Winter Newsletter | February 2016

Support for family and career transitions
A message from our President, Angela McNerney:

Happy 2016! 
With a new year comes interesting changes for the region as a whole and for Tech Valley Connect (TVC) in particular.  I want to share some important and exciting news with you regarding our program.  As of February 1, 2016, the services once provided by TVC are now being provided by the Center for Economic Growth (CEG)A premier regional economic development organization in New York's Tech Valley, the Center for Economic Growth (CEG) serves as the Capital Region's designated Regional Technology Development Center. With over 300 C-level members in business, government, education, and the not-for-profit sectors, CEG's vision is to lead Tech Valley as one of the most prosperous and innovative ecosystems in the world.
This decision was made with great deliberation and thought as we sought ways to grow our employer base and create a venue with more opportunity and available resources.  Rest assured your services will not be interrupted in anyway.  We will continue to serve our employers as we always have and anticipate the transition will result in access to more resources in an effort to bring the best possible service to our employers and newly relocating clients.  Both employers and their new hire referrals will see little no difference in our relationship to them as we integrate into the Center for Economic Growth's culture. 
The TVC staff; Danielle Roberts and Joanne Bucher have been hired by CEG and will be spearheading the program.  Although I will work closely with the leadership at CEG to ensure a smooth transition, I will not be joining CEG in this move.  This was my decision at the outset, as I realize just how hungry I am to start a new challenge and broaden my repertoire in my own professional journey. Much like a mom who raises her child with everything necessary to grow into an independent and productive adult, at some point she needs (and wants) to let him go on to meet his true potential. This analogy encapsulates what my motivation is in initiating this move.  We are very excited about this transition and hope that it will increase the value of what we bring to the Capital Region far beyond expectation.  Stay tuned!!
Effective, February 1, 2016 please continue to contact Danielle Roberts (518.465-8975 x223) for event calendar and newsletter submissions or John Giordano ( x232) for renewal and engagement information.
In the meantime, Tech Valley Connect is busier than ever helping newcomers adjust to their new surroundings.  This time of year, we talk to them quite a bit about 'the weather'. 
The winter in Tech Valley can be somewhat unpredictable - at least it has been in the last couple of years. Last year we had a relentless amount of snow and by spring, even the heartiest were looking forward to temperatures rising. So far this winter has offered up an unprecedented 72 degrees on Christmas Eve!  I have to say my sons who are avid snowboarders....were not happy! 
I enjoy all four of our seasons here in the Northeast as there is just so much to do!  I hope you newcomers are braving the elements and getting out to explore some of the stunning natural beauty around you. If you've never had a cold winter, you have to at least, try ice skating at one of the many rinks open around the Capital Region.  Snowboarding, skiing, snow shoeing (when the snow actually comes), Proctors Theater, Capital Rep, museums galore, and so many more interesting and fun things are available to participate in - please check out our semi-monthly events calendar for continuous updates on events we think you would love. 
As always I am so grateful to my wonderful Board of Directors, Tech Valley Connect staff, our consortium members, sponsors, community partners and resources. Without you, we couldn't do what we do to attract business and talent to the region by supporting new hires for local businesses and institutions. We strive to continue to help all of you to continue to attract and retain the best and the brightest to the Capital Region and the Berkshires.
Please feel free to call us at our new location (518-465-8975), if you would like to learn more about our innovative work in recruitment and retention of key talent. As always, we wish you the best in the coming season.
Get out, explore and send us pictures of your winter shenanigans!

Warm Regards,

Angela McNerney, President
Tech Valley Connect, Inc.
Mark Your Calendars!
 Paint and Sip 
with Tech Valley Connect!

Thursday, February 18th
At Canvas Corks and Forks
274 River Street, Troy

You will be guided, step by step through a 2 hour painting class, while enjoying fun music & friends, wine & craft beers, homemade sangrias, root beer floats & desserts. Their Signature Mac N' Cheese Bar is INCLUDED with every class!
Doors open at 5pm for drink speicals and the complimentary mac n cheese bar.
Painting is from 6-8pm.
 We will be painting a color wheel tree (pictured on the right)
Seats are limited so RSVP to Danielle ASAP!

Dual Career Client Spotlight
Sitting Down with Sheela Rangaraja...
... Business Analyst Extraordinaire

Sheela Rangaraja has years of experience as a Business Analyst in her home country of India, though it was not originally what she set out to do in her career. Having a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and a Master's in Computer Application, Sheela's career began in programming. While she was a database administrator on the junior level, she was offered a position as a business analyst with West Side Retail. This is when Sheela found her calling.

So what exactly does a business analyst do?

"Reporting, testing - bridging the gap between stakeholders and the IT team. Anything that comes under these functions is a business analyst," Sheela informs us. "We take the functional requirement and the business requirement and convert it into a computerized entity."

The role of business analyst has only come along in recent years. "I have an IT background so earlier I used to work as a programmer. Later, when this business analyst position came about, as it was not there earlier, I was offered a position with Westside Retail. Basically, it involved IT and interaction with people which actually, I loved it, I loved doing that," Sheela says with excitement. Being an outgoing person, Sheela reveled in her new position and proved herself in the process:

"At Westside Retail, the basic requirement was for the BA team to enhance sales, keep track of their regular customers, and track customer spending in the store. The BA team which I was a part of introduced a club membership card which helped keep track of the customers; giving points which they can utilize on their purchases. Customer who would spend more than Rs.10,000 (approx. $150) a year could also receive half price discounts. With the introduction of these business policies, sales at Westside increased by 37.89%."

From there, Sheela moved into the healthcare field.

"My latest project was with Fortis Health Care. They had already had an automated system in place, but wanted to upgrade it. I talked to the experts from the hospital and the IT team, and figure out how to implement their needs. The earlier addition of their automated system only included inpatients. Fortis wanted to expand it to include outpatients, doctor profiles to be accessible by patients, things like that. We had to check out what we call an ER diagram. We had to see how it flows, then explain to the IT team how it needs to be done.  And finally, if they ask us to do testing on the user end, we can always train them on how to use the new system."
This is not Sheela's first time relocating to the United States. Her husband Ram's career took her to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for three years before moving home to India. After that, Ram accepted a position in Jackson, Mississippi, where Sheela took time from work to visit for a few months with their daughter. In June of 2015, Sheela left her career in India to relocate to Troy, New York, where Ram accepted a position as a Database Administrator with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Upstate New York was more desirable to the couple for a variety of reasons. First being more job opportunities in the Capital Region compared to Mississippi, especially in our burgeoning tech field. Sheela also noted that the access to other major cities was more appealing to her than the remoteness of Jackson. "We travel to India once a year. In Mississippi there were no international airports, so we would have to drive to Houston to get to India. From here we can drive to New Jersey." Furthermore, Sheela also points out that the Northeast is more culturally diverse and she appreciates the variety of options that are available here. 

When Sheela and Ram have free time, their interests differ. "Our likes and dislikes are completely different. I like to go out; he doesn't like to go out. So we do both. He loves staying in, playing chess and things like that, so we do that. Weekends I have to get out of the house, so he comes with me." Sheela likes to spend time with her daughter doing arts and crafts, "I love arts and crafts - I'm not into painting, but I love doing different things with all the materials. My daughter also loved that, so we do it together." Sheela is also a trained Indian classical singer.

When asked about her experience with Tech Valley Connect, she says "It's been good. Joanne has been very helpful." Sheela has been on three informational interviews that she found very helpful. "It was good meeting people. Mike from UAlbany helped me in changing my resume, what to include what not to include. Amanda from SEFCU helped me on how personality matters when you face an interview, body language matters, how you speak, how to dress matters." Sheela also mentioned that the methodology of the interview process in the United States is more favorable than of that in India.

Obtaining her employment authorization to work in the U.S. last July, Sheela is ready to take on new challenges as a Business Analyst in the Capital Region.  She is looking to break into the field of finance, but is also interested in returning to healthcare or retail.

If you would like further information on Sheela's background or would like to meet with her, please contact Program Coordinator, Joanne Bucher, at or (518)698-1715.

A website all about resumes, career advice and the job search.  Click here 
for everything you need to know and read some very valuable articles with tried and true advice.
Neighbors getting together to learn something, 
share something, do something
Here is a cool site that allows anyone to search for others with similar interests. If you are into meditation, cross country skiing, bug collecting or dancing, you'll find others who are as well. And if you don't find the group you are looking for, start your own with Meetup.

Just click here for more information.


You'll never be bored if you take advantage of what's happening in our area - you will never have an excuse to stay home, even on a snowy or rainy day!


Welcome to Schenectady, New York


Though small in size, the city of Schenectady offers an array of entertainment for newcomers. With an assortment of restaurants, shops and venues, Schenectady has something for everyone. While in Schenectady be sure to take a walk through the Stockade, a unique historic district located downtown. The Stockade is home to some of the city's oldest architecture, including Schenectady Civic Players, a performing arts center. Proctors Theatre
is also a historic site, hosting a wide range of Broadway, comedy and music.

If visiting during the summer months, Music Haven and Freedom Park are great venues to check out offering free concerts and an opportunity to gain exposure to local, national and global performers. Schenectady's Greenmarket is another introduction to the area, allowing vendors, musicians and shoppers to come together every Sunday morning. While Schenectady is home to an abundance of local restaurants and bars with a vibrant nightlife, it also serves as a great destination for families and children. The miSci and Empire State Aerosciences Museum are both close to downtown and offer great interactive exhibits for children.  

Schenectady proves to be a mainstay for theatre and the arts providing visitors with a fusion of historical sites and entertainment, offering something for all ages. 

Check out Schenectady's Restaurant Week from  February 22nd - 28th



Helping Children Develop a Growth Mindset
Young children grow by leaps and bounds. They stretch themselves daily, reaching above and beyond their limitations to learn new things. There are frustrations at times, and children can easily get bogged down by feeling they "can't do it." Robert C. Parker School Kindergarten teacher Jennifer Gresens' response is always the same, "You can't do that, yet."
Teachers at Parker are focused on the growth mindset described by Stanford professor Carol Dweck.  Children generally tend towards one of two types of mindsets - a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. Praise that focuses on intelligence promotes a fixed mindset, which is the belief that intelligence cannot be changed in any meaningful way. Children with a fixed mindset believe that they are born with certain character traits and a fixed amount of intelligence and creativity, and that nothing they do can alter that.
In contrast, praise that focuses on effort ("You've worked really hard on that!") promotes a growth mindset, which is the belief that intelligence can grow and be strengthened with effort. Children with a growth mindset believe that they are capable of achieving what they want if they put in the time and effort to get there.
A growth mindset will supercharge their capacity to learn and grow and Jennifer sees this every day in the classroom. As children take on more challenging work, and they sometimes get frustrated when things are not easy for them. So Jennifer explains the growth mindset to them in a way they can understand.
"Imagine that in your brain there are billions of tiny light bulbs. There is a light bulb for everything you could ever do. There's a dancing light bulb, a math light bulb, a riding-a-bike light bulb ... You get the idea!
If you never ride a bike, for example, the riding-a-bike light bulb won't glow at all. The first time you ride a bike, that light bulb will glow just a little bit. The more you ride your bike, the brighter the riding-a-bike light bulb will glow. You might fall off a few times but that doesn't mean that you can't be great at riding bikes. It just means that you're not good at riding them yet. You're still charging up that light bulb."
This idea of a light bulb charging up the more it is used resonates deeply with children. A particular boy told Jennifer, "My reading light bulb is really starting to glow. I'm getting better every day!"
When something is hard for children, Jennifer uses this expression. It helps them to actually visualize their brain getting stronger by the day, and they're encouraged to keep going.
Intelligence is not fixed - it can flourish with time and effort. Nurturing this belief is one of the greatest things parents and teachers can do to help lift children to reach their full potential. The effort must come from the children, and it's important that adults do what they can to help them believe that the effort will be worth it.

Jennifer Gresens is the Kindergarten and first grade teacher at Robert C. Parker School, a progressive Pre K through Eighth Grade school in North Greenbush, just 10 minutes from downtown Albany.


You can check out the Parker School on one of their Tuesday Tours
The next Tuesday Tour will take place on February 9th.

Or sign up for the Parker School Mud Run!

MCLA offers tuition reduction for NY residents!

 Winter Open Houses:
Monday, February 15th
Saturday, February 27th
MCLA has been named by U.S. News & World Report as a National Top Ten Public Liberal Arts College for the fourth consecutive year.
New York state residents enjoy an 85% tuition reduction at MCLA: We offer more than 50 programs of study. Come tour our campus and learn more at one of our Winter Open Houses.
For more information, contact the Office of Admission at (413) 662-5410.


Transformative Creative Economy Project Unveiled in Downtown Troy
Troy Innovation Garage at 22-24 4th Street represents $1 million in private
investment; Project will be first creative incubator and accelerator in New York
State and permanent home for Gramercy Communications.

Troy-based entrepreneur Tom Nardacci announced today plans for the launch of the Troy Innovation Garage ("The Garage") to be located in a 13,000-square-foot commercial building at 22-24 4th Street. Troy Innovation Garage will be an entrepreneurial ecosystem specifically aimed at incubating, accelerating, fostering and growing creative economy companies in Upstate New York.

Nardacci also announced his intentions to move his expanding public relations, marketing and public affairs firm, Gramercy Communications, into a permanent home in the building. Gramercy will play a direct role supporting The Garage and its members. Nardacci said the total project budget for the two-story building is more than $1 million, which includes purchase, complete renovation, fit-up and space programming.

"I am proud to be a part of the continued growth and success of the Capital Region business community, and also to help pave the way for the next crop of game-changing companies to leave their mark in Upstate New York," said Nardacci. "It is my firm belief that The Garage will help the creative business leaders of tomorrow succeed, our community continue its renaissance story and our clients to be even better served by Gramercy."

The Troy Innovation Garage will be buoyed by Gramercy Communications, one of Upstate New York's foremost strategic communications companies, whose client roster includes Fortune 500 firms, members of the Forbes 400 list, statewide and regional businesses and organizations and a variety of start-up enterprises that represent over $5 billion of economic activity in New York State.

The Garage is the first creative incubator in the State of New York. The project differentiates itself from other incubators and accelerators with its focus on the creative economy, as well as the involvement of Gramercy Communications.
Gramercy's integral role in the development of downtown Troy makes it a perfect habitat for the Troy Innovation Garage. Nardacci said Gramercy Communications plans to commit $250,000 worth of services and cash investment to between five and 10 Garage tenants that are accepted into a Residency Accelerator Program over the first five years.

"Gramercy Communications is staffed by experts in the fields of public relations, marketing and public affairs, and they will serve as invaluable resources for the tenants of the Troy Innovation Garage," said Nardacci. "This on-site support makes this project truly unique, and makes for unlimited potential for collaboration. I look forward to working hand-in-hand with the Capital Region's up-and-coming creative minds, and helping them let their ideas run free."

"Gramercy Communications has experienced steady growth throughout our 10 years in business, and we have our clients, supporters and dedicated team to thank for our successes," said Jake Dumesnil, Managing Partner of Gramercy   Communications. "We have outgrown our existing space yet again. We are excited to be a driving force behind the Troy Innovation Garage and think this initiative demonstrates Gramercy's passion for effecting positive change and commitment to enhancing creative business opportunities in Upstate New York."

The Regional Alliance for a Creative Economy identified the need to "Create an Enabling Environment" as a top priority in its 2014 study, "Leveraging Regional Assets for a Vibrant Future." Creation of "enabling environments" such as the Troy Innovation Garage is a priority to grow an industry that currently employs 30,000 people across the Capital Region.
Nardacci, who is also former President of the Troy Downtown Business Improvement District Board of Directors, said he hopes his $1 million investment on one of downtown's busiest thoroughfares will attract other private sector investment on a block that has not received any major private sector investment. The 4th street corridor is bookended by Franklin Plaza and Proctor's Theater.

"Gramercy Communications has been a great asset to the City of Troy and all of Rensselaer County, and I applaud Tom Nardacci and his company for initially investing in Troy and now continuing to grow here with the Troy Innovation Garage," said Rensselaer County Executive Kathleen Jimino. "Troy has already become a destination for the creative sector, and I believe the Troy Innovation Garage will provide a catalyst to enhance the positive momentum already achieved. As our county motto goes, 'Life looks good from here,' and I am confident that this project will help create even more local successes."
"This is a game-changing investment in the City of Troy," said Erin Pihlaja, Executive Director of the Troy BID. "Not only will this project provide another badly needed foothold for positive change on the 4th Street corridor, it will provide a support system for entrepreneurs like Tom Nardacci. Ensuring our most creative and innovative assets have the tools to succeed is crucial to continuing the positive progress we've made over the past few years, and attracting more residents and businesses to Troy and the Capital Region."

Gramercy will occupy approximately 4,000 square feet of space in the building, and The Garage will eventually occupy the rest. The Garage will recruit small and growing entrepreneurs in the creative economy, including but not limited to web and graphic designers, app developers, architects, IP lawyers, marketers, writers, photographers and videographers, and will work with start-up ventures to help them incubate or kick off through the residency accelerator program.

In addition to professionally designed office space, equipment and amenities, a connected street level café will offer 24/7 accessibility and a creative lounge environment. Nardacci said he expects that The Garage will directly employ a full-time executive director and two part-time employees. Construction will take eight to 10 months.

Nardacci is in conversations with a number of companies interested in becoming members of the Troy Innovation Garage, including in the areas of photography, video production, social media / blogging and web design / e-commerce.
Nardacci has a full financing commitment for acquisition and construction from Pioneer Savings Bank. Troy-based companies 3tarchitects and Jeff Buell's Sequence Development are working on the design of the building, and Nardacci expects to start construction in the first quarter of 2016.
Upcoming Events in the Area..

The Rensselaer County Chamber of Commerce Empowerment Series presents

Wonder Women Mentoring Breakfas t

Thursday, February 4th


Harness your powers, build your network, and find your own wonder women of support.
A series of three 20 minute roundtable discussions on the challenges of professional women with other leading wonder women of the region, group discussions and more! Table topics include: Taking Your Career to the Next Level; Taking Risks; Having Difficult Conversations; Lessons Learned: What I Wish Someone Told Me; and Balancing Multiple Roles in Your Life.

The most fun you'll have all year...

Saranac Lake Winter Carnival 

February 5th - 14th

The Saranac Lake Winter Carnival began as an integral part of Saranac Lake's history as a renowned health resort. In order to break winter's chill and to promote outdoor sports and games, the Pontiac Club was formed in November 1896, and a few months later, they sponsored a one-day fancy dress winter carnival in 1897, which was expanded into the Pontiac Club Carnival in 1898.
Named the second best winter carnival in the world by National Geographic Traveler magazine in 2012, the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival is the longest-running event of its kind in the eastern U.S. Since 1897, it has grown into a 10-day festival that includes sports, performances, two parades and three sets of spectacular fireworks.
Over the years, the Winter Carnival has retained the warmth, charm and camaraderie of a community celebration. The Carnival - organized by an all-volunteer group called the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Committee - is a community-driven festival made possible by the efforts of many volunteers and sponsors. The centerpiece of the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival is the Ice Palace, built by volunteers on the shore of Lake Flower's Pontiac Bay at the state boat launch.

Click here for the schedule of events


The Best Winter "Thing-to-Do" in Saratoga Springs, New York

Saratoga Chowderfest 

February 6th
11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Saratoga's Annual Chowderfest is one of the area's most highly anticipated events of the year. Family-friendly, fun and utterly delicious, Chowderfest features more than 90 vendors-including Saratoga County's best restaurants and caterers-who open their doors to the public and serve hot bowls of chowder to event goers.
Sponsored by Saratoga Convention & Tourism Bureau, the 18-year anniversary of Saratoga Chowderfest starts at approximately 11 a.m. and will feature live music, face painting and, of course, a wide variety of chowders. Even dogs are welcome-- establishments offer doggy chowder and photo ops for your four-legged friends.


Mardi Gras at Parish Public House
featuring Dylan Perrillo Orchestra

Tuesday, February 9th

Celebrate Mardi Gras at Albany's own Lousiana Eatery and Drinkery!   "The Parish" is a celebration of Louisiana's Cajun culture - not the surface-scratching New Orleans/Bourbon Street clichĂ© - the  Heart of Acadiana . Through food, drinks, music and camaraderie, The Parish invokes the spirit found at a  Cajun Fais Do-Do , each and every night.
The Dylan Perrillo Orchestra hails from NY's Capital District. They are a colorful ensemble of instruments and people who have come together to celebrate the beginnings of jazz. The group began playing together in early 2013, performing arrangements from the 20s to 40s. The DPO prides itself on bringing America's most original musical tradition to people of all ages in their community.



66th Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade
Saturday, March 12th 2016
Celebrate St. Paddy's day with the 65th Annual Albany St. Patrick's Day Parade! The parade steps off at 2pm and travels through the Capital City!




Coming up at Troy Savings Bank Music Hall

February 2nd - Harlem Quartet
February 13th - Ladysmith Black Mambazo
February 26th - The Bridge Jazz Festival
March 3rd - David Brozath 
March 5th - Neko Case
March 14th - Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra
March 20th - David Cross

Click here for a list of events at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall


An Evening with Del and Dawg 
Del McCoury and David Grisman

Saturday, February 27th, 8:00pm

Del and Dawg celebrate the nearly 50-year bluegrass friendship that these two legendary musicians have shared. 

Del McCoury met David Grisman at the first show Del ever played (on banjo) with Hill Monroe in the spring of 1963 at New York University in Greenwich Village. Three years later, Del & Dawg played their first gig together in Troy, NY at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institue. They both celebrated the arrival of their first-born sons, Monroe Grisman and Ronnie McCoury, within a month of each other. Through the years they have shared the stage at venues and festivals across the country and in 2012 released Hardcore Bluegrass, a unique collection of bluegrass classics. 


Click HERE for the schedule of events at the EGG

A Trip Through Strawberry 
Deconstructing The Beatles

Saturday, February 27th

In early 1967, the Beatles released a groundbreaking single -- John Lennon's "Strawberry Fields Forever" backed by Paul McCartney's "Penny Lane." In its music, lyrics, arrangement, and subject matter, "Strawberry Fields Forever"/"Penny Lane" changed the face of popular music forever.
Join composer/producer Scott Freiman as he takes Beatles fans young and old on A Trip Through Strawberry Fields at Proctors.  In this 90-minute multimedia presentation, Mr. Freiman transports his audience into Abbey Road studio for a look at the revolutionary techniques used during the production of "Strawberry Fields Forever."  Using rare audio and video clips, as well as anecdotes about the creation of the song, Mr. Freiman allows the audience to see and hear the evolution of this groundbreaking song and discusses the song's lasting influence on popular music.
Musicians and non-musicians, Beatles fanatics and casual listeners will all enjoy Mr. Freiman's presentation. You will never listen to the Beatles or any other music the same way again! 

Click HERE for tickets.


A Brief History of Proctors..

What began as a vaudeville theatre in the early 20th century is now the Capital Region's destination for major Broadway shows, cutting-edge film festivals, exciting special events, and everything in between.  Built in 1926 by F. F. Proctor, the "Dean of Vaudeville," Proctors on State Street in Schenectady was a popular theatre that used a method of continuous performance to draw huge crowds and numerous famous vaudevillians of that era.
Over the past decade, Proctors has expanded and made numerous renovations, which have made it possible to accommodate large Broadway productions, giant screen films, local performers, and ever-growing audiences from around the country.

For more events at Proctors, click HERE.
Fun Stuff for Kids

Here is a site chock full of things to do with the kids all around the Capital Region. There are events, classes and camps and, according to their home page, there are 462 free things to check out. Learn more here.



THINQubator is one of just a small handful of kids makerspaces around the world.

 A project of the  Tech Valley Center of Gravity, the THINQubator empowers kids and families to think, tinker, collaborate, skill-build, design, and MAKE.  
Through hands-on experiences, kids deeply explore science, technology, engineering, art, and math in an engaging, fun format.

Check out our latest and greatest  video.  It's fun, edgy, and more than a little cheeky! 

Learn more at 


The CNSE Children's Museum of Science and Technology (CNSE CMOST) is the only science center in the Tech Valley designed spe cifically for kids and parents to Explore, Discover, and Imagine the world of science together.

Check out their calendar of events by clicking the link below:

Professional  Networking Events

Albany County

Tuesday, January 26th, 8:00am
Capital Region Chamber
5 Computer Drive South, Colonie 

Friday, February 26th, 7:30am
Capital Region Chamber
5 Computer Drive South, Colonie 

Berkshire County

Wednesday, January 20th, 5:00 - 7:00pm
Greylock Marketing Group, Allendale Shopping Center
5 Cheshire Rd, Pittsfield MA

Thursday, February 25th, 5:30 - 7:30pm
If interested, contact Julia Dixon at:
(413)499-1600x103 or

Rensselaer County

Wednesday, February 27th, 11:30am - 1:00pm
Franklin Terrace Ballroom
126 Campbell Ave, Troy

Wednesday, March 30th, 11:30am - 1:00pm
Hilton Garden Inn
235 Hoosick St, Troy 

Saratoga County
Thursday, February 11th, 5:30 - 7:30pm
Smaltz Brewing Co.
6 Fairchild Square, Clifton Park

Thursday, March 10th, 5:30 - 7:30pm
Curtis Lumber
885 Route 67, Ballston Spa


Tech Valley Connect, Inc.
120 Defreest Drive
Troy, New York 12180
Celebrating 6 years and growing