Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!    

Thank you for all your prayers and support during 2016!
Through them we were able to preach the Gospel, plant churches, make disciples, and much more!

The Barberi family, missionaries to Matamoros, Mexico
One Mission Ministries - Matamoros Staff
     Alfredo is an ex-alcoholic and drug addict with no close family members. He came to Christ at one of our churches, and graduated from our Bible institute. Thanks to your support he has been working at our bible institute full time doing maintenance, and secretary work for four years now.
     Hermana Chayo is a single mother with two boys. Her husband abandoned her years ago, and ever since she has struggled to support her kids. Thanks to your support she has been working full time for five years as the cleaning person at our bible institute.
     Tonito developed Poliomyelitis as a young boy leaving him handicapped. His family is very poor, and he couldn't get a job anywhere to support himself. Thanks to your support he has been working full time for six years as a guard at our bible institute.
     Billy worked for the drug cartel for many years. One day he attended our urban church and received Jesus. Due to his background he couldn't find a job, and he was being tempted by the cartel to go back. Thanks to your support he now has a full time job to support his wife and two beautiful girls. He is the do-it-all for the ministry.

     Our bible institute is not just the place where we train future leaders, but it also functions as our headquarters in Matamoros. In addition, we use it to have our pastors' monthly meetings, youth conferences, married couples conferences, prepare meals for the needy, accommodate missionary teams, women's conferences, men's conferences, storage room, print teaching materials, print gospel tracts, etc. Your support allows us to keep its doors opened throughout the year. We are growing and we need more teaching classrooms, would you help us pray for God's provision?

Pastors' Monthly Support
      These pastors serve the Lord at very poor areas in Matamoros, and some travel long distances to preach and teach the Gospel. Through your prayers and financial support we are able to help them financially, so they can focus on Kingdom work. In addition, every time we open a new church we make a commitment with the pastor and the church to provide a monthly love offering for three years. This allows them to spend more time in ministry. 
Pastor Ausencio "Iglesia San Luis"

Pastor Fernando "Iglesia Fe y Esperanza"

Pastor Rolando "Iglesia Unidos Avanzamos"

Pastor Martin "Iglesia Alentadora"

Pastor Armando "Iglesia Gloria de Dios"

Pastor Alfredo "Iglesia Las Palmitas"
New Church Building Dedication

        Through God's grace, your prayers and support, and many months of hard work "Iglesia Gloria de Dios" has moved into their new church building. On December 11th we had the building dedication service, and it was a day of great rejoicing. Brother Riley and others came from First Baptist Sanger to be part of this wonderful event. Please keep pastor Armando and his congregation in your prayers.
Youth Outreach - Valle Hermoso City

     On October 29th we had the opportunity to have our youth outreach in a different city. This time we went to Valle Hermoso, a city that was devastated during the cartel wars. The city is beginning to rise up, and we believe that their hearts are ready for the gospel. Although this is a small city, we had over three hundred teenagers and young adults attending it. The gospel was preached and many seeds were sowed. We are already been asked to come back to do another event, so keep us in your prayers as we plan the next one.
Rehab Center Outreach

     On Tuesdays we are allowed to go into a rehab center to do a devotional, sing Christian Hip Hop, bring "pan dulce" (Mexican sweet bread), and do haircuts. These types of centers do not allow "religious" organizations in, but the Lord graciously opened the doors. The majority of the patients are men, but there are some women too. They are all addicted to alcohol and drugs, and their families have "signed" them in. In other words, they didn't commit themselves, their loved ones did, and they are locked up. Please keep us in your prayers as we minister to them so they can be set free. 
Prayer Requests
Christmas family outreach: every year all of our churches prepare a wonderful meal accompanied with candies, toys, and the real meaning of the season. Please pray for hearts to be opened to receive God's greatest gift, Jesus. Your donations are used for this outreach.
Couples' Conference: Patty has a burden for married couples, and she is continuously providing tools to them so their marriages are successful. On January 21, 2017 she is organizing a citywide conference. Please keep Patty and this event in your prayers. Our goal is for marriages to know that Christ is the only foundation to have strong families.

Local and House Churches:
through God's direction our goal for 2017 is to plant even more churches in Mexico.

Pray for other missionaries around the world.

Our kids' health and education: Melissa is going to cosmetology school, Abraham Jr. will go to high school next year, Yasmin and Michael will be in middle school.

Our Yearly budget: will you please join us in prayer for God's provision?

     As we approach 2017, would you please consider a special year-end gift? Your year-end gift can tremendously help us fulfill our mission this coming year in Mexico. A gift of any amount can really make an impact.
In Christ,
Abraham and Patty Barberi
One Mission Ministries

Pastors and the families