The GSP Rescue of NJ "Class of 2016" ranged from 8 weeks to 12 years old. People often ask us: "How can people give up their dog after so many years?" There are occasional cases of irresponsibility or carelessness, but more often, life circumstances such as illness, divorce or change in living or work situations force people to make the difficult decision. Having a trusted rescue makes it a little easier for them, prevents another animal from being put in a shelter and ensures the dog is placed with the right family who can meet the needs of the breed.  

Speaking of which, that's the other question most asked: "Why does this breed need a rescue?" GSPs are typically given up or found as strays because people did not understand the characteristics, instincts and activity requirements before getting the dog. Public awareness and education is another huge part of our mission. 

Just as each dog is different, so is their monetary cost to rescue. All dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered before being adopted, so there are always expenses associated with rescuing a dog - and that's just your average dog. Others have health issues or their regular vetting was neglected. 

For example, in 2016, we took in Lady, an 11 year old with a heart murmur that had been ignored. She required a cardiac ultrasound to determine treatment prior to adoption. Four-year-old Cinnamon had been lacking annual vet care since 2013, and 5.5-year-old Gabbi had no routine vaccinations and was suffering from a raging ear infection. Just one dog can quickly drain our funds.

Please Donate
To raise money and ensure we are ready for any rescue situation, we exhibit at public events and hold annual fundraisers like our Beefsteak Dinner, but also depend on you...our fellow GSP and dog lovers for support. Please put GSP Rescue of NJ on your year-end contribution list, and donate to our annual campaign. Your donation is tax deductible and goes directly to the care and shelter of the GSPs we save.

Gift for You
If you contribute $100 or more, please choose a thank-you gift from us: a "Doohickey" (a stainless steel, 4-in-1 multi-tool for you and your dog; clips into any loop; features a nail file, a tick remover, a burr comb, and a bottle opener) or a Lucky Buck antler (product of the U.S.; a healthy, long-lasting chew; no splintering, no odor, no residue, no chemicals; naturally shed - no deer were killed in the collection of these antlers)  or a black, short-sleeved, GSP Rescue of NJ t-shirt.

Lucky Buck antler
GSP Rescue T-shirt Black

Just   click here to download the form and return with your donation. Checks can be mailed to: PO Box 131, Oak Ridge, NJ 07438.

For electronic payment, you can easily donate via PayPal.
  • Login to your own account and choose "Pay or send money."
  • Then choose "send money to friends or family."
  • Enter (*NOTE this is not our regular communications email, but one we use for donations.)
  • Type in the amount.
  • Add a note that says: 2016 year-end donation. Make sure to also Indicate your gift preference (if applicable), and provide your mailing address.
THANK YOU for your support now and always. Happiest of Holidays to you and yours!



See some of the graduates of the GSP Rescue of NJ "Class of 2016" by clicking on the image below for full size.