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December 29, 2016

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Opportunity through Education

A s we move into 2017, we are delighted to share some of this past year's accomplishments with you. From the Art Program to noted author Ngugi Wa Thiong'o visiting our learning center, 2016 was our most exciting year yet! Here is a look back at what we accomplished together this year...
Art Program at Kiwimbi

Pottery featuring traditional Teso homes and village scene 

The Art Program at Kiwimbi is flourishing and now provides new opportunities to uncover otherwise hidden talents. From drawing and painting to weaving to pottery, participants have an opportunity to learn new or hone existing skills. Art allows students to benefit from a creative approach to learning. Traditionally, creativity has not played a role in the rural curriculum. Art teaches students to express themselves and may even lead to a career in art. 
Twenty Friends of Kiwimbi

Nine Grade Eight students with their books
Twenty Friends of Kiwimbi is a program for 20 Grade Eight students from Amagor o Primary School, who get individualized after-school attention from Kiwimbi staff and volunteers.  The students benefit greatly from these meetings; improving their reading and writing skills is important as they prepare for the KCPE, a high-stakes national exam for Kenya's Grade Eight students.  

And it paid off! We recently learned that all of this year's Kiwimbi Twenty students, who were selected randomly for the program, earned averages of B and above on the 2016 national exam! 
Newly-Created Carpentry Program

Carpentry students building a bed

The focus has been on needs-based skills and trades, on which community members can build careers. This year was an exciting year as we created a new Carpentry program for young men. During the three month program, the young men learn the skills and theory, and afterwards, put it into practical use. 
Vocational Training for Women
Seamstresses in Training

The Tailoring/Sewing is an existing program that trains young women with the necessary skills to sew uniforms with sewing machines. Using this approach the Kiwimbi Tailoring program not only supplies the local school children with new, clean uniforms, but it also teaches a valuable trade. A few weeks ago, our sewing students took the national exam to qualify as seamstresses!

Noted Kenyan Author Ngugi Wa Thiong'o Visits Kiwimbi

 Ngugi Wa Thiong'o (at left, in brown shirt) visiting Kiwimbi Kenya during the Annual Book Festival

In November, Kiwimbi Kenya launched its first Annual Book Festival  with a very special guest in attendance: Ngugi Wa Thiong'o, one of Africa's most celebrated authors. During this festival, Professor Thiong'o also launched the Kiwimbi Amagoro-Kamirithu Prize For World Literature.The prize winner will receive $1000(US) dollars for stories or essays written in African languages. 

This literature prize aims to foster African language writing, to encourage language preservation, and to globally promote translated African stories. Not only was this the launch of our first  Annual Book Festival , but also an inaugural celebration of  Amagoro's Museum of Western Kenya. 

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For first-hand accounts of life in rural Kenya from the children's perspectives, check out our KAP collection.  Proceeds from the sale of these books support our efforts to bring educational opportunity to the community.

We look forward to your continued support, involvement, and commitment throughout next year. Happy New Year and
furaha ya Mwaka mpya!

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