2016 Spring Newsletter

     The Lord continues to allow us to spread His Gospel in Matamoros. All this is only possible through your prayers and support. We want to give you an update. THANK YOU!

          One Mission Ministries
             The Barberi Family
Gloria de Dios Church
      Last year we began a house church in a small apartment, but after many prayers and support from you, the Lord has provided a permanent place. We still have a long way to go, but we are getting closer to finish this church building. Please keep praying for God's provision.


New Urban Church
     On April 27th, 2016 we had our very first service, and over eighty teenagers and young adults came! Many are ex "sicarios" (hired guns), ex convicts, and ex drug cartel members, so they are having a difficult time finding jobs. Our desire is to help them spiritually, and physically. Thus, we are opening a soup kitchen, a food bank, and a training facility to help them out. We are renting this building, and we need some extra help, would you please help us pray for God's provision?

        The most famous rap singer in Matamoros got saved and he is now coming to our church. He used to write song for several drug cartels in Mexico, but he is now singing for Christ!
Conference at Our Bible Institute

      Dr. John Neesley pastor at Lazybrook Baptist Church and seminary professor came again to teach at Instituto Bibico Bautista Sola Scriptura. He held a conference for three days named "The Glory of Heaven." Dr. Neesley has been coming to teach at our Bible institute since 2010. As always, he was a great blessing and encourager.
Christmas Outreach Event
     Christmas is a great opportunity to reach out to children and their parents, so every year all of our churches throw a big Christmas party. Thanks to your generous donations we are able to provide Christmas stockings, toys, and a wonderful Christmas meal! This year we were able to reach out with the real story of Christmas to more than nine hundreds kids, including their parents. Many of them heard the Gospel for the first time, and are now going to church!

Children City-Wide Outreach
      Thanks to your prayers and support on January 6th we were able to hold this event at Matamoros' biggest outdoors park. Over four hundred children came! They received a toy and heard the Gospel through " Bombin the Clown," a Christian clown who came all the way from Dallas, Texas. Many Gospel seeds were planted, and many decisions to follow Christ were made.

Married Couples Conference
     These conferences are aimed to teach biblical principles to help strengthen married couples. Besides the conference they get to play some fun games, receive prices, and eat a wonderful meal. Thanks to your generous support we are able to do this events free of charge to them.

New Church Plant in Valle Hermoso City
      The mission that the Lord gave us was to take His Gospel to Mexico. We started in Matamoros, but thanks to your prayers and support our next church plant will be in Valle Hermoso, a city south of Matamoros. This city was known as one of the most dangerous cities in Mexico due to cartel activity. The future pastor and his wife are now been trained at our Bible institute, please keep them in your prayers, their names are Guillermo and Lily Molina.

Citywide Youth Outreach Events

      It is through these events that the Lord has allowed us to reach out to Matamoros' youth and young adults, and even start an Urban church. We have heard comment after comment of how these events have touched many hearts with the Gospel. This year we have planned to continue doing them. Please pray for a great harvest, and provision.

        On March 26th and 27th we had two events at a park, and over six hundred people attended. They all heard the Gospel through Hip Hop music, dramas and a Gospel presentation. Since we now have an urban church, we can directly invite them to a church that fits their needs.

Our Next Youth Outreach Event will be of April 16th, 2016

     Please keep us in your prayers for this future event, because at this area the drug cartel's presence is heavy. Pray for hearts ready to receive the Gospel, and pray for boldness.
Pastor Ordination
     Brother Armando and his wife started two years ago a house church in their living room. Eventually it grew, and they realized that they needed to be trained. They enrolled in our bible institute, and the rest is history. On February 16th we held his ordination council, and on March 20th we had his ordination ceremony at the church he will pastor, "Gloria de Dios Church." Please keep him and his wife Blanca in your prayers.

Prayer Requests and Thanksgiving
Missions Medical Clinic: On April 29th - 30th a medical team led by Dr. Mike Leath will be coming down to Matamoros to work alongside us. Our goal is to reach out spiritually and physically to the community of Matamoros. Free medical consultation, medication, and eyegl asses will be provided. The team will include members of Lazybrook Baptist Church and First Baptist Sanger . P ray for provision, and opportunities to share the Gospel.

: All of our churches in Matamoros will have vacation bible school during July 25th - 29th. Thanks to the good Lord, your prayers, and support we have all the material ready! Our goal is to reach out to one thousand children with the Gospel! Please pray for wisdom, volunteers, good weather, and hearts ready to receive Jesus.

Pastors and their families: Please pray for their safety, health, strength, and financial situation. Pray for their children's protection and education.
Churches in Matamoros: Through brother Paul Bellington's ministry and our ministry we now have thirteen churches.  Many of these churches are located in poor communities affected by the drug cartels, so please pray for protection, and spiritual and physical growth.
  Barberi Family: The children: Melissa got her GED, driver's license, and a job! Michael's condition is getting much better. Abraham Jr. and Yasmin are doing great in school, and at home. Patty and I are doing great. Thank you for your prayers! God is good!
                                                    THANK YOU!

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