of our loyal guests who have embraced our new business model and have been willing to adapt with us. It has really taken off, and guests seem to enjoy the flexibility in the options. We have grown the list of recommended culinary options offered to groups renting the lodge or cabin and have received quite a bit of positive feedback in that area. We continue to highly manage the fishery so as to offer an incredible fly fishing experience with a wide variety of activities for guests staying at the ranch. We hope you will enjoy some of these incredible fish pictures shared by our guests.

If it has been a year or two since you have visited the ranch, we would like to encourage you to gather a group of 6 or more and come back and stay with us in the Lodge. If you can't gather a group of that size, you may now rent out the Owner's Cabin, which is between the main lodge and the front gate. We are anticipating a very busy 2017 season. The lodge is already full from Memorial Day through July 9th, but we still have a number of openings in May, July, August and September.

We had a great staff this year, and our biggest news is the addition of our new Assistant Ranch Managers, Harry and Katie. They come to us from a ranch in Wyoming and are originally from Michigan. They started at the ranch in late April, so if you visited Cow Creek this year, you surely met them. They will be staying on at the ranch year round. If you have not yet met them, please help us in giving them a warm welcome. We are so pleased to have them on board, and you will be seeing a lot of them in the future.

Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

 See you in 2017,
Lanier and Mike Hartnagle
Ranch Managers

Cow Creek Crew 2016

Ranch Video

This year we had the privilege of working with professional videographer and fishing guide, Gregg Flores, to create an informational and promotional video about the ranch with some great aerial footage. Check it out here and pass it along to friends!

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Harry and Katie
Assistant Ranch Managers
Message from Harry and Katie

We are so glad to be part of the Cow Creek Ranch family. It was wonderful to meet so many of you this summer season, and we look forward to meeting even more new friends in 2017. We appreciate being so warmly welcomed by all the guests and have enjoyed learning a new business. Most people have asked us how we will handle the winter here, but being that we are both from Michigan and have handled Northern Wyoming winters, I am sure we will make it through and see you all in the spring!
Cow Creek Honey Bees

The honey bee hives on the ranch have been doing well, and we look forward to them growing! The bees help to pollinate all of the beautiful flowers around the ranch. At this time the bees produce just enough honey for themselves with a little to spare, and we are happy to help keep them alive. In the winter, the bees create a ball around the queen to keep her warm. That ball of bees will be 98 degrees in the center throughout the entire winter. Bees from the outside of the ball will trade places with bees toward the center so every bee has a chance to get warm. The bees keep this rotation up until it is warm enough outside to keep the hive alive. In recent years bees have been dying off in the United States at an alarming rate. We are glad that the ranch can play a small role in helping to keep the bee population up. So next year, when you see a honey bee, please don't kill it!

Experience Cow Creek in 2017

 Lodge Rental: May 1st - October 15th
Rent out the entire lodge exclusively for your group of 6 - 25 people. Rental includes fly fishing and access to ranch activities.

 Owner's Cabin: Available year round
Rent out the cabin for 1-7 people, and book day access to fish the ranch waters.

Guided Day Trips: March 15th - November 15th
Book a guided day trip on the water with one of our experienced guides or through one of our local guide services.

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