2017 - Our Year in Pictures
 January 2018
2017 turned into a banner year for our work in Sierra Leone. If anyone had told me last January this is how we'd end the year, I would have smiled and said, I wish.

And then the year unfolded to be our best yet. So, how did that happen? Here's what Sherbro Foundation supporters have told us, and what we've worked to achieve.

Supporters cheer that we've already had an immediate impact on the lives of thousands of people most in need. Our goals are clear and achievable: Teach adult literacy students, like those above, practical math to figure profit in their small businesses. Send girls to school. And help the chiefdom grow for the future with fruit orchards.

For these ideas and actions, credit goes to our outstanding Sierra Leone partner, the Center for Community Empowerment & Transformation, CCET-SL. They're the ones that made 2017 the exceptional year it was. Our role is to support them.

2017 was also a frustrating and often negative year in both the US and Sierra Leone. Yet, by joining together, we give people the chance to make a positive difference in the world, and you can take satisfaction in that.

I think US supporters wanted to act on this opportunity to do good, and were generous. We've in turn worked to put your money immediately to use and deliver results that clearly help the people we target.

What do you think? We'd love to hear your comments, questions, suggestions. Drop us a note at sherbrofoundation@gmail.com - or on our Facebook page .

We're now at work to continue our core programs - and build on these with a few new and exciting things for 2018.

In the meantime, click the image below to review 2017 in pictures and all that you've accomplished.

------- Arlene Golembiewski, Executive Director
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