Happy New Year!

What's in Store for 2017?

The 2017 New Year should be an exciting year for the healthcare industry and the Healthcare Executive Group! In addition to our Annual Forum scheduled for this coming September in Nashville, TN - the Healthcare Capital of the United States - some Executive Leadership Forums to share information supporting HCEG's Top 10 List are being planned; and a formal content calendar has been created to ensure coverage of Top 10 and other topics important to HCEG members.

Additionally, the results of The Industry Pulse research survey will be released in the coming weeks and a webinar presenting a subset of the research results is currently being developed. And finally, HCEG continues to develop its content by curating and creating content of likely interest to HCEG members. Look for more information on this resource library soon.

A hearty Thank You to the HCEG members and sponsor partners serving on the various committees charged with orchestrating these efforts!
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It's that time of year when everyone is sharing their thoughts on healthcare predictions and trends for 2017. And the Healthcare Executive Group wants to take this opportunity to share what it considered the Top 10...
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In order to focus our efforts, we're asking our members to help us with two things:

  1. Identify three of the HCEG Top 10 items you're most interested in.
  2. Identify any conferences and events you will or may be attending; or which you would like to attend but will be unable to attend.
The results of this two question survey will help us drive 2017 content and programming.
2017 Educational & Content Calendar
Throughout 2017, HCEG will be curating, creating and publishing content on a regularly scheduled basis. The following are some of the types of information HCEG members can expect in 2017:

Bi-Weekly Newsletter
This bi-weekly email newsletter to share current information, resources and upcoming events.
Profiles of Member Thought Leadership
Once a month we'll be profiling one or more HCEG members. For January, you can look forward to some 'social media lessons learned' by HCEG member Presence Health .
Profiles of Sponsor Thought Leadership
Like HCEG members, once a month we'll be profiling one or more HCEG sponsor partners. We're currently working out a schedule of sponsor profiles.
Update on HCEG Top 10 List
At the end of each quarter, we'll be sharing a long-form post on current developments related to items on the HCEG Top 10
Industry Event Recap
For each of the events at which HCEG will have a presence or monitor, we'll be sharing a long-form post recapping the event.
Virtual Panels
HCEG is planning to host online virtual panels on Twitter - aka "tweetchast" - once every quarter. These chats will present topic of interests to HCEG Members and may be hosted by HCEG members and/or sponsors.
Webinar Recap & Recording
"Using Incentives to Drive Health Care Shopping Behaviors"

Last month, HCEG and sponsor partner HealthSparq presented a webinar the garnered over 100 registrants. A recap of the webinar including a recording can be found here.
Top Tweets from @HCExecGroup
HCEG's social media presence is growing! Check out these Top HCEG Tweets from November & December of 2016
Upcoming Events & Conferences
HCEG will have a presence at or will otherwise be monitoring and collecting information from the following conferences and events scheduled for the first half of 2017.
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