January/February 2016

Patti Stern, Principal, PJ & Company 
Staging and Interior Decorating

The New Year is off to a great start for our company. Katie, Connie, Pam and I just completed two days of an interior decorating installation for two gorgeous new model homes in North Haven, CT. The new community, Pierpont Hills , will have its Grand Opening this month offering 149 new single family attached and detached homes for all ages. Each model features a different design - the two bedroom Bradley model reflects a modern elegant decor with a classic white kitchen, dark hardwood floors and a romantic grey bedroom with touches of cream and coral. The Dayton model features an open concept first floor and a casual contemporary style. Our design team incorporated blue hues along with accents of soft orange, grey, animal prints, glass, chrome and weathered wood to create an inviting and modern space. We will share photos as soon as Pierpont Hills officially opens the new models in a few weeks!   

While this has been a major project for the past three months, we continue to help homeowners ready their properties for sale. As you will read in the article below, winter months provide a great opportunity for sellers to take advantage of low inventory and minimal competition. Thanks to our realtor friend, Dorothy Karska-Piech, Calcagni, for her thoughts on this topic. We staged a beautiful contemporary colonial for her client in Cheshire in early December. See the before/after photo of one of the rooms in the first article below.

Finally, the New Year often brings resolutions galore. Organization is on the top of my list - and I'm sure yours -- from office spaces to master bedrooms, there's always a need to combat clutter.  January is a great month to shop for supplies to help you get organized.
We wish you all a Happy and Health New Year filled with great home decor projects.



The start of another year represents a new beginning and a fresh start. It also represents the kick-off to the early spring selling season -- the ideal time to get a head start for preparing your home for sale before the market gets saturated in April and May.

"The spring market is starting earlier and earlier every year," says  realtor Dorothy Karska-Piech, Calcagni, Cheshire. "We are already seeing the first signs of the market awakening with relocating families scheduling appointments to see existing listings right now. And with the warmer temperatures this season, buyers are even more ready to get a jump start on securing their houses before they start their new jobs. Don't wait for the market to be saturated, the time to list is now," she adds.

We staged one of Dorothy's client's homes pictured below. These photos along with the following basic tips will help you get a fresh start to selling your home quickly this year or  to simply help update your existing home decor. 

Living Room Staged By PJ & Company Staging and Interior Decorating
We simplified this room to appeal to buyers by rearranging furniture, removing heavy window treatments, adding a modern rug and bright, modern accessories

1. Make The Best First Impression.
  • Spruce up your curb appeal by adding welcoming touches to your front entry from a
    new light fixture to fresh paint on the front door. 
  • Repair walkway cracks, touch up peeling paint and fix broken doorbells. 
  • Clean up landscaping and remove dead shrubs.
2. Simplify.
  • Declutter by removing anything that will distract buyers from seeing the unique features of your property. 
  • Depersonalize by packing up personal collections, family photos, newspapers, books
    and magazines, etc. 
  • Rearrange and put away excessive furniture pieces to make the room appear larger. 
3. Refresh Walls and Floors.
  • If its been a while since the walls were painted, hide imperfections and outdated colors by repainting with a fresh coat of neutral colored paint.
  • Remove old, soiled carpeting and replace with area rugs.
  • Replace or refinish damaged and dull hardwood floors.
4. Make It Bright and Clean.
  • Let in as much natural light and warmth as possible by opening curtains. Remove outdated window treatments, clean and showcase the windows.
  • Replace any light fixtures that are outdated and make sure all existing lights are working.
  • Clean, dust, vacuum and deodorize so that all surfaces shine (consider hiring a professional cleaning service). 
5. Team Up With A Professional If Needed. 
  • If you are overwhelmed, hire a professional stager who will have an objective eye and provide methods to help enhance your home showings for mass appeal to get your home sold quickly and for top dollar.
  • Home stagers can act as a general contractor coordinating painting, reupholstery, floor refinishing, carpentry and general renovations.


If you're thinking of redecorating in the New Year here's some of our favorite 2016 design trends that we're using in our own interior decorating and staging projects.  If one or any of these design trends sparks your interest, we would be happy to help you incorporate the design into your own home decor.

Statement Light Pendants
When hung at varying heights, pendants can add a dramatic touch to any space. They are available in an  assortment of edgy styles and on-trend colors and materials from glass to metal finishes such as copper, mesh, brass and iron. 

Bold, Graphic Wallpaper 
From traditional and classic to bold and graphic, wallpaper continues to be a hot trend for making a "wow" statement in any room. It offers a feeling of luxury and sophistication that paint alone can not achieve. Think about adding wallpaper to the Powder Room or accent one wall in a room as pictured above in our mid-century modern photo.      

Mixing Mid-Century & Bohemian Designs
The timeless, clean silhouettes of mid-century modern design paired with free spirited bohemian accents give both a sophisticated and eccentric style. When decorating, s tart with clean lines for larger pieces then add rugs, pillows and pouffs in unique colorful patterns and designs. 

Rustic Industrial Furniture Remains Strong
Infusing your home with authentic and natural touches such as reclaimed and weathered wood pieces adds warmth and authenticity to any space and continues to be a strong style trend for 2016. Create a modern, fresh decor by incorporating unfinished wood with metal and leather accessories and finish with unexpected splashes of color. 


In today's homes, Master Bedrooms continue to serve as an inviting retreat as well as the most personal space for unwinding, relaxing, and rejuvenating. Check out some of our tips for creating a peaceful, soothing escape right in your very own home this year.

The Right Wall Color

Begin with selecting soft, neutral paint or wallpaper in hues of blue, grey or cream to create a serene and calming mood. Then add subtle pops of color for contrast in accents such as rugs, wall art and pillows. 


Luxurious Bedding
Quality bedding that promotes a restful night sleep is a must. Choose colors that make you happy and textures that are cozy. Its worth splurging a little for sateen sheets with a high thread count for added comfort. Layer linens, quilts, ultra soft throws and plenty of accent pillows for an inviting look. 

Cozy Seating Area 
If spaces allows, add a comfortable chair, sofa or bench to your master suite to create an intimate nook where you can relax in style. With the proper lighting preferably beside a window and floor lamp, this could easily become the most peaceful spot in the house. 

Layered Lighting
In addition to standard ceiling fixtures, its necessary to have task lighting for reading and winding down at night. Table or wall lamps on each side of the bed, recessed lights or pendants lights hung from the ceiling and a floor lamp for the sitting area are all great options for layering. 

Simple & Minimal Accessories
Too many small items throughout the bedroom will only add clutter and stress. Try to keep figurines and photos to a minimum and make sure to have proper storage space for necessary items. Well organized closets and dressers will add peacefulness to both the space and your life. 


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