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January/February Newsletter
As we enter into the new year, we are preparing ourselves for the "new" things God has in store - readying ourselves personally and as a ministry and are expecting big!  Already this year, we have seen the Lord show himself victorious in so many ways.  He is breathing newness into strategies, structures, and vision.  Even into formerly closed or stagnant cases, we are seeing new pieces come together to bring breakthrough and justice for exploited women and children at-risk.

Here is a brief summary of what's been happening . . .

A New Start 
This year brings a new start for a precious 10 year old.  Pic1 This little boy has been homeless and on the streets for most of his life.    Forced to beg, abused, and neglected, we've tried to help as we could over the last several years - whether it be a hot meal, education, or a house for he and his family to live, we've done what we could to keep him safe when needs presented themselves.
  To make matters worse, he has a severe heart condition, which doctors in Cambodia have said is inoperable.  His family has neglected responsibility and is putting him in continued at-risk situations, where he is continually abused and exploited. 

Pic2 However, after much prayer, the Lord has given us an open door and has provided a safe family for him. 
  In addition, while we continue to pray for God to miraculously heal him, the Lord has given us a few options we are pursing related to potential surgeries in other nations, which are looking promising.  Please continue to pray for him in his transition and in all the Lord has for him this next season. Nothing is impossible for God!

KJHP Internship  
What an incredible time we've had linking arms with the Kids Justice House of Prayer (KJHP) / Children on the Frontline (COFL) team. 
During their time with us, this team was equipped and mentored in foundational teachings related to children's ministry, prayer, and character building.  They were also activated in what they'd learned, through several hands-on outreaches in the community and in our KJHP. 

The team was able to pray and impart to children, women, and their families, while also preaching the gospel, feeding the hungry, and sharing God's love everywhere they went.  Many were saved, healed, and delivered. What a powerful week of ministry, impartation, and destiny.    

New Business     
We are thrilled to announce the start of our first tuk-tuk taxi business! Pic7tuktuk Over the last year, our men's ministry team has been working with the husbands, boyfriends, dads, uncles, and brothers of the women in our Everlasting Love program.  One of the young men they've been working with received Jesus and was radically baptized in the Holy Spirit.  He loved learning with the team and was always hungry for more.  However, he struggled because he was without work and had been praying for a job to provide for his family.  Pic8tuktuk At the same time, we had been praying for God to highlight who the driver should be for our tuk-tuk business.  We knew it was a perfect fit.  
Now employed by XP, he drives tuk-tuk for our team during the day and is able to also use the vehicle in the evenings and weekends for extra income, by operating his own business.  He has not only been a blessing to our team, but also to his family and others in the community.  This evangelistic tuk-tuk driver is spreading light and love everywhere he goes!

New Glasses 
We love to bless the community in meeting physical, spiritual, and emotional needs.  Pic10eyetestsSo when a visiting partner team recently offered to test all of our kids for eyeglasses, we were thrilled at the opportunity.  Several of the kids in our education program had been complaining of headaches and difficulty seeing.  For those families with little money to eat, things like eyeglasses and eye tests are a last priority. Pic9eyetests

  After testing all of the kid in our children's house, a partner children's house, and our education program, a few were given the gift of sight through a new pair of custom lenses and eyeglasses.  What an incredible way to say Jesus loves you!

The Small Things 
Sometimes the "small" things make the biggest impact.  For many women in nations like Cambodia, and around the world, adequate hygiene is a gift and a special privilege. 
Pic12womensministry This month our team was able to bless many women living in poor and vulnerable communities with the gift of hygiene.  In addition, a team of nurses also gave a special seminar on female reproductive health and gave reusable pads for women to use during their menstrual cycle.
 Pic13womensministry The women were over-the-top excited to have these everyday care items for themselves and their family members.  Not only that, but it gave us an open door to share the gospel and pray for the sick, where many in the community received healing and came to know Jesus as truth.
This is just the beginning. We are believing for an incredible year of testimonies and are praying God's newness - a fresh wave of His Spirit over you, as well. Thanks for being a part with us! 

Much Love, 
Patricia King, Andrea Aasen and the XP Missions team   

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* Names have been changed to protect identities and not re-exploit. 

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