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It's Personal

Summertime Seared Tuna Salad
Serves 4

2 pounds very fresh tuna steak, cut 1" thick 
4 tablespoons olive oil, plus extra for brushing 
kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper 
3 limes juiced 
1 teaspoon wasabi powder 
l diced 
2 teaspoons soy sauce 
10 dashes Tabasco sauce 
2 firm, ripe Hass avocados, large diced 
1/4 cup minced scallions, white and green parts (2 scallions) 
¼ cup red onion, 
sal t and pepper.
Brush the tuna steaks with olive oil, and sprinkle with 6 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime juice (3 limes) 

Place the tuna steaks in a very hot sauté pan and cook for only one minute on each side. Set aside on a platter. 

Meanwhile, in a small bowl, combine the olive oil, salt, pepper, lime zest, wasabi, lime juice, soy sauce and Tabasco. Add the avocados to the vinaigrette. 

Cut the tuna in chunks and place it in a large bowl. Add the scallions and red onion and mix well. Pour the vinaigrette mixture over the tuna and carefully mix.

A refreshing, bubbly sangria loaded with tons of fruity goodness - and it takes just 5 min to put together this show-stopping cocktail!

1 (750 mL) bottle white wine
2 peaches, sliced
2 kiwis, peeled and thinly sliced
1 cup raspberries
3 tablespoons sugar, or more, to taste
1 (750 mL) bott le sparkling white wine
8 sprigs of mint

In a large pitcher, whisk together white wine, peaches, kiwis, raspberries and sugar.

New Artist
Maggie Puzey    

With this month's newsletter focusing on original art it seemed like a natural fit to include someone near and dear to our heart. My niece, Maggie Puzey's, original artwork has recently been featured at Pottery Barn kids. We couldn't be more excited for her!  

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     All Original Photography 
     for Kat Nelson Designs 
       Lisa Konz Photography 

Art is important.  We tend to think it is a luxury, but it gives people deep pleasure because beauty is the personification of hope that something grander exists.  
Gil Dellinger,
Summer Greetings,

I often hear..."I love how every home you do is different from the other".  I take this as a great compliment.  Each of my clients is unique and I want that uniqueness to stand out in the design of their home.  I know many designers have a look that they successfully duplicate for their clients.  However, my goal when meeting with a client is to "get inside their head" to see their home design vision and provide ways to accomplish it. When communicating the goals for the project, the vision sometimes changes ever so slightly and it takes us in a new and exciting direction.  "Give them what they never knew they wanted"...I love that saying!!   

There is a design guideline that says you should buy one antique piece you love yearly.  I believe the same principle should apply to original art. Nothing makes a home more original and authentic than one's choice in original art.  I encourage each client to  buy art that inspires and makes them feel something.   

I love a classic landscape, birds and floral's but I am infatuated with all of the abstracts that are making their way into traditional homes.  There is no pairing better than a traditional old chest with a modern abstract above it.  

Original art i s one of the more time-consuming aspects of design because art is so personal. However, there is no better way to express a home's personality.  Mass produced art does not have the same feel.  A machine cannot duplicate the original work of an artist making an original piece that is unique, authentic and a one of a kind.  Original art starts conversations.   Where did you get that piece?  Who is the artist?  Original artwork has the ability to transport you back to the very day you purchased it on that fabulous vacation or a cool, autumn day at a local art fair.  All of which expresses the uniqueness of you, your home and your personal story.  

If you follow the design guideline of incorporating one antique and one piece of original art in your home yearly, you will soon have a well-collected home. In this month's Featured Projects section you will see some of the original artwork that has been placed in my design client's homes.   Creating an authentic home based on my clients family, travels, possessions and tastes is what makes my projects unique and individualized.

Anyone that know me knows I love jewelry....I see original art as the jewelry for the room.  It finishes the room, gives the room it's personality...your personality. 
                                Forever Grateful,

Kat Nelson and team  
What's Hot?

Vibrant colors of High Point
 Color is back in a big way!

"Dazzled with a parade of turquoise, jade and citron on everything from cotton to velvets" was how one High Point Style spotter saw this year's High Point Market. 

High Point, North Carolina is the place that the design community gathers annually to see samplings of the world's tastes, the years upcoming trends and the craftsmanship of over 2,000 different vendors. There are 75,000 visitors representing over 100 countries! 
I often find myself sipping from a cocktail while seated next to a world renowned designer in a educational seminar or networking party.  I am privileged to see what the "best of the best" in the world of design is predicting for the future and which companies are on trend to supply those products.  The result is lists of new sources, including furniture lines not found in Atlanta and new start up companies offering an array of home design products. 
Kat Nelson Designs is your source for all of your upholstery and case goods needs.  We buy directly from the manufacturer, keeping cost lower to our clients. 

What's Not??
color done like this!

Need to Know

Step-by-Step Guide to Hanging Art
 by Hillary Tuttle of Stellers Gallery at Ponte Vedra Beach

Hanging art properly is a must if you want to take full advantage of your investment. In this step-by-step guide we will teach you how to properly place and hang art.
1.   Measure the distance between the wire at full tension (B) and the top of the frame (A). See image below.
2.   Measure the height of your frame (C) and divide the result in half.
3.   From the floor, measure up the wall to 58" (average eye-level) and make a pencil mark.
4.   From the mark, measure upward the distance recorded in step 2 and make a second light pencil mark (E).
5.   From this mark, measure downward the distance recorded in step 1 (D).
6.    Place nail and hanger here. Make sure that
the bottom of your hanger is resting on the line when you hammer your nail in, rather than the nail point. This is where your wire will rest (on the crook of the hanger).
If you are Hanging a rather heavy piece make sure you use the 
right hangers. Most standard hangers come in sizes that hold pounds of 5,10,50 & 100 pounds of weight.
On larger pieces, you should use 2 hangers instead of one to ensure stability. When you measure the distance from the bottom of your frame to your wire tension, you will want to spread the wire out to two different points where wire will rest on hangers. Measure that horizontal distance in order to place hangers horizontally, and then from that point of tension, measure from the bottom of the picture to that tension to get your height.

Other Tips and Techniques to Hanging Art
There are other ways of hanging than just getting to "eye level". Most people like to use their judgment on where they would like the art to be placed, as far as the height off of a mantle, above a couch, in a stairwell, etc.
  • As long as you have an idea of where you'd like the artwork to be placed, it is just a matter of finding the height you would like it placed above something else (chest, bench, credenza, piano, etc.).
    Equally important is finding a center for your placement.
  • Often there are many factors of how to "center" your art. You may have your couch situated against a wall with a side table to its side and the couch may not be centered. You will need to decide if you must have the art centered on the wall regardless of the couch, or use the couch as a centering tool. It may be tricky because you may have beams in your ceiling that throw the placement off, but that is once again a judgment call.
  • Make sure you do not hang your art too high. You and your guests will be craning your necks to see it and it will not be as enjoyable as closer to eye level is.
  • When you hang on wallpaper, be sure you take all the necessary steps to avoid making holes that cannot be removed once hammered.

Featured Projects  
by Kat Nelson Designs

  I love choosing an original piece from a new artist and then following the artist's journey....riding along with them through their growth.
Below is an assortment of original art that has been used in my client's homes.  On occasion, we commission a piece from an artist for a specific focal point in a home.  If a landscape is desired, we start with a photograph of a favorite place or a favorite view. I'm able to personally work with the artist to create the image while incorporating the room's design concepts and colors.  These sometimes take a bit longer to really curate since the canvas is truly blank.  Kat Nelson Designs keeps relationships with several artists to meet each need and budget. 



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