2016 Summer - Fall Newsletter

     The Lord continues to allow us to spread His Gospel in Matamoros, and all this is possible through your prayers and support. We want to give you an update, and we want to  
Bible Institute Graduation
  On June 25th forty-seven students graduated from our Bible institute. It was a time of great rejoicing and fellowship. Thanks to your prayers and support 98% of the students received a scholarship. We thank B.H. Carroll Theological Institute for their support and partnership. Dr. Gene Wilkes president at Carroll came to present the graduates with their certificates.

Gloria de Dios Church - New Building
     The new church building for "Gloria de Dios Church" is almost ready. We still have a few details before they congregation can move in, so please keep praying for God's provision.

     On June 22nd forty-two new believers were baptized, including the most famous Rap singer of Matamoros, 50-50. It was a great time of rejoicing and fellowship. Keep these new followers of Jesus in your prayers.
     Many of you joined us in prayer for this young man, and other young men and women, The Lord is answering your prayers! Please keep praying for the youth of Matamoros. 
Vacation Bible School
    During July 25th to 29th eleven of our churches were able to reach out with the Gospel of Jesus Christ to nine hundred and fifty children! The children heard the gospel, had a great time, and had a nice lunch. This year we were able to reuse again the VBS materials, and donated to five churches in very rural communities. They alone were able to reach out to more than two hundred kids! Thank you partners for all your prayers and support!

     We want to thank Lazybrook Baptist Church (Houston, TX) for sending a team of missionaries to work alongside us during Vacation Bible School. They did an awesome!
Bible Institute - Future Classroom
      Our desire is to continue to disciple new leaders for God's kingdom, and we are doing that through our bible institute. Unfortunately we only have one classroom, and that has limited our discipleship. Three years ago we started to build the new classrooms, but the city wouldn't give us a permit unless we had a bigger parking lot. Thanks to your prayers and support we are done with the parking lot, and we are now starting the first stage for the future classrooms. We still have a long way to go, but trusting the Lord with His provision. We thank Lazybrook Baptist Church for sending a construction team to help us start the work. They worked HARD under the hot sun!

School Supplies
      Many children in Mexico do not go back to school for the mere reason of not having money to buy school supplies. Thanks to your prayers and support for the past five years we have been able to help a little. This past August throughout our churches we were able to give out two hundred and fifty backpacks full with school supplies.

Medical Mission Clinics
      First Baptist Wadsworth (Deatsville, AL) came down to Matamoros to work alongside us and do a four-day missions medical clinic. Many lives were touched and transformed through their sacrificial giving and efforts. The medical clinics provided free medical attention and free medicine.
Urban Church - "Comunidad Esencia Urbana"
      Thanks to God's grace our little urban church continues to make an impact in Matamoros. The biggest TV network in town heard of what is happening there in church, and they made a special report on national TV. As many of you know this church came out of our youth outreach events, where drug and alcohol addicts, thieves, drug cartel members and others began to change. Many of them couldn't find a church that would accept them and wouldn't judge them, so we started "Comunidad Esencia Urbana." Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to reach out to others.
City-Wide Youth Outreach Events - Esencia Urbana
     We will have our next youth outreach event in October. This time we are doing two events in the same month, one will be in Matamoros and other one will be in Valle Hermoso, a city that was devastated by the drug cartel a couple years ago. Please help us pray for permits, wisdom, boldness, and provision.
Video with our Current Construction Projects
      A brief video of our church plant ministry in Matamoros, and current projects (bible institute and newest church building). Just click on the link:

New Theological Training at Our Bible Institute
      The 2016-2017 theological training cycle has started at our bible institute. Please pray for these new students, the majority have no financial means to study.  Almost one hundred percent of these new students will need a scholarship, would you prayerfully consider sponsoring one of them? contact us for more information.

Dear partner in the ministry,

     You are part of every single thing we do in Matamoros, because without you we couldn't do what we do.


Abraham and Patty Barberi
One Mission Ministries
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