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 Transformative Soul Tripping TM 

Creativity workshops

 Donna Morosi, CHT
James Alexander Fish, MA, CHT

Transformative Soul Tripping through Creativity holds an ongoing series of dynamic workshops using active imagination, guided meditation & music to facilitate & inspire participants in the mediums of Collage, Mask-Making, Mandalas, through the Labyrinth, and in the Soul-mate connection as well. This unique process will help you to identify and get through core issues, smooth a path for clearing out blocks and phobias while opening doorways to new discoveries along the way.

 The Alchemy of Creativity 
                2016 workshops                      
  Transformative Soul Tripping
~ Through the Mandala ~
To express harmonic relationship between the creative process and the principles of Sacred Geometry
Jan 23rd ~ 10am-4pm
~ Through Collage
Meeting your future self ~ A Journey to Self Actualization ~ Jungian Model
Feb 27th ~ 10am-4pm
~ Through Mask Making
Choosing your Authentic Self, no matter what is happening around us
March 26th ~ 10am-4pm
~ Through the Labyrinth ~
Facing grief & Loss ~ Meditation to freedom
April 23rd ~ 10am-4pm
Donna Morosi, CHT, and James Alexander Fish, MA, CHT, are the Co-facilitators of these  Creativity Workshops. It's a great opportunity to feed and nurture the blooming Soul. Make a point to come and be inspired through guided meditations, archetypical Connections, and the Creation of Art.
Each Session ~ $125
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Donna Morosi, CHT   & James Alexander Fish, MA, CHT         (707)758-5838                              (707)-548-2664
                        Earth Dance                               
Center for the Healing Arts
19343 Sonoma HWY, Sonoma, CA 95476
  Donna is a Certified Alchemical Hypnotherapist, with expertise in designing Creativity Workshops, a contemporary performing artist, Acrylic and watercolor on canvas, Professional colorist and geometric structure Hair stylist, singer/songwriter, and blogger.
James  has a Masters degree in Transformative Arts, is a Certified Alchemical Hypnotherapist, Golf Teaching professional; and is not only a published poet, Shaman's Song, 1994;  but is also a writer of screenplay and non-fiction. He brings a vibrant passion to all his various fields of teaching. 

Best Mates
Transformative Soul Tripping
* through t he SoulMate Connection *

Is it your dream to find a life partner who will love, cherish and adore you? Or, are you in a committed relationship, and still waiting for that deep connection? This workshop is for Singles, looking for..."The One", and it is also designed for those in partnership looking to transform their relationship into the kind they've always wanted it to be. Experiencing a Soulmate Connection is possible for anyone, at any age. If you're willing to prepare yourself on all levels to become a magnet for love, then here's the workshop you've all been waiting for! Draw your Soulmate right into your life!

This workshop is for all who are interested in manifesting the love you've always dreamed of! What kind of relationship do you really want? In this workshop, you get to design it! That's right, just the way you want your relationship to be so that you can fully enjoy the many wonderful ways to really LOVE and to be loved!
We will begin with a magical Journey down a beautiful path to discover your ideal Inner Mate. This is an important aspect of the overall discovery process in order to become clear about the type of partner you desire.
And, for those of you who have already found your Mate, this magical Journey to discover your Inner Mate will be a resource, some Inner guidance to enhance your relationship with your partner. You know that inner voice that answers your love questions about Romance, Loneliness, Nurturance, or Advice about ways to receive Love and give Love...when it's time to connect or leaveThis Guide is not meant to replace your external Mate, but simply a Spiritual companion, leading the path to your your Creative Energy, Spiritual and Intuitive abilities, Meditation, Enlightenment and total fulfillment.
Then, in the next few weeks together, we will be reading Arielle Ford's book "The SoulMate Secret". This book outlines all the ingredients you need for drawing the love that you truly desire and deserve into your life. There are a few little exercises we will do together when we meet up in the following weeks. You will learn how to clear out the clutter in your house and in your heart, and you will prepare your heart and soul to magnetize an authentic loving relationship. You will also find that this experience creates a wonderful bonding between participants in a very supportive atmosphere.
I am living proof that this process, this formula works! I found my Soul Mate, James, at a holiday party our Hypnotherapy teacher, David Quigley, put together. I had no idea who was going to be there, I just felt compelled by my inner guidance to go!
I honestly believe that now, after having discovered my own inner mate; then reading the SoulMate Secret and doing those unique exercises, that these series of events have magnetically drawn myself to James to finally meeting up with each other... in the flesh! And yes, that's right, he's really the one
Those who will be doing the 5 week series will need  a copy of the book, The Soulmate Secret , by Arielle Ford. And for everyone...please bring your authentic, fun loving self!

Making a Treasure Map
This workshop is guaranteed to be enlightening, fun and empowering!
Musical Collaboration!
Let the Love begin now!

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* Through the Mandala *
To express Harmonic Relationship between the Creative process and principles of Sacred Geometry
You get to meet and greet other inspired individuals, and enjoy the Discovery of your own personal harmonic relationship with the principles of Sacred geometry.
"Our goal is for the participants of this workshop to recognize their creative process as one of their top allies on the road to self realization and self actualization, and to be able to tap into and trust their inner guidance as needed to illuminate the goal of creative empowerment."
We are here to open up to a deeper understanding of the terrain of our own personal limitations and blocks,
and to discover strategies or resources to overcome those blocks. This Journey within is designed to connect us to our allies who then will guide us through the obstacles that block us from reaching our goals. This unique process of inner guide work... will lead us to new forms of education, acceptance, creating resolution, and ultimately, freedom and Empowerment.
After all that, you get to create a beautiful piece of Art that kinesthetically integrates and reminds you of your creative gifts so that you will be inspired to continue your creative process at home whenever it feels appropriate.
We will close with a heart-felt and powerful musical collaboration and ceremony.

" I have found that doing mandalas can be highly meditative, creative and spiritually fulfilling. It is a great way to express harmonic relationship between the creative process and the principles of sacred geometry."
~ James

"I enjoy the meditative process" ~ Donna

"We always have fun! So plan to attend this one!"
This workshop is designed to help you understand the importance of developing broader levels of creativity in your life by deepening our collective understanding of the creative process.

* Creative Soul Tripping
through Mask Making *
Choosing your Authentic Self, no matter what is happening around us
Be able to stay true to your own personality, spirit and character.
Discover another level of existence that is the real, true, genuine substance of who you are.
 Have the energy you need to pursue the things you truly value.


*through Collage *
  meeting your future self ~ a journey to Self Actualization ~ Jungian model
    Learn to Access Powerful Archetypes for  healing and Insight.
 2.  Utilize Self Journaling and Collage techniques   to Uncover, and/or Deepen your Creative Process.
3.   Find out how Relaxation, Meditation and Active Imagination can Lead you Through Doorways to Self Discovery.
Identify and Achieve your Personal Goals.
Friends and fellow aspiring artists! James and I will be co-facilitating this Collage workshop. It's a great opportunity to feed & nurture the blooming artist in you.
Make a point to come and be inspired through guided meditations, archetypical connections, musical collaboration with a variety of percussion instruments, and the creation of art through collage.
 This workshop is designed to open ourselves in a uniquely creative way to uncover and discover the joys of our rich & hidden potential. By utilizing the faculty of imagination we will journey through the realms of guided meditation  and Collage to arrive at a place of wholeness, rejuvenation and Self- actualization.
As a participants, you will work with a diverse array of cut-out magazine photos to create your self-empowered collage. We will provide all the supplies. You  will  also have the opportunity to play along with a percussion instrument of your own choosing. 
  We always have fun! So plan to attend this one!!

                  * Through the Labyrinth *
         Facing grief & Loss ~ 
Meditation to  f reedom
We will go on a journey, taking a proverbial walk through the Labyrinth... facing grief and loss, whether it's a loved one passing over, or the loss of relationship. Know that you already have what you need to get through this....the answers and resources are within you.

In this workshop you will learn about identifying feelings that come up...understand what is it that triggers these waves of emotions?
Some unseen force which lies beneath the surface has begun to move like tectonic plates within us, creating seismic activity and forcing change upon us. This is what the Buddhists refer to as the law of impermanence. No form in this world is forever.

So here in this Labyrinth we have an opportunity to directly access memories and give ourselves permission to grieve over our loss, and this sacred space provides both meditations on that grief, as well as a direction forward through the darkness by recognizing that each student of this workshop has creative tools with which to communicate the shapes and colors and intensity of that grief.
By continuing to engage one's creative process along this road and identifying one's allies along the way, each student will be able to measure their growth towards meaningful acceptance of what each loss means to them. This meditation on grief in and through the Labyrinth is a process of alchemy which by way of the elixir of creativity turns the lead of grief into the gold of enlightened acceptance.

  "Our workshop series are a big hit with groups of friends!" ~ Donna

 Let's Journey Together...
I'll Take You There...
Participants have found that Hypnotherapy has helped them:
  • Reduce and relieve stress
  • Unravel self-sabotaging habits and negative core beliefs
  • Combat depression
  • Achieve weight loss, quit smoking
  • Make a decision  
  • Find your Authentic Self
  • Discover Inner Guides and Resources 
  • Create loving and lasting Relationships
  • Live with a deeper sense of well being and wholeness
Have you been thinking about creating positive change in your life? 
Have you tried Hypnotherapy?
 I have the skills to guide you on a deeply relaxing and dynamic journey through the vast universe of the subconscious mind. By learning to change those old negative core beliefs into a more productive and empowered  life style, we can truly become Alchemists by turning lead into gold.
l will provide a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment where imagination and an open mind are all you need to help you on your sacred journey towards creating a more fulfilling and successful life. ~ Donna Morosi, CHT
Discover your Inner Artist
Manifesting your SoulMate
Live your Authentic Self
Locate your life purpose
Manifest material and spiritual abundance

The Center for the Healing Arts
19343 Sonoma HWY
Located in the heart of Sonoma, the Center for the Healing Arts is a warm, comfortable and nurturing environment for participants to relax and enjoy the process of transformation.    Read More.

When all else has failed, lets go to the underlining cause,
or that negative core belief, that keeps us from succeeding in life.

Donna Morosi, CHT About
Donna Morosi, CHT

I am a certified Alchemical Hypnotherapist, trained by founder David Quigley, and certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists. My goal is to help you be more at peace, balanced and empowered in your life. The true healer is within; all people ever really need is some direction in accessing this reality. I will guide you to the source of all healing, your Higher Self. (Whether you struggle with weight, phobias, addiction, insomnia, unresolved childhood trauma, stress or anxiety, relationships, or chronic pain) I can lead you through the subconscious mind to break through old patterns and the road blocks that keep us from realizing our full potential. If meaningful, behavioral changes are what you are seeking, then Hypnotherapy will help you to realize that goal.
Can't make the workshop?
Contact  Donna at 707-758-5838
Check out my website for reviews and more!
 Creativity Workshop 
~ Mandala ~
Jan 23
~ Collage~
~ Mask Making ~
 March 26
~ Labyrinth ~
April 23
$125 each session
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Donna Morosi
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~ Mandala ~ Jan 23
~ Collage ~ Feb 27
~ Mask Making ~ March 26
~ Labyrinth ~ April 23

Earth Dance
Center for the Healing Arts
19343 Sonoma Hwy
Sonoma, CA 95476
This is a great opportunity to feed and nurture the blooming Soul. Make a point to come and be inspired through Guided Meditations, Discovery of Archetypical Connections, Breaking through Blocks, and the Creation of Art.
  These workshops are  
co-facilitated by:
Donna Morosi, CHT and
James Alexander Fish, MA, CHT
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