2016 Lantern Festival Promo
Come join us for the
11th Xilin  Lantern Festival!

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See Below for more information on artists featured this year!

Meng Gen

At the age of fifteen at the encouragement of his parents, MongGen started learning the Erhu at the Dance and Art School in the city of Chifeng. Over the years, MongGen has crafted a skillful playing style which is soulful, captivating, and powerful. MongGen is also a great singer-songwriter who have crossed ethnic and national boundaries. His singing style is a combination of Mongolian Long Tune and Khoomei and is filled with rich emotional depth.  He has won several national awards and written a number of popular songs and music for the Erhu.  In recent years, MongGen has been invited abroad numerous times to perform. We look forward to seeing him perform for us at the 2016 Lantern Festival! 


At the age of 24, Mr. Tianjun Zhang is already a seasoned Acrobatics performer. He came from Cangzhou Wuqiao, China, where it's know for its long history and tradition of acrobatics. The saying from there is that, from age 1 to 99, everyone can be an Acrobat. Mr. Zhang has traveled to many countries to perform and has won numerous awards for his surprising and breath-taking feats. It is an honor to have Mr. Zhang to perform at Xilin 2016 Lantern Festival! 



张天军来自中国沧州吴桥杂技团, 这位年仅24岁的小伙子已经是有9年舞台经验的老演员了,他曾出演保加利亚,秘鲁,法国,又在美国金龙马戏团,NBA 等大型活动中演出。曾多次在国内外获得金奖。2009年张天军随团到美国巡回演出至今,如今足迹已经踏遍全美主要城市。他希望把中国杂技这项历史悠久的文化展现给更多外国人,让更多人喜欢中国杂技。河北沧州是中国著名的杂技之乡。闻名世界的吴桥杂技就是出自沧州地区。"上至九十九,下至刚会走,吴桥耍杂技,人人有一手"。吴桥因此被世人誉为"世界杂技艺术的摇篮"。2006年5月20日,吴桥杂技经国务院批准列入第一批国家级非物质文化遗产名录。

For a preview of what to expect, please check out last year's Lantern Festival below: