2016 is going to be an exciting year at BlueWater Automation!

BlueWater Automation has made a radical departure from tradition and embraced new concepts to help guide us into a new era of packaging automation.  We have had great success with our F16 Case Former this past year and 2016 is already looking strong!  Our ultimate goal is to provide continuous improvement solutions to the CPG market. With this in mind, we are excited to announce new partnerships with TecSense, ShurTape and SiteFlo.  In this newsletter we are going to highlight one of the most exciting technology companies to come out of Europe, TecSense.

Who is TecSense?

TecSense offers monitoring and detecting of residual Oxygen for automated production lines in the CPG markets.  The three sensor systems available for use are: TecControl, TecLab and TecPac.  These systems can significantly increase inline reporting and accuracy, reduce spoilage and improve your bottom line.

The current sensor portfolio includes a very unique non-invasive, contactless system to determine oxygen concentrations in sealed packages.  

Quality and customer satisfaction are TecSense's highest priority.  A commitment that applies to all suppliers and development partners through the chain.  TecSense applies a certified quality management system according to ISO 9001.  BWA has partnered with TecSense exclusively in Canada to both distribute and support this amazing product.
Sensor Portfolio

TecControl - This is an Opto-chemical inline process sensor.  High-end, ultra-fast and accurate.  These sensors are used to measure dissolved oxygen in harsh media or in gas and steam generators, medical devices and pipes.

TecLab - Another Opto-chemical sensor with glass fiber optics.  Portable lab device with tablet and battery for gaseous and dissolved oxygen using the TecSense App or USB connection with software for PC/laptop application.

TecPac - Intelligent packaging solution using sensor technology.  Contactless, non-invasive oxygen scanner for modified atmosphere packaging, integrated into packaging machinery or portable oxygen scanner with USB connection and software for PC/laptop application.

TecSense offers a wide range of sensor solutions for industry, lab and research.  Please click here for more info.  Contact us today to discuss your requirements.
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