2016 Third Quarter Newsletter Edition

Our Mission

The Richardson Center for Global Engagement promotes global peace and dialogue by identifying and working on areas of opportunity for engagement and citizen diplomacy with countries and communities not usually open to more formal diplomatic channels.

Richardson Center Trains new MPs in Myanmar

After the exciting and peaceful elections in November 2015, the Richardson Center has focused primarily on four projects in Myanmar.
Harambe: A Rallying Call
Once a year, it seems, a public uproar mounts over the loss of another wildlife icon. Last July we lost Cecil the Lion, a popular Zimbabwe park attraction, that was lured off his reservation and shot by a Wisconsin dentist. May 28th, a prized 17 year-old silverback gorilla, Harambe, was shot by Cincinnati Zoo keepers after a young child tumbled into his enclosure.  
American mom imprisoned in Africa sparks ‘#FreeFanta’ effort
Last April an American mother of two was plucked off the street while hailing a taxi to return home after visiting the bank. She was beaten and subsequently thrown into prison.  
Opening Doors in Cuba   
The Richardson Center teamed up to host an exchange to Cuba for a bi-partisan delegation.
Commentary: Closing Chimpanzee Colony Just the first step

Retiring the 50 last remaining test chimpanzees, many of which are former colony mates of Flo, marks the end of a hard-fought campaign I helped launch five years ago as governor of New Mexico to permanently retire these animals so they could live out the remainder of their lives in peace.
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